O'Putz, the Destroyer


Unreal. Obama Administration Reportedly Establishes Political Mission for Taliban


The Obama Administration has reportedly established a political mission for the Taliban terrorist organization.   Iranian Fars News reported: via GWP

“Pretty Simple”

Obama: Can‘t Solve Deficit Without Asking Wealthiest Americans to ’Pay Their Fair Share’

 Obamster: Where’s your humanity?

The American Jewish community should re-think it’s  support for the re-election of President Barak Obama. After repeated calls for clemency for ailing prisoner Jonathan Pollard after 25 years, there has been zero response from Mr. Obama. How can one explain such a callous disregard for a sick, and perhaps dying, man incarcerated for a quarter of a century? (source)

O’bamster Wins Another War

Our ‘Peace Partners’ from Fatah

Fatah Calls to Ban “Violent Settlers” from Entering Europe

RAMALLAH, July 16, 2011 (WAFA) – Fatah movement’s spokesman in Europe, Jamal Nazzal, Saturday called on the European Union state members to ban Israeli
settlers involved in violence from entering European territories.

Bolton: Ignore Palestinian Ploy, Concentrate on Iran Threat

Jonathan S. Tobin

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton gave Israel some good advice yesterday when he said in an interview with the Jerusalem Post that it ought not to be obsessing about the Palestinians’ attempt to get the UN General Assembly to vote to recognize an independent Palestinian state. Bolton, who says he is […]

Bolton: Obama worst president for Israel – ever

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  1. I’m confused, someone care to help me out here??? If those who practice Catholicism are called Catholics, and those who practice Judaism are called Jews, and people who practice Hinduism and Buddhism are called, respectively, Hindus and Buddhists, why are those who practice Islam called Muslims? Are these adherents the self-professed superior faith of Islam secretly embarrassed to describe themselves using the root word Islam? Or is this just more Islamic taqiyya? As I see it, there is only one word to describe an individual who practices Islam: an Islamist.

  2. Seriously, what do Islamic countries offer the world other than oil? And why are so many Islamists leaving Islamic countries for the west only to end up being social parasites? I anxiously await the day that the big automotive manufacturers finally develop vehicles that run on a fuel source that is not oil-based for a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons pertain to environmental issues, but one on my list that does not is that I will thoroughly relish the time when the only things Islamic countries will have to eat and drink is sand and oil. And trust me, that day is coming and when it does I wouldn’t want to offend an Islamist with my dirty western money so I won’t be donating one plug nickle to feed them.

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