Religion of Grievances

Netherlands: Interior minister argues for burka ban

“You can’t walk down the street naked either. That is the result of our norms about decent behaviour. The Netherlands also has norms which make it advisable to ban clothing which covers your face.” (source)

Religion of (fake) Phobias

The Swiss news agency ATS reports that the Islamic Youth Association of Switzerland (AJIS) demonstrated on Sunday in Lucerne against the Islamophobia to which they had been subjected.  (Bunglawussi Watch)

Religion of perpetual Katzenyammer

Prague: Central European Muslim leaders lament restrictive legislation, media bias

Muslim leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia came to Prague on Tuesday to whine about  “islamophobia, media bias, and severe legislative restrictions.”   source

Treat all Muslims as Aliens!

Netherlands: PVV proposes to count 3rd generation immigrants as immigrants

The PVV party asked Piet Hein Donner, the Dutch minister of internal affairs, to consider grandchildren of immigrants as immigrants as well. PPV parliamentarian Joram van Klaveren says this is necessary in order to follow up on the progress of their integration. “Non-Western immigrants are still overrepresented in the crime statistics. Soon we won’t see that anymore, since they’ll be considred ethnic Dutch.”   Via Trouw (Dutch)

OH, BOO HOO! Video tries to evoke sympathy for this Afghan MUSLIM refugee who has been denied asylum in Norway

What this video conveniently ignores is the fact that Muslim immigrants are responsible for the huge surge in crime rates in Norway.  (Barenaked)

More Pig’s Heads Needed