Garbage in, garbage out…..

From Koran: Vivid description of what awaits Muslim Males in Heaven (Jannat Ki Hoor).

Maulvi gives a very vivid description of ‘Jannat Ki Hoor’ (72 Virgins) that await Muslim Males in Jannat (Heaven). He goes on to explain why this world is not worth living with its dirty females, and why Muslims should aspire to move permanently to Jannat with 72 virgins.

The “Science” is even more perverted than the “professors”-

Egyptian Professor Reviews “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

4 thoughts on “Garbage in, garbage out…..”

  1. This nut-case proves once again that the Muslim heaven is just a bordello for Muslim men. What do Muslim women do or get in the Muslim heaven/bordello?

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