Oh Australia!

“The Australian media is culpable”.

The Lunatic Fringe is now running the Political Asylum

Piers Akerman

BE afraid. With four new senators to be sworn in on Monday, the unrepresentative Greens now hold the balance of power in the senate. Control of the Gillard government is all but total.

Greens leader Bob Brown has made it clear that he is not interested in what the majority of Australians think because he is only intent on pursuing the Greens’ lunatic agenda. (More)

And what is their agenda other than Economic Marxism?  And how do they operate?

Brisbane’s Sunday Mail gives another climate sceptic the treatment:

AN EASTERN European President accused of having sticky fingers, being a serial adulterer and having had links to secret police is now the Liberal National Party’s latest weapon against climate change scientists. (Does he eat babies too?)

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus will address an audience in Brisbane next month about the scientific flaws behind global warming.  (Andrew Bolt)

Open Borders:

Give us a call when you’re here

There’s reassurance for drug smugglers, people traffickers and terrorists:

NOT ONE of the more than 200 asylum seeker boats that landed in Australia in the past two years has been detected by the defence radar system, raising questions about border security.  (Andrew Bolt)

Who inflicted this stupidity on us?

They’d better march back to their job

I’d say this will be just one of the ideological indulgences of the Nixon cultural revolution that will be wound back:

ACTING Chief Commissioner Ken Lay faces a revolt from rank-and-file members over their right to be   paid to march in a gay-pride parade, but not on Anzac Day

Of course, the US is leading, when it comes to Homo militancy:

Under the Manchurian Moonbat,  the most deranged creatures crawl out of their holes:

Moonbat Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) informs us that those who defend the sanctity of marriage from defilement by militant degenerates and creepy politicians are on “the wrong side of history“:

6 thoughts on “Oh Australia!”

  1. Adelaide’s turn for blasphemous billboards. Not the ridiculous “Christians wage holy war …” headline:


    [CONTROVERSIAL billboards proclaiming Jesus is a prophet of Islam will be rolled out in Adelaide.

    The signs are part of a campaign claiming to promote religious tolerance.]

    * All they are promoting is a false religion that will traffic in human souls and be destroyed in turn by Antichrist when it has served its purpose. It will be anything but tolerant.

  2. Ignorance is bliss:

    Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson didn’t comment on the campaign, but said if Jesus “is recognised by the people of Islam as a prophet then we are grateful for that”.

    Or is it settled already?

  3. More HuT treason:


    [DIGGERS fighting in Afghanistan are “fair game” and Muslims “have an obligation” to attack them, an Islamic radical said at a conference in Sydney yesterday.

    Branding the Afghan war a Western invasion, Uthman Badar, from the radical Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir, said: “If our members exist in a country where an occupation has occurred, in (their) capacity as individuals they would have an obligation to resist.”]

    Our government will continue to fawn and appease, prattling about “harmony”, while tolerating the intolerance of Allah and Islam. It has gone beyond “cultural sensitivity” and “celebrating diversity” now. It is a battle for our national survival.

  4. A union of various harlot variants of Christianity with islam will be a bloodthirsty thing indeed …

  5. The Democrats largely sought to “keep the bastards honest” before they imploded – the Greens will be in a position to run the puppet show.

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