The Bloody Arab Spring Turns Into a Long Hot Summer

Sky News first Western outlet to film Syrian violence in protests (video)

Sometimes, one can find real reporting among the news sites:

“some of the injured who went to public hospitals were killed there.”

Also they quote opposition claims:

These are more details the organisation have given us about the repression they face in their effort to bring about change in Syria.

They claim to have the names of 1450 dead civilians, among them 91 children, 41 women, and 193 soldiers who they claim were killed for refusing to obey orders to open fire on protestors.

They claim between 5000 and 16000 have been detained and ‘tens were returned dead with torture marks on their bodies to their families, many are missing and we have no idea if they are alive or dead.’   Syrian violence via Elder of Ziyon

Hamas enraged over Greek barring of jihad flotilla:

“Barring this aid from reaching the Gaza Strip is done as a result of pressure imposed by the Zionist occupiers”

Of course. Since Hamas is involved in organizing this War-Is-Deceit jihad flotilla (see here and here), of course they’re upset that their deceptive plans are becoming known.

An update on this story. “Hamas slams Greece for barring Gaza aid ship,” from AFP, July 1

Victory is at hand: Flotilla of fools losing media coverage

This was tweeted by Joseph Dana a short while ago

“Can’t stay here forever. DNN & CBS are jumping ship tonight if nothing happens today. I suppose the Times will follow suit.”

That’s right folks. CNN and CBS are leaving tonight (Friday) if nothing happens, and the New York Times will likely follow suit. Even Dana himself complains that he ‘can’t stay here forever.’

Victory is at hand. Heh.

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  1. well ironside, either that , or the beginning of what common sensed humans have been waiting for ! simply the chance to “erase” , adjust , and remove ” COMPLETELY ” , all arrogant, uppity , smart ass people who have chose to put “THEIR” agendas above and beyond the lives & freedoms of all others !!! all the ignorant educated idiots whom believe group hugs will cease “world chaos” ! politicians , news reporters , some law enforcement and every one else who chooses to base their stupidity within the liberal thought process…(a short walk) the threats are getting old. the puffed out chest from every limp headed ping pong group to the tiny protest from our lovely educated youth. all whom “WILL NOT” have a clue where their government went when MR. & MRS. john Q public commence stomping a “farm pond” directly in each and everyone of their whining slobbering asses ! when medicine & ammunition become the “new” gold & silver , these scripted “paint by number” tots will beg for a mercy that they should have embraced when their minds still contained options ! end of days ?
    maybe so , but my circle will do “EVERYTHING” to insure as many as possible make that journey along with us !!! no threats here , just a good old fashioned “hand shake” PROMISE !!!!

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