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No Muzak, we’re Muslims:

Tunisia: Women harassed on beaches, musicians expelled

Wherever Sharia begins to take hold, and wherever its proponents become emboldened, similar patterns of behavior follow, whether in Tunisia, Aceh, Kashmir, or Tower Hamlets in London. Tolerance decreases, harassment increases, and basic civil liberties are threatened. More on this story. “Tunisian Secularists Fight Back,” by David E. Miller for The Media Line, July 10: JW: Women harassed

“Moderate” Tunisians Protest Ties with Jewish State

The sickness of Islamic Jew-hatred infects the whole of the Muslim world. The term “moderate” appears to be a euphemism for “previously silent.” (Atlas Shrugs)

Hunger in Syria, Libya and Yemen

Let them eat cake!

Well this was completely predictable. There are now food and water shortages in Syria, Libya and Yemen. But hey – let’s keep sending flotillas to Gaza. They’re really starving there.  Read the whole thing.

Google is happy to oblige:

Suffering Bastids:

Fire Bomb


Bismillah Floppilla:

Chomp this, Chompsky

Noam Chomsky proves it isn’t about pro-“Palestine” but anti-Israel


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