Jeremiah Wright, Obama's 'Spiritual Advisor': "All Whites Are Liars"

‘Whites Are Liars’ — Audacity of Racism: Obama’s 20-Year Mentor Rev. Wright Tells Church Youth All Whites Are Liars…Over and Over in a Long Sound Bite

Last time I checked, black folks were 13% of the population and represented 48% of the prison population in the USA. White people are 69% of the population and represent approx 43% of the prison population in the USA. Now you tell me which race is out of control. And, which one would you assume to be the liars.

“Half-black no qualification”

Former Hillary Clinton Fundraiser: Being Half-Black Doesn’t Qualify Obama To Be President… (WZ)

She’s right. I hate the part of him that’s white also. Just to be fair and balanced.

Is this the way of the future?

2 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright, Obama's 'Spiritual Advisor': "All Whites Are Liars"”

  1. Obambi is 50% WHITE, 30% ARAB and ONLY 20% BLACK. He just PLAYS at being an American Black but he has absolutely no cultural connection to them at all. His parentage is entirely different his privileged upbringing was entirely different. The only thing he has in common with them is the Affirmative Action which smoothed his path. This so called Black president is just one more LIE in the web of LIES that is Obambi.

  2. Obama’s latest birth certificate is a proven fraud. Obama is history’s biggest conman who won office on the backs of a leftist press and leftist backers. Obama supports islam wants to be the new Caliphate leader and he’ll do it before the next election. Obama is now recognizing the muslim brotherhood officially. Obama will appoint MB personell to the highest offices in his unelected, unaccountable, untouchable Czar administration so they can introduce sharia law over the US constitution. Obama will attempt to destroy Israel ASAP. Someone remove that narcissistic pathological pyschotic thug before he really manages to pull the plug on the West by subjugating us all to the dead hand of sharia law. There must be people over there watching this meglomaniac and considering the options.

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