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Police get legal lift on burqa removal

No covering up now … proposed changes to the law will see women wearing burqa’s reveal themselves if required.

WOMEN wearing the burqa or other full-face veils will be forced to show their face when stopped by police under proposed changes to the law, Attorney-General Greg Smith said yesterday.

But it looks like Carnita Matthews got away….. She got off. This despite the testimony and evidence of handwriting experts. That it came down to that is outrageous, but shows how successful the Islamic supremacists have been in imposing the sharia in the public square.

Don’t look, don’t tell:

Kuranda Seyit has completed his Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University and is currently an Executive Member of the Sydney Peace Foundation. (We all know that Islam means peace, right?) In 2009 he was the manager of the Auburn Migrant Resource Centre and is an advocate for refugees. (aiding and abetting the invasion of Australia) Kuranda is a consultant on Muslim community issues and works closely with Muslim youth…. Apart from that he writes slimy taqiyya for The Punch:

Warning: Seyit’s mental acrobatics may hurt your head:

“Don’t blame Muslims for multiculturalism’s failings”

Anyone who comes out to Sydney’s suburb of Auburn will see that not only are these people real, they are wonderful examples of humanity. Having worked with hundreds of refugee, who were initially granted Temporary Protection Visas and who today are citizens of this country, I can vouch for their friendliness, their hard-working nature and their love of this country. (more)

“Wonderful examples of humanity” like this, Seyit??

“They try to tell us we are Australian Muslims rather than Muslims living in Australia,” he said. “Our allegiance is not with the ones who found this land but with the one who created it, Allah.”





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