Australia: "Ban Burqa Day May Cause Cronulla Style Riots"

 Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist”.

Oppose the freedom sack and you are causing a riot.  Wrap yourself in shrouds and you -somehow- turn into another race. Islam makes it possible. Fresh thinking:

Fears for riots in national burqa protest

Wes Hosking, Fenella Wagener, Herald Sun

Imprisonment means freedom…. the freedom sack is  just like bra-burning… right?

Kye Keating started the movement for the  ‘Ban the Burqa Day’ protest. Picture: Craig Borrow Herald Sun

UPDATE 11.16am: A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria.

Which Cronullah ‘riots?’

 Once again: Cronulla was not about ‘race’- it was about Aussies being raped, molested and attacked over a long period of time. When Muslims ganged up and started beating up Aussie-life-savers, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Almost 14,000 people have signed up for Monday’s “Ban the Burqa Day”, which urges protesters to wear a balaclava or mask.

But Islamic leaders labelled the event “racist.”

Islam is not a race. Its a violent ideology that masquerades as a religion.

Organiser Kye Keating, 20, instigated the protest with two friends via Facebook after Sydney woman Carnita Matthews used her burqa to quash a jail sentence for deliberately making a false statement to police.

“This event is not aimed at race, it is not aimed at religion,” Mr Keating said.

“It is just aimed at concealing your identity in a public place. If everyone is not allowed to do it, no one should be allowed to do it.”

But many have said they are disappointed with Mr Keating’s apparent lack of knowledge on the topic after he appeared on Nine’s TODAY this morning.

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“I’m not the most educated on this subject, I just had an idea,” Mr Keating said on Nine.

Viewer Natasha Kastermans said: “It was great that this got heard on the TODAY show, but seriously you knew you were going to go on there and you had nothing constructive to say about it… FAIL.”

David Thatcher said the “Ban the Burqa Day” was absurd and irrational.

“The vast majority of Muslims, and groups that represent Muslims, support the police in verifying the identity of women who wear burkas (sic),” he said.

How would he know?

Mr Keating, a former hospitality student from Victoria looking for work, has been surprised by interest in the event.

Even an elderly nursing home resident will be among protesters going about with their faces covered.

“It’s not so much about adopting our culture and completely dropping your own,” Mr Keating said.

“It is just making those slight little changes that make it easier for you to become an Aussie.”

The furore comes after the Baillieu Government revealed this month it would investigate if there was a need in Victoria for laws, being adopted in other states, that empower police to force Muslim women wearing a full veil to reveal their faces.

Islamic Council of Victoria director Nazeem Hussain said that fewer than 3000 Muslim women who wore burqas in Australia had no problem taking the garment off for police, who have power to demand identification.

“This kind of mass demonstration, this mass show of intolerance is just that,” Mr Hussain said. “I would say it’s hysteria reminiscent of Cronulla.”

Muslim community spokesman Keysar Trad said women chose to wear the burqa for religious observance, not to hide their identity. “All I see beneath that call is bigotry and intolerance,” Mr Trad said.

Liberal backbencher Bernie Finn, who supports banning the burqa in some places for security reasons, said people were entitled to express concerns about the garment.

Skewered Reporting, Flashback:

“Mobs riot again as Sydney race tensions explode

Police question men they suspect of being involved with the violence
By Nick Squires in Darwin12:03AM GMT 13 Dec 2005
Racial violence flared in Sydney yesterday in apparent retaliation for earlier clashes in which a mob of 5,000 white youths chanted abuse and attacked people of Middle Eastern origin.

The real problem are Leb- & Paki Muslims:

The second night of violence brought terror to one of the city’s best known beaches. It flared when young men of mostly Lebanese background clashed with police, throwing stones and other missiles.

Witnesses reported several gun shots and one woman was said to have been stabbed.
Police reinforcements were drafted in as thugs attacked cars and shops with baseball bats and threatened to do battle with rival white gangs with guns and crowbars.

About 200 young Muslim men gathered outside one of the city’s largest mosques, some armed with pistols.

A white woman in a car was said to have been approached by some men and told: “We are going to rape you, you Aussie slut.” It was claimed that a shot was fired at the vehicle.

The cycle of violence tarnished Australia’s reputation – often promoted by the government – as a bastion of tolerance and racial integration.
Anti-Muslim feeling has been exacerbated by the Bali bombings, a series of gang rapes of white women by men of Pakistani and Lebanese background and last month’s counter-terrorism raids on alleged Islamic militants in Melbourne and Sydney. White youths also accuse Lebanese-Australian men of looking for trouble in beach areas, intimidating women in bikinis and picking fights.
The violence was concentrated on Cronulla, a southern suburb where rioting on Sunday led to more than 30 injuries and 16 arrests.
Cronulla, a staunchly Anglo-Celtic area, attracts thousands of trippers from the less salubrious western suburbs, a stronghold of the Middle Eastern and Muslim communities, which number 300,000 out of the national population of 20 million.
It has a reputation for resenting non-Anglo visitors. On Sunday thousands of white youths congregated on the beach front to protest against an incident last week in which two lifeguards – the epitome of white Australian culture – were beaten up by men of Lebanese origin. The lifeguards were attacked after asking a group to stop playing football because it was disturbing others.
Although peaceful at first, the demonstration was tinged with racism from the start – one man set up a barbecue offering “Free snags [sausages], no tabouli”. Another had scrawled on his chest “Mohammed was a camel-raping faggot”.
The crowd chanted “No more Lebs [Lebanese]” and sang Waltzing Matilda.
The atmosphere soon turned ugly, with police using pepper spray and batons to subdue rioters who pelted officers with bottles and smashed up patrol cars.
A Muslim woman had her head scarf torn off in what police described as a “cowardly” and “un-Australian” act.
White supremacist and neo-Nazi groups were among the crowd. “They have no place in mainstream Australian society,” the New South Wales police minister, Carl Scully, said. “Those characters are best placed in 1930s Berlin, not in Cronulla in 2005.”
John Howard, the prime minister, said: “Attacking people because of their race, their appearance, their ethnicity is totally unacceptable.” He added that he did “not accept that there is underlying racism in this country”.
Kuranda Seyit, of the Forum on Australian-Islamic Relations, disagreed. “There is racism running deeply in the Australian psyche. It’s been simmering for years.”

50 thoughts on “Australia: "Ban Burqa Day May Cause Cronulla Style Riots"”

  1. I heard Martin King banging on about this yesterday on MTR (Melbourne). Anyone who has an alternate view to Islam is labelled an idiot, bigot and racist.

    Shame on you Martin, roll over like a good little Quisling for your Wahabi belly rub. Onwards towards your fourth reich mate you’ll fit right in.

  2. David Hicks AKA Mohammad Dagwood lol what race was that numb nut ?
    islime is just evil stone age bullshit not a race.

  3. A Muslim woman had her head scarf torn off in what police described as a “cowardly” and “un-Australian” act.

    A heinous crime, so much worse than an infidel being raped!

  4. I love Aussies! If anyone in the free world will stand up to these Islamic thugs, it is you!

  5. Gramfan, good to know that half billion Aussie $’s a year donated to Indonesia are been put to good use.

    Rudd will most certainly get their vote for a seat at the UN.

  6. Aussie, That sign is disgusting and extremely offensive, it should be burnt where it hangs.

    I tell you what interests me, seeing every non apostate moslem driven out from Australia, their black flags of allah and prayer mats put to the fire, every mosque, musholla, madarassa and islamic cemetery in Australia razed to dust. After 20 plus years in and out of islamic countries, I know the “real truth” about islam first hand, I know this disgusting and dangerous ideology does not belong on Australian soil, no matter how many adds they take out!

  7. your all a bunch of bogan rednecks, when are you all going to understand that in order for australia to be multi-cultural it needs multiple nations and religion’s, pointing the finger and shouting out abuse is only going to split the nation further and start a mini war for no absolute reason

  8. Sri,
    I cannot but agree with everything you have said.
    Congratulations on surviving “….20 plus years in and out of islamic countries”

  9. The war is being fought in heavenly places, jason. Islam will be destroyed, along with many of the appeasers that play the harlot with it.

  10. Hey, Jason, it’s the Muslims who are waging endless warfare against unbelievers (meaning us). It’s in the Koran. Get yourself educated before you open your mouth and make a complete fool out of yourself.

    Gramfan, good to see you here!

  11. Jason it’s Muslims that are the agressive ones. Muslims make up %2 of the Australian population yet they already have in place things that they want. ie Halal, finance, separate bathing/toilet facilities.

    How is it that %2 exerts already so much dominance?

    Why don’t the Sikhs, Buddists etc push for things, why ?

    Get a clue sunshine. You want to live as a dhimmi, good for you because I don’t.

  12. Well this is great! Wear full coverage helmets for safety.
    As for Jason, a greenie college kid who hasn’t seen much of the world and definitely doesn’t read, get a life and think for yourself, the 60’s are gone, I was there and it was about womens rights not supporting fascist ideologies like nazism and such, Bob Brown is leading you in the wrong direction, John Lennon wouldn’t be at all proud of you hahahah.
    This is probably why these mussies do the things they do…

  13. Jason, have you read anything on Europe’s no go zones? Are you aware of the concept of dar al harb and dar al islam? What part of jihad do you not understand? ‘Mini wars’ indeed!

  14. Troll alert maybe, I suspect the operative behind Jason is either a dill or might drink in 3 gulps, wets himself behind the ears and sits on a 5 legged stool!

    Multiculturalism?? Islam is the epitome of mono-cultural!

  15. “A NATIONAL day of protest demanding the burqa be banned has raised fears it could provoke Cronulla riot-style hysteria”
    Interesting there is no one concerned about another week of State Government sanctioned Intifada, and can someone tell me again what RACE IS the Burqah again?

  16. Hmm it’s interesting to note that in Qld they’re, (i believe) going to ban hoodies, so in that case isn’t the State Government of QLD being racist in punishing Australians because they wear a certain type of clothing….

    Oh my I love how the media isn’t all over this, Greens i mean Watermelons where are you?

    Strange days..

  17. “Brisbane suburb plans to ban hoodies in shops after spate of armed robberies ”

    Read more:

    Police have encouraged shopowners to demand customers remove their hoods when they enter the store to minimise their risk of becoming a “target”.

    Shops will be given a “Remove Hoodies on Premises” sticker during the one month trial, which is likely to be extended across South Brisbane and Oxley Districts.

    Police have encouraged shopowners.. Really, but can’t encourage shopowners against Muslims?

  18. *YAWN*, what a storm in a teacup. The usual crowd spouting their usual bigotry and intolerance. 20 years ago it was against the “Asianisation” of Australia. 50 years ago it was the “Wogs” from southern Europe. 70 years ago it was the Jews and the Japanese. 111 years ago the Kanaks from the South Seas Islands. Unfortunately there seems to be in every generation the same intolerance and hatred and fear of the “other”, the unknown and the different. Makes me ashamed to be an Australian to see this intolerance and bigotry perpetuated by the same ignorant fools. One could almost conclude its genetic, passed down from father to son through the generations. Fortunately we know its ignorance and the cure for that is education. Interesting isn’t it, how the more educated people become, the less intolerant they become?

    I’d recommend for all those who rail against which ever scapegoats you’ve decided to hate today, you actually get a real education. Education in Australia is cheap (used to be free but that’s another story). Avail yourselves of it. Don’t remain ignorant simply because you fear having your minds opened.

  19. Ironside it isn’t “racist” to ban a piece of clothing if it isn’t worn for reasons of race/ethnicity/religion. It is “racist” (actually a case of sectarian bigotry) to ban it if it is worn because of religion. This is simple but obviously too hard for most bigots to understand. I wonder why?

    1. Islamic bigots like you have abandoned reason to force their queer and twisted ideology on us.

      Muslims have damaged every society that allowed them to settle in (what they perceive to be) enemy lines, and in most cases wiped out the host societies (much higher civilizations than the barbaric cult of Islam) altogether.

      You, oh bearded one, can buy yourself the remedy against intellectual flatulence here on this website!

  20. It is NOT madated in the quran that women must wear the niqab or burqa – apart to a direct reference to mohammed wives. It is an expression of assumed cultural superiority that is carried on by the useless mohammed plague that we are now suffering – aka bearded dragon. Actually a bearded dragon is a small lizard that you could step on – perhaps a good description of the muslim that appears to write under that moniker and its fate. No one wishes to ban religious clothing, but when it is worn to divide communities, when it presents security risks, and when it is worn as a statement by an ignorant muslim that thinks its culture is superior to the country to which it has fled, then the citizens have every right to ban these items and to ban those that promulgate the threat. BTW “bearded lizard” do not EVER refer to the people who stand up against your poisonous religion as bigots. If I want to see a real bigot, and a nasty racist, I go to a muslim country and see how they treat non-muslims and people with different skin hues. Have done it, and you mohammedans are simply the lowest form of humanity. I wonder why the mohammedan idiots that “contribute” consistently to humanity in the most negative of senses fail to equate the massive amount of violence conducted by muslims against non-muslims as the reason for their immense unpopularity – this is simple but obviously too hard for most islamic bigots to understand. islam == stupidity, violence, greed, dishonesty, and destruction of innovation : that most probably describes bearded lizard. Perhaps it is not too surprising for a group of inbreds who raise a rapist. murderer and child molester to the status of a religious leader.

  21. Islamist and useful idiots calling folks who oppose the ideology of islam , bigots, rednecks and racists is truly the pot calling the kettle black!

  22. Jason.
    A tip – try and think before the next time you write something. In case you have not understood, islam want to replace all nations and all religions with itself.

  23. Kaw, I’m not a Muslim. Sheik, you to make the mistake of assuming anybody who stands up to you bigotry must be a Muslim. Typical bigoted reaction though, well done. True to form!

    Sheik, you prefer prejudice over knowledge. Ignorance over education. Rant over debate. Cant over thought. Keep it up. You expose just how foolish you really are.

  24. Bearded Dragon,
    Adverse comment on islam is NOT bigotry. I suggest you learn what the word means, Incidentally, your writing contains errors in syntax which are typical of M.E. people, so I am not convinced at all that you are not muslim. While I don’t always agree with Sheik, he generally makes well reasoned argument that can be supported by fact. I cannot say the same for you. As for looking like a fool, your statement “Sheik, you prefer prejudice over knowledge. Ignorance over education. Rant over debate….” is clearly not supported by the evidence on this web site – rather the opposite in fact – so if any one looks silly it may well be you.

  25. Kaw, criticism isn’t bigotry. Bigotry though, is when criticism is unending and unfair. You criticise everything about Muslims. The picture you paint of them is one of evil, violent people. It doesn’t resemble any of the Muslims I have met or known over the decades of my life. Some of them I have counted as close friends and associates. Your continual efforts to try and claim I am either from the Middle East or Muslim merely shows your bigotry for all to see. Your unwillingness to accept me for what I am – a white, Anglo-Celtic Australian who refuses to join in your mob mentality shows that you’re deeply mired in hatred.

    In Australia, there was a massive sectarian divide amongst Christians until about 50 years ago. The Protestant and the Catholics hated one another. Its almost completely disappeared now thankfully. Almost everything you claim about the Muslims was once claimed by both groups about the other. Perhaps you should learn from our history and experience or is some introspection too difficult for someone lost in bigotry like yourself?

    Sheik, I didn’t buy my intelligence. To make the comment is rather insulting don’t you think? Its also pointless. I have developed it through education, both formal and informal and of course life’s experiences. As a consequence I don’t feel the need to denigrate and hate others out of fear as you appear to. I take everybody on the basis of whom they are and what they have done, not on how they dress or what god they worship. Yes, there are some bad Muslims but there are also many good Muslims, the majority in fact. You don’t see them nor even acknowledge they exist. A reasonable person would. Instead you lump them together and just hate them all. You’re just doing exactly what the Islamic extremists are. Just a mirror image of hatred and intolerance. Rather sad really.

    1. Who is the bigot, oh bearded one?

      You came here name-calling. Then you claim “criticism isn’t bigotry”- You insult and then claim you are insulted. Typical Muslim behavior.

      “You criticise everything about Muslims.”

      Not. This site is about Islam. With Muslims comes Islam.
      Islam gives us three choices: submit to Islam, pay the jiziya with willing submission or be killed.

      “Instead you lump them together and just hate them all. You’re just doing exactly what the Islamic extremists are. Just a mirror image of hatred and intolerance.”

      Yawn. Typical Mohammedan projection.

      Back to reality:

      “I am telling you that my religion [Islam] doesn’t tolerate other religions. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to be spread, it can be here or anywhere else has to be Islam.”

      — Cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika in an interview with ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in November 2005

      There’s more where that came from, here….

      Enough tolerance for you?

  26. Sheik, you and your associates are of course the bigots. I’ve been reading your little website for sometime. I’ve yet to detect one positive story on it about Muslims. You claim you criticise Islam and not Muslim yet it is obvious that even this page is criticising Muslims. Your own contradictions catch you out.

    You should be proud to wear the label “bigot”, after all, it attacks your views, not you personally, if I can use your logic?

    Yet again, you attempt to claim I am a Muslim. I am not. However, I’ll pose a question for you, if I may? If you’re not attacking Muslims, why the continued efforts to try and portray me as a Muslim or a “Mohammedan” if not to attack me?

    As for the quote from Abdul Nacer Benbrika – he is but one Muslim. He does not speak for all Muslims. You attempt to portray the views of one as being typical of the views of all with no evidence. He may claim to be a spokesman for all Muslims but he wasn’t asked to be, nor was he elected to be. His actions have been soundly condemned by most Muslims in Australia. He was reported to the police by his fellow Muslims yet that receives no praise by you. How strange for a non-bigot.

    Using your logic, you’d believe that Bob Katter is representative of all Australians. Do you think he is? What about Jack von Tongeren? Pauline Hanson (who can’t get elected no matter how much she tries)? All your fellow bigots but representing only a tiny fraction of the Australian population just as you do. The fact that your viewpoint can’t even elect a single member to any parliament in our fair land should even tell blind Freddy how unpopular your viewpoint is.

  27. Oh bearded one, your logic and intelligence beats reason and gravity.

    But let me ask you this:

    How many Australians agree with polygamy?
    With child marriage?
    With third cousin marriage?
    With murder for blasphemy?
    How many Australians agree with terror against non-Muslims as a divine command from Allah?
    Genital mutilation?
    Burning of detention centres?
    Annihilation of Jews?

    And while you answer the questions, please tell us: is Islam superior to freedom, democracy and everything our civilization was built on?

  28. Those practices are not common across the entire Muslim world and not practised in Australia. They are illegal here. You seem to be assuming that if one Muslim does something, all Muslims do it and even agree with it. Now that _is_ bigotry. You make no effort to differentiate between a Muslim born in say West Africa or a Muslim born in Mindanao or a Muslim born in the UK or a Muslim born in Australia. Islam, like Christianity is a broad church, it overlays underlying cultural practices which predate it and makes little effort to change them.

    Most Australians won’t agree with those practices but then, most Muslims don’t practice them or believe them. If your viewpoint is popular with Australians how do you explain the very poor performance electorally those political parties and candidates which have espoused them?

    Open racism, bigotry, intolerance and hatred don’t play well with the majority of Australians. They are uncomfortable with it. Some may secretly agree with it but they don’t like it being openly displayed and deep down, at heart most will think of themselves as fair, open and tolerant. In 2006 a McNair Poll found that 81% of Australians supported Multiculturalism. Hardly the figure you’d see if they agree with your views, Sheik.

    Its sad and rather depressing to think that my parents fought in a war which was ultimately about stopping the sort of thing you’re espousing. Makes their efforts for nought. If you didn’t have the Muslims to hate who would be your next scapegoats, Sheik?

  29. Oh bearded one:

    I don’t hate, I care.

    I care for our culture and civilization, not for the retarded, misogynistic blood-cult of Islam.

    I care for the future of our children, not for the hate-filled zombies they breed in the mosques.

    It appears you don’t know what racism, bigotry, intolerance and hatred is until it comes to bite you in your wiener.

    If you suffer from depression, seek help.

    Or change your med’s!

  30. If what you’re doing is “caring” then I think I’d rather you didn’t. Edmund Burke once suggested that, “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” I refuse to let your evil triumph no matter how much you try and dress it up in nice words to disguise it.

    If you really cared, you would be seeking dialogue with Muslims, not continually lambasting them. If you really cared, you would be trying to understand them, not abuse them. If you really cared, you would accept them as your fellow citizens, not reject them. You don’t care about anything other than your own selfish viewpoint, Sheik. A viewpoint which allows you to justify your hatred and intolerance of others merely because they are different.

    Not all Muslims are misogynists. Not all Muslims are intolerant. Islam is many things. If you believe it is a blood cult how do you feel about Christianity with its rituals of symbolic cannibalism and vampyrism? Or Buddhism with its extreme denial of individuality? Or Hinduism with its bigotry and exclusiveness? No religion is perfect, it is what its believers make of it and how they interpret it. Some Muslims are bad people who seek to interpret their religion to justify hatred and murder. Most Muslims however interpret their religion to justify love and acceptance. Some Christians preach hatred and intolerance, declaring an “eye for an eye” or “no witch shall live” or “homosexuals are evil”. Most Christians don’t though. Same for most Muslims.

    All you’re doing is encouraging the bad Muslims allowing to justify their own hatred through yours. You should be instead encouraging the good Muslims and a constant barrage of criticism based upon hatred and ignorance won’t do that, now will it?

    Always remember that the greatest number of victims of Muslim intolerance and violence are other Muslims. The extremists attack the moderates and terrorise them, not Westerners. You’re more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be a victim of a Terrorist attack, if you’re a Westerner.

    Wake up to yourself Sheik. You attack Muslims at every chance when you should be reaching out to help them.

    1. Oh bearded goat,

      if it is ‘evil’ to oppose the most revolting, oppressive and genocidal totalitarian theocracy the world has ever known then I must truly be …evil.


      Dialogue is wasted with those who really want to kill you, and I don’t give a hoot for “not all Muslims this” and “not all Muslims that”. When push comes to shove, all Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics.

      The lunatics are the majority.

      How do you tell the “good Muslims” from the ‘bad Muslims?”

      Can you sort ’em out for us? Can you explain what a “good Muslim” is?

      You can’t.

      All you want is to shut me up. To remove hindrances to the establishment of sharia. What does that make you?

      I should be “reaching out to help them?”

      What hubris! What a preposterous, idiotic demand. Who do you think you are to tell me what I should be doing? When was the last time a Muslims helped a kafir?

      The putative evidence for the “harmless Muslim”



      In this telling video shot in Germany and broadcast on the propaganda Press TV, “moderate” Muslims react with contempt over calls for more Muslim cooperation (if not them, who?) in identifying extremists in their community. Muslims take offense and cry “islamophobia.”

      We see this across the Western world and the US as well. The “moderates” do not lambaste the devout Muslims committing jihad. No. They attack, smear, marginalize, and libel those who speak out against jihad and Islamic supremacism. So what’s the difference, except that one straps one on, and the other covers for jihad?

      Look, I don’t wear a uniform or carry a rifle, but I support US troops with every breath of my body. Many Muslims do not blow themselves up, but they support jihad and homicide bombings. Look at recent Gallup and Pew polls, and other disturbing polls.

      And here in America, the numbers are disturbing;

      A survey taken by the Pew Research Center of Muslims in the USA show several troubling statistics which indicate that not all is rosy and peaceful among the Muslim community in America:

      First of all, 60% of the American Muslims do not believe that 19 Muslim/Arab men carried out the attack on 9/11/01.
      26% of Muslims under 30 believe that suicide bombing is justified under some circumstances.
      60% are concerned about a rise in Islamic extremism in the U.S.
      85% do not support the war in Iraq. 33% oppose the action in Afghanistan.
      25% refused to answer whether they have a favorable view or not of al-Qaida.
      The real “radicals” are those who wish to reform Islam.

      Continue reading “Moderates vs Radicals — What’s the Difference?” »

  31. Yet again you display your bigotry, Sheik. You claim that dialogue is wasted with “those who really want to kill you” but do all Muslims want to kill you or do only Islamist extremists who are zealots? What about the moderates, the ordinary, everyday Muslims whom have no desire to kill you? Why do you consign them to the same compartment as the extremists?

    I have carried a rifle and worn a uniform. One of the things I learnt very early on was that the military deliberately attempts to dehumanise the enemy. They do so to enable their soldiers to no longer see them as humans and so find it easier to kill them. The deliberate engendering of hatred of Muslims is what you are doing as well. You don’t want to see them as human, you don’t want to see that they are reasonable, ordinary human beings who love and care for one another and others as well. Some don’t, just as some Christians don’t. “Some” though is a much, much smaller number than “the many”. You deliberately make no effort to differentiate. For you, like the military, it is much easier just to lump them all together under the heading of “enemy”. It allows you to rationalise your hatred and intolerance.

    When you learn to differentiate the “some” from “the many” you might realise just how your views represent bigotry.

    As for your quoting of Pew’s research into Muslim attitudes, the survey taken in 2007 notes:

    “Muslim Americans reject Islamic extremism by larger margins than do Muslim minorities in Western European countries. However, there is somewhat more acceptance of Islamic extremism in some segments of the U.S. Muslim public than others. Fewer native-born African American Muslims than others completely condemn al Qaeda. In addition, younger Muslims in the U.S. are much more likely than older Muslim Americans to say that suicide bombing in the defense of Islam can be at least sometimes justified. Nonetheless, absolute levels of support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans are quite low, especially when compared with Muslims around the world.”

    Care to provide a reference to your Pew study?

    I also note that Pew suggests:
    “A majority of Muslim Americans (53%) say it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the United States since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Most also believe that the government “singles out” Muslims for increased surveillance and monitoring.”

    Not surprising considering attitudes like yours. Yes, the same survey also noted:
    “Relatively few Muslim Americans believe the U.S.-led war on terror is a sincere effort to reduce terrorism, and many doubt that Arabs were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Just 40% of Muslim Americans say groups of Arabs carried out those attacks.”

    Yet, this doesn’t appear quite as alarming as you claim when one realises that according to a Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll in 2006, “More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East.” It appears ignorance abounds in American society over 11 September, yet you only pick out Muslims for this. I wonder why?

    Tell me Sheik, how many ordinary Muslims do you know personally? Any?

    Its also interesting I think how your views about Muslims appear – like many Americans – to be dominated by those presented by the media of Arabic Muslims. Yet, most Australians would be more familiar with Asian Muslims from Malaysia and Indonesia. Very different cultures and very different (for the most part) approach to religion.

    1. “Tell me Sheik, how many ordinary Muslims do you know personally? Any?”

      Oh bearded goat, I lived, worked and traveled in many Muslim (occupied) countries when you were still sucking your momma’s tit.

      I lived and loved, fought and cried with the Muselmaniacs and I learned a few tricks.

      But don’t let me waste them on you.

      You wasted enough of my time, and since you are not only a Koranimal who denies being one, you are also a conspiracy nut, otherwise known as ‘trufer’, and I made it clear in the conditions for posting here that trufers will get one chance to blow it out of their sorry ass and then they’re gone.

      Bye now!

  32. I’m sorry you feel that you’ve wasted your time answering questions about your views, Sheik. Personally, I’ve found our exchange most illuminating. You have, each step of the way confirmed my original viewpoint.

    Ah, you also failed to answer the question and decided to adopt a mocking tone, Sheik. You have no idea how old I am. I rather suspect that you are a great deal younger than myself. With age, comes maturity and mature people don’t act in the manner you have.

    As for being a “trufer”, that is laughable. Merely mentioning that over two thirds of Americans believe in conspiracies about 11 September does not mean I necessarily do. I’d have thought that was rather clear from my comments. However, showing that Muslim Americans beliefs are actually in line with that of the rest of American society on this issue rather suggests that your view that their beliefs are somehow outlandish is rather peculiar to say the least.

    You claim to have lived and worked in “many Muslim countries”. That should mean you have known and perhaps still know hundreds of ordinary Muslims. I wonder though, as you actually failed to directly answer the question. I suspect you’re doing a Rupert and being somewhat economical with the truth. 😉

    Another failure to answer would suggest that you do have something to hide.

    1. Not being a trufer suggests that my view of their beliefs is somehow outlandish?

      Oh bearded goat, are you sure you don’t have a screw lose or two?

      I don’t “claim to have lived and worked in “many Muslim countries”.

      I have. (should be obvious.)

      I have studied Islam in “depth” and I know Islam inside out, better than your imam and better than you. This site is about educating people about the evil of Islam, and to help Muslims leave Islam.

      Obviously, you have a problem with that.

      Get in line. Stay in the cue!

      There are hundreds of like-minded Koranimals who want to kill me for telling the truth.

      I tell them to pound sand.

      And to you I say the same: just do it!

      In closing, I recommend you to buy my book if you think you must know more about me. But you are obviously more interested to know where I live because you have murder on your mind.

      Here’s the address: undisclosed locationville no 15, 8872, Mecca, Sowdi Barbaria. See you soon!

  33. Great exchange, Sheik, one spelling error – you have “I have studied Islam in debt”. I’m sure you meant “depth”. Otherwise it sounds like you owe them the jizya.

  34. Bearded Dh,
    stop wasting time

    >Kaw, criticism isn’t bigotry. Bigotry though, is when criticism is >unending and unfair. You criticise everything about Muslims. The >picture you paint of them is one of evil, violent people.

    Firstly you accused us of bigotry, because we are rather critical of islam. Where do you stand again??? Secondly, I do not criticise everything about muslims – I am only concerned with islamists but the line between a muslim and an islamist is almost non-definable. And muslims draw their own negative comments through THEIR behaviour which is often unthinking, violent and directed against non-muslims. I suspect that have not been keeping up with current affairs.

    > It doesn’t resemble any of the Muslims I have met or known over the >decades of my life. Some of them I have counted as close friends and >associates. Your continual efforts to try and claim I am either from the >Middle East or Muslim merely shows your bigotry for all to see.

    And I have good friends who are muslims as well. but their global perspective is very different from the brain-dead ummah about which you write. I don’t care what you are – I merely pointed out that your writings bear some critical resemblance to muslim bleatings in terms of sentence construction etc. As I said. I do not care what you are and given the fact that muslims often post as non-muslims to try and convince the world that islam has something to say I retain my right to interpret the evidence as it stands,

    >Your unwillingness to accept me for what I am – a white, Anglo-Celtic >Australian who refuses to join in your mob mentality shows that >you’re deeply mired in hatred.

    I think you are confused here – firstly I have yet to see any people who are critical of muslims adopt a mob-mentality. Muslims, however, do this so often it is bordering on being boring. I suggest that you study this history of the “cartoons” which shows clearly that muslim mob-mentality was readily invoked to kill and hurt non-muslims. I openly say that islamists should be killed, but muslims who are able to live in peace with others should be helped to change their belief system into something better that the monster it now is. Hate – no – and for you to write that suggests that you have no real idea what hate is. I hope you never have to experience it, but next time look into the fact of a bearded mosque rat and you will see it.

    >In Australia, there was a massive sectarian divide amongst Christians >until about 50 years ago. The Protestant and the Catholics hated one >another. Its almost completely disappeared now thankfully.

    Yes, but they didn’t kill each other – they grew out of this – muslims have not.

    >Almost everything you claim about the Muslims was once claimed by >both groups about the other. Perhaps you should learn from our >history and experience or is some introspection too difficult for >someone lost in bigotry like yourself?

    I can guarantee that I know and understand our history far better than you ever will. Interestingly, and I will mention this because you have almost certainly not thought of the concept – I will also keep it simple – there seems to be a transition period in all of the main religions between violence subjugation of others and secular wisdom that is roughly equivalent. In all of the worlds religions, except for islam, changes occurred in the interpretation of religious dogma that allowed the peaceful co-existence of religious and secular society. islam is 600 years younger than the Christian faiths, very much younger than the Jewish faith, and very much younger than Buddhism (striclty speaking Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy) and Hinduism. While muslims claim that because they are the youngest they are the best, the converse is true. Islam is stifled, with no possibility of further development due to the internal restrictions that are directly placed on how their dogma can be translated – it is effectively stuck in the violence that can be associated with 11th century main-stream Christianity against other groups with off-centre interpretations of Christianity such as the Cathars. The problem is then three fold – islam is not self correcting against violence, islamic dogma cannot adapt to a changing human environment, and the toys that islamists play with are no longer spears While the world could afford to wait for the other religions to transition from violence to acceptance of others, we cannot afford muslims this luxury. They must either completely rewrite their religion or be destroyed. I hope they choose the former.

    PS The

  35. PC bigotry gone mad !!!

    IS it racist and irrational to criticise aspects of Islam? Judging from the vituperative war of words launched against a group of people who took part in a “ban the burka” protest this week, it seems it is.
    Why bless burkas and ban bogans? | Brendan O’Neill | From: The Australian | July 21, 2011 12:00AM

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