Interest-Free Loans for Muslims?

“Struggling Muslims” Watch


What do authoritarian moonbats have in store for the banking industry after forcing it to make bad loans based on race? Here’s a possibility from Australia:

The nation’s Islamic leaders want recognition of sharia law as it applies to banking practices, according to an exclusive Herald Sun survey of imams.

Imam [Yusuf] Parker said Islam forbade the charging or paying of interest “so finding interest-free loans will again help Muslims to practise their Islam better”.

If banks can be forced to make loans to blacks not in a position to pay them back, why not impose interest-free loans to Muslims?

Coming soon: infinite lines of credit for members of the LGBT community.

“Give us our own laws, say Islamic leaders,”

There is no distinction within Sharia between what they’re asking for below and the aspects of Sharia that are opposed to basic human rights. How will Muslims in Australia make that distinction? Or will they care to do so at all?

“Give us our own laws, say Islamic leaders,” by John Masanauskas in the Herald Sun, July 11:Australia, JW


The Sharia Finance Racket Explained:

But anyhow, its a flop:

12 thoughts on “Interest-Free Loans for Muslims?”

  1. Sharia banking is a croc of shit.
    Just take a look at Islamic countries and how well they are going in the finance industry. Ha Ha

    There is no such thing as an interest free loan. This is a way to gain control of our financial institutions and business sector. The alcohol and pork industries come to mind no interest free loans for you.
    Again our politicians see this as the way to go! Aaagh

  2. Free loans for “blacks”??? were do I get one? As an Aboriginal who has paid tax, interest on many loans and is now paying upwards of 25,000 dollars for a university education, I cant understand why they think they should be exempt. Most of them already live better then most Australian people, drive better cars, own businesses and so on. If you dont like the way OUR Country is governed, here’s a sollution, Piss off back to your own third world toilet and complain to someone who gives a shit!

  3. Just a ploy – Julia’s meet & greet will be waiting for the next lot of lipstitchers, bed burners, hunger strikers & roof rioters.

  4. We have to write to the politicians and tell them the truth. It is our responsibility to shut these islamic terror scum out.

  5. An aside from visiting morons failing to be clever or funny on this thread.

    Any bank who participates in this should be sued for biases and discrimination.

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