More Democracy & Openness? Really? Under Socialism or Under Islam?

Norway PM says More Democracy Will Counter Terror  (Voice of America)

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says Norwegians will defend themselves by showing they are not afraid of violence, and that the response to last week’s terror attacks will be “more democracy, more openness.”

Btw: has anybody seen a picture of the  murdered ‘kidz?’ Any  names? Anything at all? WTF is going on? Openness and democracy anyone?

Norwegian Openess:

Killing Jews is not the same as killing a bunch of Jew-hating moonbats in a socialist summer camp:

 “We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of  the terror against Israel,” he said. “Those who believe this will not change their mind because of the attack in Oslo.”

Israel is occupied?  What an asshat. Israel is occupied by Israelis, just like Norway is occupied by…….?

At a news conference Wednesday, Mr. Stoltenberg said extremist political views are legitimate, but implementing them violently is not.

At least 76 people were killed Friday in an attack on government buildings in Oslo and a rampage on an island youth camp. A right-wing extremist confessed to carrying out the attacks, saying he was trying to save Europe from what he called “Muslim colonization.”

Some government workers are planning to return to work at their offices in the buildings where the bomb blasts blew out most windows.

Earlier, Norwegian police said a suspicious suitcase found on a bus at the central station in the capital poses no danger. Norway is on high alert after the bombing and massacre.

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  1. Beirut Kebab, Oslo, the moment the bomb went off!id=42507

    Johan Christian Tandberg, private, came driving through the tunnel under the Government buildings when the bomb went off. The car moved to the side from the blast, he says to VG.

    He immediately saw the picture, and started searching in the buildings while filming. He then informed the police constable who later arrived.

  2. You find name and pictures of the victims here:

    Each day, at 18:00, there will be updates on victims. Information is only released as soon as the body is identified. Those that say “savnet” (missing) are unofficial.

    As for “returning to their offices”: New offices has been allocated for everyone. That work started about 10 minutes after the attack happened.

  3. Personally, as a Norwegian, I am more concerned about more terrorist attacks from other neo-nazi’s than the muslims here in Norway. Note that the “more democracy”-bit is not just empty words: In some countries it was shown that by engaging the foreign-hostile elements in open debate, their popularity fell immensely. So, me debating with you here, instead of you just debating with people who share your opinion in a friendly way is part of the effort. 🙂

    I do call out to others who wish to fight disharmony to do the same.

  4. – Oh, the irony

    “United in what, typically Norwegian, we have in common”
    This is the title of the article.

    Apologizing to the followers of “World Islamic Mission”, in their mosque in Oslo, after the attacks last Friday.

    The Norwegian Crown Prince – and next king – Haakon is sitting on the floor to the right. To the left, sits the Bishop of Oslo, still on the floor.

  5. Muslims were attacked by anti-jihadists, physically and generally harassed. That’s what happens when you blame a whole people for what a bunch of quasi-muslims do. So a sorry was in its place.

    And the lockdown on several forums is caused by the fact that newspaper has editorial responsibility for what is posted on their forums. They are free to talk elsewhere, but it’s mostly a technical issue. Why do you see a problem with that?

  6. Ever seen Muslims apologize for 1400 years of warfare against unbelievers, murdering, raping and enslaving them and occupying their countries?

    Besides: Muslims claimed responsibility right after the attack. Islamic internet forums were ecstatic!

    Muslims were attacked by anti-jihadists, physically and generally harassed.

    That’s what they claim, but there’s no truth in it. Jews are harassed.

    ” lockdown on several forums is caused by the fact that newspaper has editorial responsibility for what is posted on their forums.”

    Freedom of speech is non-negotiable. “Responsibility for what is posted” is censorship on behalf of Muslims.

  7. I smell a huge stinking fish. If this guy was such a Muslim Hater as he is being made out to be why did he attack NORWEGIANS . There are as we know far too many Mohammedans in Norway already so why didn’t he attack them after all they are what he is SUPPOSED to hate? It just doesn’t make sense something stinks. BTW why the apology’s to the Mohammedans he never attacked them ?????

  8. Pragmatist, he did it because he wanted to cause a shift towards a right-wing dictatorship. It is similar to other terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing the government. He thinks very highly of himself.

    It’s not unfamiliar to see death-threats against liberals from anti-muslims:

    Mr sheik, yes I get almost annoyed because muslims always say sorry for terrorist attacks, the things i hear, etc, whenever I talk to one. Almost like americans who excuse Bush for the things he did.

    Look, I am not at all worried about Muslims. I have been worried about fascists and right-wing extremism for 15 years, and look? The first terrorist attack was done by a right-wing extremist.

    But you see muslims were there are none. The moderation was overloaded, and there was an outcry on facebook related to it. There is no conspiracy, and you’re wasting my and your energy.

  9. I don’t find everything you say a waste of time. But focusing on the closed comment threads is useless if you can’t respect the fact that they are closed for technical reasons – and not conspiracies.

    And I must remind you that at 9/11 the same thing happened on forums on the internet too. They closed because they were unmanagable.

    “try to tell the truth, (we know that’s hard for you because you are all pathological liars) but the truth will set you free, try it!”
    This is an invitation for me to contribute facts, when it is clear that misunderstandings has arisen.

    Sorry if I step on your toes, but you should get used to the fact that the world doesn’t always agree with you. More importantly, not facts either.

  10. “try to tell the truth, (we know that’s hard for you because you are all pathological liars) but the truth will set you free, try it!”
    But I explained to you the reasons the forums are closed. The point is that editors are responsible for libel published in comments, hence why they are forced to be able to moderate it.

    If you don’t wanna listen to the truth, then I waste my energy-

  11. “editors are responsible for libel published in comments,” doesn’t sound like freedom of speech to me.

    Socialist indoctrination in Norway (and Sweden) doesn’t instill confidence in the concept of a free society.

    You come here as an Islamo-apologist condoning rape, minimize it, blame other Norwegians, attack other posters who make way more sense than you; you downplay Mohammedan crime, you fantasize about an imaginary “right-wing dictatorship” knowing full well that there is no ‘right wing’ to speak of in Norway.

    “I have been worried about fascists and right-wing extremism for 15 years”- is as absurd as your other apologies for Islam.

    So you are a muslim trying to ‘defend’ your cult?

    Be my guest, but try to tell the truth. Now that you have read the conditions for posting here, it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

    Otherwise, take your burqa and take a hike!

  12. See, the idiots and mussie get it ….The only problem is there “GOD” had sex with a 9 year old, was a mass murderer, Pedophile and had five wives…..And what was that comparison to Jesus Christ? How would a pedophile prophet know ANYTHING about Jesus Christ, when Christ had come and risen some 800 years before muhammy and his goats moved in and started to mass killing. Why do you think there is a crescent moon on the Muslim domes? They worship a MOON GOD…this is a DANGEROUS CULT…and they truly are of the present day Devil…the Anti-christ

  13. I am from Norway, and you talk about Norway as if you know anything about it.a But it reads like you picked up your Norway facts from other anti-muslim websites. Instead, if you’re really interested in Islam, go drink tea or have a dinner with some. You’ll realize they watch the same tv-series as you, and that some even like Bacon.

    A similar law exists in Israel (which is why most comments require moderation before being posted), UK (to a lesser degree), while most US papers have a disclaimer. Different laws, you should know this. The Norwegian laws are a left-over from newspapers, where printing a libel is the lead editor’s responsibility. He is the ones who will face partial responsibility. This is obviously a hot topic. But this doesn’t apply to blogs or forums. So go hog wild there.

    In the Beck-thread you made unsourced claims I backed up and disproved, but I agree that there is a problem with rapes done by people with an immigrant problem. Just not an Islam background. That’s not “condoning” rapes, and indicates bad faith on your part. Are you more concerned about reducing rapes or hating muslims?

    Besides, we had a right-wing terrorist attack; not a muslim one. So obviously I am more concerned about right-wingers than Muslims. Of course extremist islamist terrorists are horrible, but they have as much in common with muslims as Breivik has with Lutherans. In fact, much of the extreme islamist terrorists ideology is just conservative right-whing authoritarian crap like Breivik’s. Anyway: If you want to deal with anti-terrorism, then focus on terrorists: Not civilians.

    1. I have done quite a few tours in Norway & Scandinavia and I know all I need to know. Save yourself the snide remarks and spare me the patronizing drivel.

      I drank enough tea with Mohammedans in many countries and the last thing that could possibly interest me is what they watch on TV.

      Rape is an essential part of Mohammedan warfare and central to Islamic doctrine. Your profit Muhammad was the leading rapist of his pack in his time, and the soldiers of allah regard rape of infidel women as ‘war-booty’.

      ” Are you more concerned about reducing rapes or hating muslims?”

      Yet another accusation mixed with projection.

      Mohammedans are conditioned to hate the unbeliever, (the kafir.)
      Muslims suck the hatred in with the mothers milk. This site raises awareness and educates about mainstream Islamic teachings. We have hundreds of videos on this site to document the indoctrination of kids with hatred.

      I don’t hate. I care. I care for our (western) society and culture, not for the retarded Islamic cult of destruction.

      “f you want to deal with anti-terrorism, then focus on terrorists: Not civilians.”

      Every muslim is religiously obliged to wage jihad and to strike terror in the hearts of the enemy. There can be no friendship between a muslim and the kuffar.

      I am a scholar of Islam and you are lecturing me?

      Are you an adolescent revert on the da’awa trail?

      You are barking up the wrong tree here!

  14. Mister Been – You’ll realize they watch the same tv-series as you

    Television is un-islamic, according to some fatwa or other.

    * Afghanistan: Popular TV Channel Attacked As ‘Immoral,’ ‘Un-Islamic …

    * Cable TV Un-Islamic, Says Afghan Judge – WorldWide Religious News

    * Afghan clerics campaigning against “un-Islamic” TV shows – Jihad Watch

    Of course, it is “hate speech” to report on all these islamic antics.

  15. Been,
    You are an idiot – stop wasting time. Your country has a significant problem with muslim immigration. The ostrich solution – pretending all is OK – wont work and you will have to do something about it. Good people will suffer if you keep shutting your eyes. If you don’t want a huge bill you had better start know. BTW I have been to Norway a couple of times, and 10 years ago I saw the signs that muslims would be a significant problem (I was in Oslo at the time) . Curiously, I have also been to many other countries, and in each of these country where a significant muslim expatriate population exists significant problems exist. No one is saying that all muslims are intrinsically evil, but we are saying the truth – that many of these people are incompatible with our societies, and that there is no benefit what so ever to be brought into our houses by many forms of islamic “culture”.

  16. The logic of the Multiculis is absolutely horrid. Whenever a Muslim attacks innocent children, the standard response is, we shouldn’t blame all Muslems for the crime of an extremist. Now that a white man went crazy and attacked innocent children, all of a sudden every anti-Islamic and Christian/conservative politician or website writer is held responsible and blamed. As if these politicians or these websites advocated that people turn violent — which, of course, they don’t. There is about as much relationship between this website and what happened in Norway, as there was between the murder of Sharon Tate and the Beatles. (Charles Manson case, similar crazy who thought it was time to start a revolution)

  17. Been,
    I may not of been to Norway but I live amongst Muslims and it scares me. I know what your death cult is about, spare this little black duck the crap.

    So much deflection, but guess what people ‘are’ waking up to what Islam is all about.

  18. Obviously “been” is not a blonde Norwegian girl of about 17 years old,
    neither does he have a sister like that – otherwise he would be in the picture about all kinds of multicultural gang-rapes. I think he would enjoy the experience like the good masochist he shows himself to be.

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