Bat Ye'or: Europe is obeying a fundamental law of dhimmitude

Bat Ye’or: Europe is obeying a fundamental law of dhimmitude

Not only Europe. Australia & NZ, Africa and America are feeding the crocodile too.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.

Sir Winston Churchill

In “On Geert Wilders’s Acquittal” in Hudson New York, the pioneering historian Bat Ye’or explains that while the Wilders acquittal was welcome, Eurabia is still advancing:

The acquittal of Geert Wilders has deeper meanings for Europe’s future than it appears at first glance. As Geert Wilders said: it is a victory for truth. But what does truth mean in international policy? Do we not see that in Eurabia the words ‘justice and peace’ are travesties for submission to injustice and terrorism? Here one needs to know the extensive system of lies spread at every political and cultural level in Eurabia, to understand the Copernican revolution achieved by Geert Wilders. A victory performed by a single unarmed man, constantly threatened by death and whose only defence was his courageous and unbending commitment to say the truth. A truth buried by the whole Eurabian transnational and international system created since the 1970s.Imposed on Europeans by controlling networks such a system emanates from the European Commission whose masters are no other than the political leaders of the European governments. The EU, a mastodon Kafkaesque structure, consuming astronomical sums, often enables European leaders to implement an authoritarian policy escaping people’s awareness. Rivalries for power, ambitions, ideology, oppose Eurocrats to those they disdainfully call “racist, populist, xenophobic” opponents to their globalist Islamophile ideology. Yet there is more than usual policy into these clashes. There is what Wilders calls: the truth, a human moral element.

To understand the tremendous revolution achieved by Geert Wilders, one has to realise that the foundational stone of the Eurabian mind consist of two principles stated in article 22 of the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam:

a. Everyone shall have the right to express his opinion freely in such manner as would not be contrary to the principles of the Shari’a.

b. Everyone shall have the right to advocate what is right, and propagate what is good, and warn against what is wrong and evil according to the norms of Islamic Shari’a.

Europe, while claiming to defend human rights has, in effect, adopted these principles and obeys a fundamental law of dhimmitude: dhimmis are forbidden on pain of death to propagate ideas considered hostile to Islam. Qadi ‘Iyad (d. 1149), the famous Andalusian Imam, prolific author and scholar, described explicitly blasphemy. It consists in cursing Muhammad, blaming him or attributing imperfection to him, to his religion, whether in the form of a curse, contempt or belittling him or maligning him. He stated that any Jew or Christian who reviled the Prophet should be beheaded or burned, unless he converts. Under the pressure of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Eurabia has adopted these Islamic blasphemy rules.

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    Quoting BBC –
    The actual contamination of the seeds with STEC O104:H4, it said, reflected “a production or distribution process which allowed contamination with faecal material of human and/or animal origin”.

    “Where exactly this took place is still an open question,” the EU agency added.
    However, read any published materials by the health professionals before making judgements.

  2. – Immigrants, follow the rules of the country
    A Khan receives death threats after interview

    – Listen, it’s quite simple, Adil Khan says
    If you want to stay in this, the greatest country you could imagine, you’ve got to learn the language, take off that thing you got on your head, and behave like a Norwegian. Follow the rules. And, if you misbehave, pick fights, sell drugs og rape, then out you go!

    These are some of Adil Khan’s opinions about living in a European country, expressed to a local teen’s magazine. This good looking dancer of Afghani/Pakistani descent, for the time being, a judge at some TV talent contest, now has his mailbox filled up with death threats. Again.

    Years back, his sister Deepika (Deeyah), also kept receiving threats, for being a pop singer in Norway, and in England. And her brother was threatened for verbally defending his sister at the time.

    On his blog Adil Khan underlines that he does not want to provoke. However, what many may forget, but which is important to remember, is that “we are living in Norway, and here we have something called Freedom of Speech”.

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