Stop resisting Islam, now!

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Malaysian Prime Minister to non Muslims: Stop resisting Islam

Malaysia’s mainstream media, being entirely government owned, often encodes ‘sensitive’ matters like ‘race’ and ‘racism’ (in actuality religious apartheid and Islamic supremacism) in a curious kind of double-talk, language that seeks to obfuscate reality rather than clarify it. Doublespeak usually characterizes governments which actively discourage critical thought and an informed citizenry. Malaysia and its government are no different.

Today’s government broadsheet, as usual, prominently figures Prime Minister Najib’s latest broadside.  Najib’s words is full of typically Malaysian double-talk. In the interests of clarification and the truth, it’s time to translate Najib’s words and see what he really means. From “PM: Move from ‘tolerance to acceptance’ of multi-racial M’sia”, by Saodah Elias and Embun Majid, The Star, 28 July 2011 via Jihad Watch

  •  Being tolerant is no longer enough, the Prime Minister invited Malaysians to embrace the spirit of total acceptance.
KRudd’s Interfaith Disaster

Who will rid us of this disaster?

AUSTRALIA will host an international meeting of religious and cultural leaders next year designed to break down distrust (resistance) between Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd told The Australian yesterday he wanted Australia to take a lead in promoting an interfaith dialogue designed to combat fundamentalist religious militancy as part of “an intelligent policy response” to global terrorism and faith-based conflict.

The event would highlight “essential commonalities between the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity”.

“The key thing is to make it real both to religious elites, but also what you’d describe as political and social elites across countries,” he said. Greater understanding of common elements of the faiths could “lift the scales” from people’s eyes and make them less vulnerable to preachers of faith-based hate.

To illustrate his point, Mr Rudd explained that he had recently opened a mosque built in Afghanistan by the Australian Defence Force.

He said local tribal leaders had been told by fundamentalists that Australian troops in the area were “Christian crusaders”, a claim demolished by the delivery of the mosque.

Australia already co-sponsors an interfaith dialogue in Indonesia and is using aid money to redevelop local schools and replace curriculums based on religious doctrine with mainstream programs promoting reading, writing and mathematics.

Last month in Kazakhstan, Mr Rudd told the Organisation of the Islamic Conference that Australia was predominantly Christian but was multicultural and close to Asia and therefore was well placed to promote greater understanding between the faiths.

He first flagged the idea of a “ministerial” interfaith event in Australia at that meeting.

He would not give fine details yesterday of the form or scope of the event, but said it would be substantial.

Malaysian Prime Minister to non Muslims: Stop resisting Islam (continued)

ALOR SETAR: Malaysians must break down all walls that seperate [sic] and differentiate them from each other, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Saying that being tolerant is no longer enough, the Prime Minister invited Malaysians to embrace the spirit of total acceptance.

“If we say we are tolerant of each other, that means there still exists walls that will make us fell a bit uneasy with each other.

“But if we accept each other, then we can celebrate our togetherness and be fully united as Malaysians,” he said…

Najib may speak of ‘acceptance’, but never will he, nor any (Muslim) Prime Minister, state for the record that Muslims are the equal of non Muslims, or vice-versa. That would be extremely un-Islamic, and probably ‘disruptive’ to harmony as well (i.e. Muslims would riot, or at the very least threaten mayhem in such an event).

As for the ‘acceptance’ that Najib mentions, it’s funny how Muslims keep seeking, or more likely. demanding ‘acceptance’ from every non Muslim in the vicinity. This can really only mean one thing for Muslims — the acceptance of Islam. Nothing is more paramount for a Muslim than this. ‘Breaking down the walls that ‘seperate’ Malaysians’, as Najib has so implored, means that Islam can better flow, with less hindrance, into every nook and cranny of every Malaysian’s public and private life.

And making everyone in Malaysia Muslim would certainly fulfill Najib’s fervent wishes to be a less differentiated, more united Malaysia. When Najib and his government harangue the nation with their ceaseless ‘1Malaysia’ mumbo-jumbo, this is the real message behind their motto.

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