Ihsanoghlu overplays his hand, Wilders fires back

Update: Ihsanoghlu Smackdown

Dutch government dissociates itself from OIC statements (Atlas Shrugs)

Earlier today, Geert Wilders called for the Dutch government to distance itself  publicly from Islamic supremacist statements made by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation).

Well, they have.

Dutch government dissociates itself from OIC statements

“The Dutch government dissociates itself fully from the request to silence a politician. The Netherlands have a very high regard of freedom of speech,” Rosenthal said on Wednesday.

Wilders to Dutch Prime Minister: Distance Yourself Publicly from OIC Statements

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Free speech is still on trial, and Geert Wilders is still our proxy. All free men and all our freedoms are still under attack from Islamic supremacists.

Yesterday the Secretary General of the greatest enemy of free speech in the world today, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (nee the Organization of the Islamic Conference) issued this statement:

Statement by the Secretary General of the OIC on continued attacks on Islam by Wilders

The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in a statement issued in Astana today during the holding of the 38th session of the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers, strongly condemned the continued attacks on Islam and insult and vilification of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his wives by the extremist Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders. The 0IC Secretary General said that Mr. Wilders has taken upon himself a dangerous path of derailing inter civilizational harmony and peace by spreading and fanning hatred against Islam and Muslims in his own country as well as in other European countries.

Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said that the vilification of Islam and the sacred image of the Prophet Muhammad by Wilders has reached a stage when it can no longer be tolerated under any pretext including the right to freedom of expression. He urged the Government or Netherlands to take necessary appropriate action to contain the campaign of hatred and incitement by Wilders who is a coalition partner of the Dutch Government. He expressed serious concern that the silence of the Dutch Government in this respect may undermine the existing good bilateral relations between the 0IC Member States and the Netherlands.

Today in response Wilders asked these questions of the Dutch Prime Minister:

Wilders to Dutch Prime Minister: Distance yourself publicly of OIC statements

Written Parliamentary questions of Geert Wilders MP (PVV) to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs about the statements of the OIC on Dutch politicians and the intimidating statement of the OIC secretary-general about me

1.) Have you seen the intimidating statement of the OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, about me and the OIC report “Fourth OIC observatory report on islamophobia” about statements made by various Dutch politicians?(*)

2.) Do you agree that the OIC has vastly overstepped the boundaries with these intimidating statements and do you agree with me that a Dutch politician should have the right to criticise Islam and multiculturalism in a public debate, as was confirmed during my political trial by the court decision of June 23rd ?

3.) Are you prepared to explain to the OIC member countries that criticism of Islam and freedom of speech are essential in a democratic society under the rule of law? If not, why not?

4.) Do you share the opinion that criticism, such as that of an organization like the OIC, is hypocrite and despicable given that the OIC in article 24 of its own Cairo Declaration on Human Rights explicitly states that all rights and freedoms are subject to Islamic Shari’ah law? If not, why not?

5.) Are you prepared in the short term to distance yourself publicly in strong wordings of this report and of the intimidating statement of the OIC secretary general? If not, why not?

6.) Will you make it clear once and for all to the OIC that the Netherlands will not accept to be lectured by an institution such as the OIC which makes human rights subject to the barbaric Shari’ah, and that we will not allow our fundamental freedoms and our freedom of speech to be restricted? If not, why not?

7.) Are you prepared to answer these questions this week?

(*) http://www.oic-oci.org/topic_detail.asp?t_id=5464


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  1. Yes, yes, he’s not only our proxy but our canary in the mine. Who bets on the Dutch government caving once again? We now need stronger steel. Unfortunately the time for talks and discussions has long passed.

  2. I agree that the “issues” surrounding “the religion of intolerance” need to be bought to a head as soon as possible rather than appeasing islamist’s.
    Only then will the quiet and moderate people who make up Europe speak out.

  3. What exactly is the OIC threatening the Netherlands with when speaking about their bilateral relations?

    Banning the export of hash and heroin from OIC member countries to Holland?

    Cancelling the passport of all culture enrichers wanting to return to or migrate to Holland?

    Put an embargo on the OIC-based sex slave traders and people smugglers serving Holland’s underworld?


  4. O-M-G !!!
    Not even allowed to have a Nanna Nap !

    Humour aside,
    T-H-I-S I-S A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L N-E-W-S !!!

  5. * beware exploding breasts

    (paraphrasing Maxwell Smart)

    “The only way to disarm it is to milk it”

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