The Slime From the Leftist Media Clowns


What the enemedia doesn’t want you to know:

 “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties,” Breivik wrote. “We both share one common goal.”…

The worst of the swine can’t hold their ink:

New York Times convicts Spencer of guilt for Norway murders

17,000+ Islamic jihad terror attacks since 9/11. Two non-Muslim terrorists: Tim McVeigh and, sixteen years later, Anders Breivik. And Scott Shane suggests that the “focus of counterterrorism efforts” should be shifted from Islamic jihadists to “the subculture of anti-Muslim bloggers and right-wing activists.”- read more:  New York Times convicts Spencer 

Mental Flatliners

 Spencer responds to smear charges, found guilty in NBC News report

In this one, Isikoff claims that there has been a “surge” of “right wing attacks” in the last couple of years — since Obama has been president (racism implication noted). This is sheer Leftist fantasy; meanwhile, Isikoff and NBC completely ignore the very real and readily documented surge in jihad plots in the U.S. over the last two years.

Daniel Greenfield: In Defense of Robert Spencer

 No tragedy goes long without exploitation, and the atrocities in Norway are no exception to that rule. The media is hard at work accusing researchers who monitor and warn about Islamic radicalism and terrorism of being responsible for the actions of an extremist and a terrorist.

Is silencing researchers who have put years of effort into exposing networks of radicals the right response to a terrorist attack? No reasonable person would think so. But that is exactly what media outlets like the New York Times and the Atlantic are trying to do.  More: In Defense of Robert Spencer

Backlash Against Backstabber

 Melanie Phillips hits back at Islamo-shyster Sunny Hundal, who blames her along with Winston Churchill, Bernard Lewis, Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, John Locke, George Orwell, Roger Scruton and Frank Field for the Norwegian precision shooter Anders Behring Breivik. (source)

 Gems from Al Jizz

Leftist Machine Springs Into Action

Home secretary urged to review “far-right threat”  after Norway attacks

Anders Behring Breivik’s claim of contact with British extremists provokes calls to take rightwing terrorism seriously. So much for ‘democracy’.

 Statement of Geert Wilders 

The brutal murder of dozens of innocent Norwegian civilians several days ago, has shocked the Freedom Party (Dutch PVV). We mourn and stand by the Norwegian people who suffer from a massive blow.

The manifesto of the perpetrator makes clear that this is a madman. He wants to work with Al Qaeda (which he cherishes great admiration for), crave the bombing of cities, dreams of knights themselves surgically mutilate and wants to meet his hero Karadzic.

Breivik also refers to the Netherlands. That the fight against Islam by a psychopath violently abused is disgusting and a slap in the face of the global anti-Islamic movement. It fills me with disgust that the perpetrator to the PVV and me refers in his manifesto.

PVV nor I are responsible for a lone idiot who twisted the freedom-loving anti-Islamization ideals violently abused, no matter how much some people would like that. We are democrats at heart. The Freedom Party has never, ever called for violence and will never do. We believe in the power of the ballot box and the wisdom of the voter. Not bombs and guns.

We fight for a democratic and nonviolent means against the further Islamisation of society and will continue to do so. The preservation of our freedom and security is our only goal.

Geert Wilders

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  1. The leftist MSM are hammering the likes of Spencer, Geller and the GOV and linking their blog articles to the deranged behavior of Anders Behring Breivik.
    A commentator by the name of Bogiman at Tundra Tabloids pointed out a very valid point that Breivik also quoted Churchill, Gandhi, Orwell, Jefferson, John Locke, Edmund Burke, Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, and the U.S. Declaration of Independence.
    The link is at:

  2. Arte, French/German TV channel worried that the authorities can not control everything that is being said on the net

    “Expert” about fdsouche
    – They present lots of stuff, facts, that have not been reworked!
    So, that’s a problem, since the facts haven’t been prepared for the public, and so people can just comment as the feel like. And we don’t like that!

    – That’s the problem with facts. When people get the cold facts, they can make up their own mind, without having to dechifre, defilter and uncode.

    Clip from Arte TV
    – On 2038, Breivik, Templars

  3. Oskar Freysinger on his blog

    – Intellectually dishonest and manipulating
    About the political recovery of the killings in Oslo by the well-thinking left.

    Oskar Freysinger is the Swiss who stood up against any minaret getting erected in Wangen bei Olten, in Switzerland

  4. A newspaper still let readers have their say
    – More control, demands Chief of Editors Association

    Comment from Christian party was not deleted, due to chaos as the editorial team was forced to leave the premices one stone’s throw away from the center of the blast in Oslo Friday 22 July.

    The leader of this Christian party demanded closer cooperation with Israel in anti-terror emergency, which is the comment heavily critizised in this article.

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