”I want to see who is going to take these flags down…”

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Christians Should Learn How to be a ‘Minority’ From Muslims

Christians should learn from Muslims how to exist as a “minority” culture in British cities that are increasingly dominated by immigrant communities, a Church of England bishop has said.  The Rt Rev Nick Baines, the Bishop of Bradford, said some parishes in his diocese were 95% Muslim but that this should not be seen as “a problem”. (dumber than dirt–GoV)

 ‘Killing unbelievers is a small matter to us….’

The sad, sad lack of solidarity among Christians

A recent study shows that 105,000 Christians are killed every year because of their faith. In other words, every five minutes a Christian is killed because he or she is Christian. Those of us who do not just stick to politically castrated (non-PC for “politically correct”) newspapers and news channels are fully aware of the bloody oppression of Christians in Muslim countries. Christians are also subject to religiously motivated threats in their own countries. One among countless examples is Holland, where Moroccans shout “One dog less!” at Christian funerals.

It is shocking to see how little Christians do about it.  (In fact, they do as much as nothing)

 Must be killed:

Iran’s Supreme Court says an evangelical pastor charged with apostasy can be executed if he does not recant his faith  (FOX)

“Europe Has to Remain European”

 Wishful thinking or Realpolitik?

GoV has  an excellent promotional video by Vlaams Belang about the rise of the party over the past seven years, giving an account of its electoral success in the face of overwhelming opposition by the Belgian political establishment …

 Bludgers Heaven

Gold-Plated Asylum in Norway

 A Cultural Enrichment Family has cost suburb NOK 5 million–In just three months a family with eight children has left the local council NOK 5 Million [£558k, €635k,  $900k] out of pocket.

To Hell in a Handbasket

Wealthy Arabs Preferred

Five-star hotel Claridge’s ‘threw us out for being white and English’– Staff wanted to serve wealthy Arabs instead, claims socialite Taki Theodoracopulos

 Switzerland to STOP aid to Islamic countries

The Swiss Volks Party wants to stop aid to Islamic countries that persecute Christians. (Article in English from PI: Entwicklungshilfe für islamische Länder stoppen)    That would be all of them…

Berlin: 36 % of prison inmates are Mohammedan cultural enrichers

US: New Jersey Restaurant Owner Ordered to Remove American Flag Banners

Another patriotic American is reportedly under threat for refusing to remove his American flag, or, in this case, flags. This time, a restaurant owner in Middle Township, New Jersey has been told by the township to remove his American flags as they are displayed in a banner-style.

Apparently, the township has an ordinance in place prohibiting the public display of any “stringed banners.” However, Media Research Center states the township also allows American flags to be flown or displayed without limitation. So, which is it?

The owner of the Four Seasons Diner, originally from Greece, reportedly told reporters he will not remove his banners and would “die” and “go to jail” for the American flag.  ”I want to see who is going to take these flags down,” he said.

Meanwhile, the township is threatening to fine the owner $1000.

One thought on “”I want to see who is going to take these flags down…””

  1. i would eat at this mans establishment “EVERYDAY” for only his 6 words. “I WOULD DIE FOR THESE FLAGS” . as this administration tries harder to separate (real) americans , and bond together all the dipshits like “van jones”, andy stearn, rick sanchez, bill maher e.t.c, this type attitude “MUST” arise to “SILENCE” the arrogance ! the stupidity dripping from these anti-american, eco-terrorist should be the driving force that “INSURES” their message ,their way of life and “mainly” their ” mission” is “ELIMINATED” ,SILENCED, VANISHED and erased in a manner to “NEVER” be heard from again “PERIOD” ! nobama and napolatano can take their “flag.gov, if u see something say something,report a neighbor, t.s.a , and their hurt feelings , roll them into a ball and choke on em ! 2012 remove this hell.

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