Lets hit the Shiites!

Count me in! I want some of that loot:


Save the last dance for me:

Liberal Dreck

A mosque would be okay

Whiteys Law is Racist

Homo Depot

Home Depot’s aggressive support for the homosexual agenda has been noted before. It has entailed exposing children to the public displays of sexual depravity that can be expected to occur at militant gay festivities. A brief summary: (Moonbattery)

 Only the lower castes can be denied jobs and housing, not special people like felons.

Felons to Join the Upper Caste in San Francisco

Under liberalism, America has become a class-based society. Some are born into privilege as a result of their skin color, but you can also enter the favored caste by being in the country illegally, by affirming your homosexuality, or — since 9/11/01 — by being Muslim. If none of those approaches works for you, just commit a felony and then move to San Francisco: (Moonbattery)

NASA Magic Carpet

Now that our future is behind us and America is through with all that outer space stuff, NASA can zero in on what director Charles Bolden calls its primary mission, helping Muslims feel good about their alleged scientific accomplishments. Maybe this will allow us back into space after all>>>Magic Carpet

 Just what you want to hear in a fiscal crisis. “U.S. trucking contracts funded Taliban, source says,” by David Ariosto for CNN, July 26: