U.S. Infiltration: LA Sheriff's Muslim Community Affairs Unit


The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the L.A. Sheriff’s department and holds sway within its Muslim Community Affairs Unit, a unit unique within the Sheriff’s department. There is no other unit for Christians, Jews, etc. This is akin to Sheriff Baca having an Italian Community Outreach Unit, which defers to members of the Mafia because of they are predominately white Italians who are Catholic.

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC) hosted a Community Town Hall Meeting led by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).
The LA County Sheriff’s Emergency Operations Bureau, the Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCAU) – a taxpayer funded entity – was the presenting agency. The MCAU’s stated mission is to “build a stronger relationship with the Muslim community to build cooperation with law enforcement.”
Being Muslim is not belonging to a race. Muslims are merely followers of Shariah Islam. The MCAU is a taxpayer funded religious group operating inside the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department at the behest of Sheriff Leroy Baca. Civil Rights Lawyers may argue the MCAU violates the Establishment Clause mandate ofgovernment neutrality toward religion.
Deputy Sherif Morsi, a volunteer, Sgt. Mike Abdeen, Officer Syed.

Steve Whitmore, LASD Senior Media Advisor, confirmed the Muslim Community Affairs Unit receives taxpayer funds approximating $128,400 per year for two full time Deputies. When I asked Mr. Whitmore if any other religions had a LASD Community Affairs Unit and received equal taxpayer funds, he replied, “There are no other religious Community Affairs Units in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.”
What’s the philosophy behind the Muslim community outreach efforts?
Baca: Police need all the help they can get. When you have deputy sheriffs who are Muslims, and the Muslim community can identify with them, then it makes the Muslim community feel protected.
What progress have the community outreach efforts achieved so far?
Baca: The Muslim community trusts the sheriff’s department. Successful law enforcement requires that the public trust law enforcement. And you’re not going to get the public’s trust if you’re not going to trust the public.
The FBI broke off contact with the Council of American-Islamic Relations last year, while you’ve stayed in touch. Why are you right and the FBI wrong on this?
Baca: It would be like saying, ‘We found an extremist in Los Angeles and no one told us about him, so we’re going to cut ourselves off from the entire Muslim society.’ You can’t do that at a local law enforcement level. If there’s a problem with crime-plotting, you have to get closer to the environment, not further. And if they think CAIR is out cavorting with extremists, then it behooves them to be more involved with CAIR.
Sheriff Baca has overreached his authority, states Carrie Storm.  Muslims are people who practice the religion of Islam.  Islam is a religious group, just like Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc…  The LA Sheriff’s Department violates the Constitution by creating special privileged treatment of Muslims over all other religious groups.  The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion but prohibits establishing a preference for any religion.  Taxpayer funds spent to promote the interests of any religious group over another is prohibited through the ‘establishment clause’ of the First Amendment in the United States Constitution.

Source WND

July 9, 2011

LA Sheriff’s Muslim Community Affairs Unit

A Civil Rights Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Alan Kornman

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  1. Speaking from vast experience, I can aver that effective law enforcement is not built on the community trusting the cops. It’s all about the community knowing for sure that if they break the law, they’re going to jail. If they resist arrest or fuck with the boys in blue, they’re going to get their asses beat and end up in the hospital… at worst.

  2. The Original Source for this story was the Result of an Investigative team from The United West, led by Tom Trento, filming and asking questions at the Islamic Center of SoCal.

    Link to Article with embedded video taken at the town hall meeting.

    Link to Original Video Expose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1x7C8P_Hu6g

    http://theunitedwest.org/ – for story and to learn about our work.

    Investigative reporting utilizing video exposes and expert analysis of Shariah compliance inside America, is what Tom Trento has coined “academic activism” We hope more groups and individuals will follow our lead in exposing the threats against our Constitution and Bill of Rights, wherever it leads them. The United West is uniquely positioned to help anyone from any group in learning about academic activism. The point is to get the information out from as many sources as possible. Sheikh Yer Mami is doing great work and we applaud his efforts.

    Remember this if nothing else: One Team One Fight

    Alan Kornman
    The United West

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