Bankrupt Greece Builds a Mosque For Illegal Mohammedans

Money they don’t have for things they don’t need.

But this is all per diktat from the progressive EUrabian criminals in Brussels.

Van Rumpoy, Barroso, Xavier Solana and Cohn Bendit, all them them hard-core commies (Marxists & Maoists, I kid you not!) who somehow (how?) hope to engage the soldiers of allah to become the storm-troopers for their socialist utopia.

And no one, of course, will vet what is taught there. To do so would be “Islamophobic.”

What economic crisis? Greek government spending $15 million to build mosque in Athens

“Building To Be Reconstructed Into Mosque For Muslim Community In Athens,” by Penny Koutourinis for the Greek Reporter, July 23 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The Greek government will finance the reconstruction of building structures into mosques for the Muslim community in Athens. Estimated to cost less than 15 million, the existing plans for the mosque will serve 500 faithful Muslims.The building of the former Naval Base in Botanikos has been chosen and once it is renovated and converted, it will operate as an Islamic mosque in Athens. According to the amendment tabled in parliament it will be incorporated in a bill being debated by the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change which governs energy issues.

The Steering Committee of the mosque consists of five Greek government officials and two Muslims from recognized associations in Athens. The Islamic leadership position, often the worship leader of a mosque and the Muslim community will be appointed after approval by the Minister of Education.

Turkey promised to build 10 churches for $ 10 million dollars each out of gratitude…. (just kidding)

What could go wrong? In recent years we have seen mosques used to preach hatred; to spread exhortations to terrorist activity; to house a bomb factory; to store weapons; todisseminate messages from bin Laden; to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; to fire on American troops; to fire upon Indian troops; to train jihadists; and so we know they’re places of peace, and anyone who suggests otherwise is a greasy Islamophobe.

And the Germans must be so pleased that the Greeks are using their bailout money as jizya to build a state-funded mosque. Actually, they probably are.

“Greece to Build First Official Mega-Mosque in Athens,” by Soeren Kern in Hudson NY, September 12:

The Greek Parliament has approved a controversial plan to build a taxpayer-funded mega-mosque in Athens.The move comes amid thinly veiled threats of violence by thousands of Muslim residents of the city who have been pressuring the government to meet their demands for a mosque or face an uprising.

The September 7 vote to speed up construction of the first official mosque in Athens–- the only capital in the European Union without a state-funded mosque -– was supported by 198 out of 300 deputies from the left, right and center.

The mosque plan was included in an environment ministry bill regulating illegal construction. The plan calls for renovating an existing state building –- on a disused navy base- – in the industrial district of Votanikos near the center of Athens.

The plan commits the Greek government (by way of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs) to pay for the construction of a temporary mosque which will be built within the next six months. A larger 1,000 square meter (3,300 square feet) mosque with enough space for 500 worshippers at a time will be built in the same area by the end of 2012, at an estimated cost of around €16 million ($21 million).

The announcement comes as massively indebted Greece battles a growing recession that has left nearly one million Greeks out of work. Greece recently needed a €110 billion ($146 billion) three-year bail-out package to rescue the embattled economy from bankruptcy….

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  1. Is this the only mosque they’re building for Greek, og Greek borrowed money?

  2. How sad to think of the state of this country with its history, where democracy was born. How big a part of the Greek economy is burdened by muslims? Where would Greece have been without this burden?

    Who is surprised that “Climate Change” money is going to jizya?

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