"Burqaphobia" in New Zealand makes PM go into full blown dhimmitude

N.Z PM: Muslim veil no excuse for discrimination (AFP)

You couldn’t make it up:

after two separate incidents in Auckland where women were told to get off buses because they were wearing full-face veils, the Prime Minister bows and scrapes to Sowdi Barbaria:

WELLINGTON — New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Tuesday said Muslim women wearing veils should not face discrimination, after two Saudi women were reportedly ordered off buses due to their attire.

Adeeba Jabbar of Porirua in her full-face hijab, similar to the clothing that resulted in two other women being refused bus service in Auckland.

Saudi diplomats in New Zealand had raised concerns with the government after two separate incidents in Auckland where women were told to get off buses because they were wearing full-face veils, the Dominion Post reported.

Threats from the Muslim mafia follow instantly:

Labour ethnic affairs associate spokesman Ashraf Choudhary said he had spoken to the Saudi consul-general, who warned that such incidents could jeopardise New Zealand’s ability to attract Muslim students.

Saudi students were worth about $300million a year to the economy, he said.

In one case, a Saudi Arabian student was left crying on the street after the bus driver shouted “Out!” then shut the doors on her and drove off, the newspaper said.

Key said he was comfortable with women wearing veils, adding: “It doesn’t offend me. It’s part of people’s beliefs.”

He decribed New Zealand as a tolerant and inclusive society, saying he saw no need to ban Islamic veils in public, as France has done.

“I think where practical, and on both sides, people should respect others’ culture and cultural beliefs,” Key told reporters.

“There is practical reasons why sometimes a burqa won’t be applicable — banks for example, for security reasons from time to time they will enforce that.

“But for the most part we are a multi-cultural society and we should respect other’s cultural beliefs.”

In April, France became the first country in Europe to apply a ban on the wearing of full-face coverings, including the Islamic niqab and the burqa.

The country’s largest bus operator, NZ Bus, which was involved in both Auckland incidents, said two drivers had been sent on counselling programmes but were not dismissed because their actions were not religiously motivated.

“Both drivers… claim it’s not religious… but they genuinely have a phobia of people wearing masks, hence why we have not dismissed them,” NZ Bus general manager Jon Calder told the Dominion Post.

The Saudi Arabian consul-general in Auckland declined to comment.

The Dominion Post finds it necessary to educate NZ hicks:


Muslim women wear veils to protect themselves and hide their beauty, says the Religious Scholars of New Zealand chairman and Wellington Islamic Centre imam, Mohammad Amir.

Women had a range of veils to choose from, with a “minimum requirement” allowing a woman to expose her face and hands, and a “maximum requirement” in which she was covered from head to toe.

“This is an Islamic approach … to protect the society and protect the dignity of the male and the female.”

(Nothing about how to protect our society from Muslim filth and ugly misogyny, polygamy, child-marriage, wife-beating,  honor killings and FGM…?)

There were legitimate situations, such as appearing in court or for identification, in which women could be asked to remove their veils, but it had to be a “necessity” or it encroached on their rights. “It would be insulting if there was not any reason to remove the veil.”

He believed New Zealand was a much more tolerant country than many European countries, and said the great majority of Kiwis saw cultural diversity as a positive thing. “You always find some funny people.”

Porirua woman Adeeba Jabbar, who moved from Pakistan in 2009, said she wore her full hijab as it was in accordance with the will of Allah.

She had not had any problems wearing it, aside from people staring at her. However, she would have taken great insult if a bus driver had asked her to remove her hijab.


17 thoughts on “"Burqaphobia" in New Zealand makes PM go into full blown dhimmitude”

  1. “women wearing veils should not face discrimination”

    Women wearing veils cannot FACE anything, that is the whole point. As a feminist I would like to meet this women and shout:

  2. (my comment on Stuff)

    Maybe the bus drivers subjected to counselling sessions, mosque visits and apologies could visit Saudi Arabia, at the Embassy’s expense, to experience life first-hand in a tolerant and respectful society (as long as they aren’t Jewish, or carry the Holy Bible or other non-muslim religious materials with them).

  3. In Germany to hide a face in public is forbidden (in general)
    Women in hijab can rob a bank, with their face hidden behind a curtain


  4. “women wearing veils should not face discrimination”

    But in effect they are free to discriminate against every one else?

    Howzat for twisted logic?

  5. Quote: Saudi students were worth about $300million a year to the economy, he said.

    The cost of having Muslims in NZ is far far higher in monetary terms, and catastrophic in terms of survival of NZ.

  6. If it was blood diamonds, the Watermelons would be opposing, not appeasing.

  7. OT

    David Cameron appeals to Taliban to cease fighting in Afghanistan


    Cameron should see Harry Potter, and ask him to wave his magic wand, and make the Taleban good little democrats.

    We are led by a man whose foreign policy is based on the advice of Geldof and Live Aid. Now we realsie it is based on wishful thinking as well.

    The PM and his deputy are children. They should not be in cahrge of anything except as school monitors.

  8. All these cloak wearing demonesses should be asked to stay at home and their families should be deported in no time. You have no idea of how vicious these demonesses are!!! They can bear future jihadis in hoardes like roaches do and pop jehadis every year in super human feats!! Make no mistake of thinking of them as one of those poor opressed women as be it India or Indonesia or Saudia or Dagestan or Turkey, Muslim families start indoctrinating hate amongst their kids as soon as the kid starts talking, say age 2-3..

    It’s like a Zombie Infestation.. ‘Woooooo…. Be Like Ussss…..’ and a major part of this home tutoring is shared by these Roach popping Muslimas!!! I have seen my share of women from different societies and cultures, and they all share common traits of being a woman but in my life of 25 years, living in a city with a population of 8 Million Muzzie Zombies, I have NO DOUBT remaining that these people are born retards and the Scariest Dumb People I have ever seen and WOULD ever see! Their women if not better, are dumber than the men because for the free roaming Muzzie Dogs, Islam is the leash but for the women, its Islam + their Men who hold the leash.. The worst part is that the women aren’t complaining! See for the 2 cases(Both listed on Robert Spencer’s ‘Jihadwatch.org’) in the recent past weeks where a Kuwaiti Female Politician declares that Muslims should bring WHITE girls as SEX SLAVES from Russia and elsewhere! And the second case is where there is an increasing membership to this I-SLAM club in Malaysia where the female head of the club DECLARED that muslim women should behave like WHORES for their men and jump in bed as and when the Jehadi Whistles + some other scary stuff!! Imagine for a woman shitting in the Toilet and has to run and jump to the jehadi hubby’s whistle!!! lolol… Shit all Over! Fear not, wife beating follows and few Hundred rounds of prayers to Demon god Alla for Standing, Sitting, Lowering and Raising Bums, turning Right or Left, Drinking Water, Pre and Post Toilet prayers, Prayer for looking at the ceiling.. you imagine the absurdity backed by zealous fervor and you have a prayer for it.. Ofcourse, again, followed by Rough Vigourous Sex in which woman constantly prays to Alla and yowls to the pain of having an Ape muzzie almost raping her sans the Foreplay! Sex goes hand in hand with Islam.

    I have heard, Witnessed my share of weird, absurd, funny, retarding Muslim stories in life and I raise my hands in submission that there isn’t a people as Muzzies on this PLANET who could be such anti-humanity and destructive in employing all the God-Damn measures of deciet and Lies to have their nafarious plans in Play!

  9. Saudi students worth $300 million a year?
    A gross underestimate, ask the US how much only 19 are worth.

    1. Thanks for the correction, ciccio!

      Even 400 $ a month seems to be on the high side, for all I know.

      The $ 3000 dollars mentioned are the average wages for a full year of slavery.

  10. Ashraf Choudary is the laziest MP NZ has ever seen. In his early days he rec’d a bit of publicity because he was demanding that a cross be taken off the clock tower in the city he lived in.
    He is to blame for our legalized prostitution. He had the deciding vote but abstained from voting.
    Many NZers are speaking out against the burqa but of course the tolerance freaks are getting all the air play.

  11. I don’t like Islam one little bit. However, I see no useful purpose in banning the the burqa or Islamic veil so long as it is recognised that Muslim women may be required to reveal their faces for legitimate identification reasons and will be penalised if they refuse to comply with the law. If in the long run it is shown that persons wearing burqas are committing offences such as robbery and escaping detection by police officers, then a rethink might be necessary.

  12. Camoron’s stupidity and naivity are truly frightening. Anyone who can compare the IRA with the Taliban , and with a straight face, isn’t fit to run a country.

  13. Mr. Parsons: Incidents elsewhere have shown that persons do indeed wear burqas to commit robberies and other crimes. Why wait until they do in NZ? Why not nip it in the bud? Would you be okay with someone walking around in a KKK get-up because it’s ‘required’ of the sect/cult/whatever he belongs to?

    The burqa is exactly the same as the KKK costume: A political provocation, meant to frighten and intimidate.

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