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Thanks to Mullah

When Greg Callaghan from The Australian doesn’t  search for extraterrestrial intelligence  with Ragbir Bhathal, an astrophysicist at the University of Western Sydney, he interviews cute little  “human rights advocates” like  SAMAH Hadid, 23, on  “misconceptions about Muslims”, gay rights and burqas.

The outcome is, you guessed it,  predictably pathetic.

Sad to say that once upon a time, The Australian was a respectable newspaper.

10  questions turned into Muzz-prop  by Samah Hadid

1.”banning the burqa and niqab would be counterproductive”- (s#*t, where did we hear that before?)

2. The niqab and the burqa are a “cultural interpretation”, one not ordained by religion. (Oh yeah? Take it up with your imam, Samah!))

3.  I don’t think groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir should be banned. (Of course not, that would be “counterproductive”)

4.  Muslims and Arabs need to stand up and speak out against homophobia. (I won’t be holding my breath)

5. Samah whines about the “level of marginalisation and discrimination faced by Palestinians”. But not to worry:  A growing number of Israelis are strong advocates for the rights of the Palestinian people. (Yep, there are indeed a lot of useful idiots who can’t help themselves)

6. “ Muslims who propagate radical Islamism are out of touch with the majority of Muslim communities.”- Really?  Ah yes, there is this great diversity again, that “Islam is not a monolith” crapola…..

7. Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood:  Could the Muslim Brotherhood gain control of Egypt? 

No, I don’t believe so. The majority of those taking to the streets in Egypt are young – and want a peaceful, democratic society. (Gimme a break. The goose is cooked! The MB is already calling the shots in Egypt, you better get out more, Greg Callaghan! )

I’ll spare you the rest of this nonsensical drivel. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Cozmik Debris”

  1. More muzz-prop from SMH:

    [I HAD a phone call from one of my sons on Wednesday night. He was upset that some of the people he considered his friends had been posting disparaging remarks about Muslims on Facebook. There were the usual stereotypes – Muslims were violent, Muslims wanted to bring in sharia, Muslims didn’t integrate, didn’t share Aussie values and so on.]

    * I always call mum to tell her that muslims are posting bad things about infidels on [assorted sites]. Doesn’t everybody? /sarc

    1. “Don’t judge Muslims collectively”-

      Sure. Let Muslims judge the kafir collectively. Isn’t that what the soldiers of allah have always done?

      Respect it, kafirs!

      Or else…..!

  2. This girl shits me to no end. Her over pronounciation of words dripping with condescension and forced swearing make me want to vote against her. Oh! Thats right, she is part of the UN, people you can’t vote against.

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