Flotilla follies update

One French yacht, the Dignite, did manage to go out to sea. The flotilla activists are crowing about how they evaded the Greek Coast Guard, but, as usual, they are lying.

Here are the exciting details of how they managed to get out (from the Elder)

Gaza is Full of Luxury Goods, Flotilla is Full of Attention Queens, Kenya is Full of Somalis

Israel was making intense preparations on Monday to foil plans by hundreds of activists to flood Israel’s Ben Gurion international airport on Friday in a show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Stuck on stoopid in the sixties….. (from the vicious Babushka)

Israeli group launches “counter-flotilla”

Right-wing group Im Tirtzu has in the past few hours participated in an act of protest at the port of Piraeus in Greece against the flotilla ships trying to leave to Gaza.

Im Tirtzu leaders Erez Tadmor and Ronen Shoval accompanied by four other activists arrived at the shores of Greece, where they hired a yacht to pass by the ships of the pro-Palestinian flotilla protesterss the ships of the pro-Palestinians in the port of Piraeus. Activists sailed between the ships with their yachts covered in posters with the picture of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. Activists also distributed information materials in English, which states that “freedom flotilla” of leftist activists “must sail towards the oppressed cities in Syria – and not Gaza.” In light of the extraordinary act of right-wingers, there was much media interest among the journalists who came to Greece to cover the international flotilla.

Gaza in Lap of Luxury: Israeli Aid Includes Daily Shipment of Mercedes, HDTV’s and Jacuzzis
There is “absolutely no humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.