Chocolate Wins

Jihad Against Chocolate/thanks to Gramfan, Tim, and everyone who sent this in:

Prelude to Kristallnacht

POLICE officers were injured and protesters arrested during an anti-Israel rally outside a chocolate store in inner Melbourne.

Police say the rally turned violent when the group of more than 100 protesters refused to move from outside the Max Brenner store about 7pm (AEST) today.

Nineteen protesters from the Students for Palestine group were charged with offences including trespassing, besetting a premises and assaulting police.

Students for Palestine claims the company supplies chocolates for the ration packs of Israeli soldiers.

“We’re here because Max Brenner is 100 per cent owned by the Strauss Group, who supports the Israeli army, specifically the Golani and Givati brigades which are responsible for human rights violations and war crimes,” said Jennine Abdul Khalik, spokesperson for the Students for Justice in Palestine group at UTS.

(Students for Palestine is a terrorist organization. Max Brenner chocolates are totally yummy and we all support the IDF….)

Protester Vashti Kenway says the group was trying to encourage customers to boycott the store.

“We were just standing out the front (of the store), we were linking arms … police basically surrounded the protesters and charged,” Ms Kenway said.


Three police officers sustained minor injuries during the rally.

A police spokesman says protesters verbally abused customers outside the same store during a rally in April, but no arrests were made on that occasion.

Max Brenner could not be reached for comment late today.


11 thoughts on “Chocolate Wins”

  1. @ steiner
    I was just about to ask if anyone knew where to buy it. Thanks for the link! I’m going to buy Max Brenner chocolate.

  2. You guys are awesome! Going there myself now, thanks for the link! Gonna’ have then delivered straight to me here at a US Military base in Iraq so I can enjoy every delicious bite right here in the heartland of Islam/Evil….how surreal!? Can’t wait to get home! God Bless America and Israel!!! Duces!!!

  3. Anti-Israel protesters. They should be referred to by their correct name: NAZIS.

  4. “Anti-Israel protesters. They should be referred to by their correct name: NAZIS.”

    thats too much honour for these assholes.

  5. If anyone lives in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne there’s a store at The Glen. Not far from DJ’s.

  6. collective punishment for Australians for what they call “Israel’s” crimes? same in UK with Ahava products-that these
    fascist jewhater liars would punish all JEWS proves their lying hypocrisy about anti Zionism not being JEWHATE – of the oldest variety.

  7. While violence is (almost) always to be condemned, protesting is always going to be a good way to get attention for a good cause. It’s a fact that peace needs to be achieved in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelies for the benefit of all concerned, and if one way to get the attention of the Israeli government and encourage them to make real concessions to achieve peace, is through protests and boycotts, then that’s no bad thing.

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