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Useful idiot of the Week

London Assembly Member John Biggs calls on Home Secretary to ban EDL march in Tower Hamlets

“I have real concerns that groups opposed to the Far Right EDL will also take to the streets if it goes ahead,” he said. “The results will be huge public disorder, a risk of injury to the public and damage to property.

Slaves  in Support of their own enslavement

Up to thousand leftist loons, coached by their Muslim herders, took to the streets in Cambridge last weekend to challenge the racist EDL

UK: Islamic supremacists planting “the seeds of an Islamic emirate” under Sharia

“The antiterrorism strategy approved by British Home Secretary Theresa May will be confronted during the next two weeks starting with Waltham Forest where the campaign to distribute the posters about the Shariaa controlled zones will begin.”

“Fundamentalists pledge to apply Shariaa in Britain,” by Mohammed Al Shafey for Asharq Alawsat, July 13 (thanks to JW)


Spin it, you bastards,  spin it:

Officers quelled some of the flashpoints sparked as around 200 EDL marchers were taunted by a small number of counter-protesters from an earlier 1,500 strong demonstration by Unite Against Fascism.  (Raymond Brown spins it for the Cambridge News: English Defence League march ends after failed bid to target mosque)

Bunglawussi: its all lies because I say so

 Glasgow Airport

How to Make Muslim Terrorism Disappear

Our moonbat rulers have found an ingenious technique for putting an end to Muslim terrorism in America. They simply pretend it isn’t happening. That way, no one will think any Islamophobic thoughts, which any liberal can tell you is the real problem when it comes to modern savages murdering in the name of their satanic god. An example is Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad:

Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad insists he is an Islamic radical, has confessed to killing an Army soldier and wounding another at a Little Rock recruiting station two years ago, and wants to be tried on terrorism charges in federal court.

But in an unusual twist, state prosecutors, with the blessing of the federal government, are treating him like a common American criminal and trying him in state court next week on capital murder charges.

Muhammad is a terrorist of the homegrown variety, the proliferation of which liberals have gone out of their way to facilitate.

Muhammad, 24, born Carlos Bledsoe in Memphis, Tenn., has a profile that is now familiar in home-grown terrorism cases. He converted to Islam at age 20 at a Tennessee mosque, changed his name and traveled to the Middle East. …

Six months after Muhammad returned to the U.S., he allegedly drove his black Ford Sport Trac truck to the military recruiting station. Inside the vehicle were a rifle, scope, laser sight, silencer and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He allegedly fired several rounds before fleeing.

Later, at a police roadblock eight miles away, Muhammad was captured with a semiautomatic handgun tucked in his waistband.

Police said he told them he was “mad at the U.S. military because of what they had done to Muslims in the past.” He said his “intent was to kill as many people in the Army as he could.”

Muhammad wasted his money going all the way to Yemen to get this mindset installed. He could have just watched MSNBC.

It’s up to Arkansas to try Muhammad, since the feds won’t try him as a terrorist. His father Melvin Bledsoe believes this is to avoid publicizing the FBI’s incompetence in not keeping an eye on a known Islamic radical. Muhammad himself believes the point is to get him the death penalty, which is unlikely to happen in a federal trial under Eric Holder’s pro-terrorist Injustice Department. Meanwhile his lawyer is trying to avoid the death penalty with the always absurd insanity plea.

Both father and son have a point, but the most likely explanation is the government’s policy of making Islamic violence disappear by sticking its own head in the sand.

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