Let 'em eat dirt!

Islam ruined Pakistan, not U.S. aid:

Islam ruined Egypt, not U.S. aid:

Prison Bitch Wants Sharia

“Secular Tunisians?’

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And you thought there was no sharia in Australia?

Sharia Rules in Australia!

  • Reporter: Bryan Seymour
  • Broadcast Date: July 11, 2011

Aspects of Sharia law are being practiced across Australia.

Sheikh Moussaab Leghe, in Sydney’s West, presides over hundreds of Sharia divorces each year, and adjudicates on financial disputes.

According to the Sheikh, “This is Islam – Islam is to live your life in a happy way, in justice, in equity. Everybody is taking his share, (from the kuffar) everybody is happy and satisfied.”

Sheikh Moussaab Leghe offers Muslims Sharia law from his base at the Islamic Welfare Centre at Lakemba, in Sydney’s West.

“Well when you have women that are having their babies out of the marriage, some people they will say we need something to find a solution. And this is something,” said Sheikh Leghe.

Sheikh Leghe says he believes Australian law rules our land, though, like his predecessor, he does feel there is room for men to have multiple wives.

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“Well the problem (is) with this thirteen per cent extra women in Australia.”

Its not your problem, Leghe. Its their problem.

“I don’t go for (polygamy), but I call the Australian law to give the women rights to find a man, when you have (less men than women).”

They have the rights women have in Australia.

According to News Limited columnist Miranda Devine, such ideas are “terribly disempowering of women, and very disruptive of our social fabric, for that reason.”

“I think it’s seditious. It undermines Australian law, and really, if we’re going to have separate laws and separate societies, we can only expect to have more division and more lawlessness,” said Vicky Janson.

Vicky Janson, and her husband Michael, live in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg West. They have joined a community group named The Q Society – aimed at stopping what they call the ‘Islamification of Australia’.

According to Vicky “it’s the way we’re meant to be treated. We are truly treated as second-class citizens. Under anything to do with Islamic law, women are not treated equally, non-Muslims are not treated equally.”

For some, the issue that’s causing concern and division is whether or not Sharia law can co-exist with Australian law, so that we still have one law for all.

In Britain, Islamic courts have operated for nearly four years under the Arbitration Act, and their rulings are legally binding.

Under Sharia law, a woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s; a daughter can only inherent half as much as a son; guardianship of children automatically goes to the father; and men can summarily divorce their wife, while a woman must fight for a divorce, even if her husband is abusive.

“We don’t want it. We do not want Sharia law. It’s a system that has a completely different idea of what is right and wrong, what is good and evil, and it just undermines our democratic rule of law. We don’t want it,” said Vicky.

Right on, Vicky!

9 thoughts on “Let 'em eat dirt!”

  1. I’d normally not expect much from such “dinner show” reports. But asking the right questions and getting Miranda and Vickie in one segment is a rare ray of hope for our MSM. The one journalist in Australia that actually understands the concept of taqiyya and the one activist not afraid to call a spade a spade. Bravo C7!

  2. “Well the problem (is) with this thirteen per cent extra women in Australia.”

    Who says EVERY women has to marry? Some of us do not feel the need of a guardian, and if we wish to have children without marrying, we shall.
    These are rights we have fought for, we do not intend to give them up because someone thinks ALL women are inferior and need husbands in order to exist.

    1. Sir Winston Churchill:

      “The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property (either as a child, a wife, or a concubine) must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

  3. are Americans able to join the Q Society? The problem for women in western society is they can get away with saying most anything to men in the west because they know western men won’t kill them. If a woman tried to say anything to “offend” Muslim men they know the Muslim would kill them …oftentimes w/ impunity.

  4. At last a wake up call. All Australians need to join a fight back movement like the “Q Society” or start to vote for political parties who understand that the real threat to Australian values and culture is not something that MAY happen in a hundred years but something that is happening right now.
    It is great to see women commenting on Sharia law – well done “Today Tonight”

  5. Australia deserves sharia then. Who the hell let these pigs into the country to begin with. We have an establishment clause here in the US that can prevent this filthy sharia. These god damn muslims ruin their own countries with their islam. They then migrate to the good countries for a better life. Then they ruin their new hosts. Churchill: no greater retrograde force on earth.

  6. I put the Q Society on my blogroll. (Your blog and RSS feed is already in my sidebar, thanks to Gramfan’s recommendation.)

    And you’re right. They’re not migrating for a better life, but to make the world Islamic. It’s in their Qur’an.

    More info on creeping shari’a, thanks again to Gramfan:

    Aussie imams call for shari’a banks

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