Refugee deals mean big business as firms cash in on detention contracts

JooLiar’s incompetent  regime creates insurmountable problems for future Australians. But there’s a limited time-frame to create problems only they can solve.   Fortunately for the corrupt Labor crooks, there are plenty of  needy  comrades out there who can help themselves to all of the goodies Labor spreads like a contagious disease. What we need to do is to keep a tab on the unspeakable cronyism and the corruption which stinks to high heaven:

AUSTRALIA’S overflowing refugee program is delivering handsome profits to a clutch of companies including a firm linked to jailed former minister Gordon Nuttall. (Courier Mail)

Gowdie Management Group has won two contracts worth $1.3 million for work on Brisbane’s “transit accommodation” facility.

The group was investigated but cleared of wrongdoing in the inquiries into former Beattie government minister Nuttall.

A Courier-Mail investigation can reveal millions are being spent on “temporary” marquees and portable housing, airconditioning and taxi fares as part of a major upgrade across the detention centre system.

This year’s riots on Christmas Island and at Darwin and Villawood detention centres have cost taxpayers about $8 million.

There’s more:

  • Immigrant riot”  flares up in Australia (the irony is of course that the soldiers of allah are not migrants, they are invaders. These people don’t land on these shores to become Australian, they come here to make Australia Islamic)

Australian Federal Police was paid nearly $5 million for protection at Christmas Island after violence at the offshore detention centre in March. About $3.7 million has also been spent on two contracts at Darwin’s detention centre the scene of further riots involving asylum seekers earlier this year.

The Gowdie Management Group’s John Gowdie yesterday confirmed the company’s two contracts but said he could not comment on specifics until talks with Immigration officials.

The group was linked to Nuttall in 2005 after he asked for it to receive a $2.1 million wastewater contract in his final days as health minister. The correspondence was probed by the CMC but no action was taken against Gowdie, which was cleared of wrongdoing.

Nuttall was later jailed for official corruption and receiving secret commissions following unrelated allegations.

While the Federal Government has been forced to dramatically boost spending on detention facilities, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen suggested the refugee deal with Malaysia had helped to slow boat arrivals.

“It’s unarguable that we’ve seen a reduction in the number of boats this year and a reduction since the (Malaysian) announcement,” he said.

Among the high costs of maintaining detention facilities, the Department has spent $110,000 on taxi fares for staff working on Christmas Island while $185,000 was spent on “temporary marquees” to house detainees at the Scherger detention facility near Weipa in northern Queensland.

In other costs, the new Inverbrackie detention facility in the Adelaide Hills has seen $120,000 spent on airconditioning while a further $390,000 is being spent on installing water and sewerage and other renovations.

In Darwin, hotel developer John “Foxy” Robinson has signed a one-year contract for $20.42 million with the Department of Immigration to let 400 rooms at his property.

He denied the asylum seekers mainly women and children were being housed in hotel-type conditions.

“It’s not a motel, it’s a construction camp, there are 400 rooms there,” he said.

“It sounds like a lot of money but there are a lot of people.”

Mr Robinson has previously secured about $17 million for his Darwin facility. Asked if the $20.42 million contract, signed just weeks ago, was subject to a competitive tender, he replied: “I presume it was they (Immigration) cover their a—, don’t they?”

The Department last night said the Darwin facility was chosen as a “single service sole supplier”.

Adagold Aviation, which was involved in a parliamentary inquiry into a $90 million Defence tender, has also secured dozens of contracts worth millions of dollars to transfer asylum seekers.

The high numbers of asylum seekers coming to Australia has contributed to a slump in voter support for the Gillard Government.

You don’t say. You don’t say!

 Why doesn’t Julia Gillard tackle these emissions first?

TEAR gas and bean-bag rounds were fired at asylum seekers on Christmas Island after riots broke out late last night.  One man has been arrested after about 50 people at the detention centre began protesting and set fire to wheelie bins.

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Sky News says it’s told up to 200 people are involved in the strife. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says about 50.

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  1. If they are 5th. columnists, shouldn’t they be in nice clean POW camps, awaiting repatriation – after tattooing them of course.

  2. (Tattoo – persona non grata of course – can also be done in invisible ink – to be viewed by ultra violette light)

  3. I would suggest we outsource the problem.

    We should make a deal with China to accommodate them in their prisons until we know beyond any reasonable doubt that they are genuine refugees.

    We would not only save a lot of money, we would safe the country that way!

  4. Good Work Sheikyermami – I really enjoy your slant on things islamic.
    I have been worried about the islamisation of Australia for years and voicing my concerns has lead those closest to me to question my tolerance – in fact the words racist & bigot have been used against me. I have always maintained that those arriving in Australia illegally should be investigated thoroughly and those arriving without papers consigned to prison until a third country can be found to take them. The main argument used against my fear of the illegals has always been “terrorists don’t risk their lives coming by leaky boat they fly into the country on tourist visas and disappear” I finally have the answer to that argument and that is “if someone is prepared to strap a bomb to themselves to advance islam then a ride in a leaky boat is nothing”
    The whole refugee system is a rort on Australian tax payers with money for refugee advocates & money for lawyers & money for endless appeals. Australians have to stand up and say STOP ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION AND DEPORT EVERYONE ARRIVING ILLEGALLY

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