The unbearable goodness of KRudd

Photo-op at Max Brenner:

”As an individual citizen – that is me, K. Rudd – I am here because I object to the boycotting of Jewish businesses,” he said.  

He “objects”.   Just enough to get his picture in the Age.

KRudd knows where the green grows:

Special Envoy to the OIC

The Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd announced the appointment of Mr Ahmed Fahour as the Australian special envoy, at the OIC meeting in Kazakhstan today.

“Mr Fahour will work to deepen Australia’s engagement with OIC countries, and the OIC agenda.

“He is a man with a passion for advancing social cohesion and the place of Muslims in Australian society,” said Mr Rudd.

The Minister also signalled plans to strengthen ties with the Muslim world by formalising a framework for cooperation between Australia and the OIC itself.

“I would like through this framework to explore how to increase cooperation on interfaith dialogue, on food security and on joint aid projects between Australia and the OIC,” said Mr Rudd.

Sometimes you wanna scream.  (source)

More Foreign Minister KRudd: 

 “We’re building mosques in Afghanistan”

 “in Afghanistan where we’re building schools, we’re building health clinics, roads, mosques to support local community development and economic vibrancy as well …”

Very odd.  I really don’t think that’s the most appropriate use for our aid dollars. For a start, I suspect Afghanistan would be healthier with fewer mosques, not more. Second, since when was it our foreign policy goal to promote Islam?


I thought Rudd must have misspoken, but from the Department of Defence website:

The task force is there to conduct repairs and maintenance on the villager’s mosque.

Indeed, from Rudd’s press conference in Washington yesterday:

We even opened our first Australian government-funded mosque in the Tora Valley..

2 thoughts on “The unbearable goodness of KRudd”

  1. By characterizing Muslim viocenle all over the world as legitimate resistance , the OIC supports jihad against non-Muslims in its various manifestations.Instrumental to this is the OIC’s strident emphasis upon how pervasive Islamophobia supposedly continues to be. Without this integral component to cement the role of Muslims as perpetual victims, the cloaking of international terrorism as legitimate resistance would fall apart.This is what makes it so important to expose Islam as the totalitarian and supremacist political theocracy that it is. Painting Islam as a violent predator and intolerant, misogynist cult is instrumental to ripping away the mask of its otherwise successful deception as being the Religion of Peace . This extraterritorial ambition to influence legal and political doings in countries where such matters are none of its business is characteristic of political Islam.Taken together, this is also what makes it increasingly vital to hold all Muslim-majority nations collectively responsible for global terrorism. Islam must not be allowed to have it both ways. It cannot be a stateless entity that disallows retribution or retaliation against specific players due to their being non-nationals while simultaneously pretending to be an established political entity intent on world domination.From the full article: The OIC supports all the jihadist movements considered to be resisting “foreign occupation,” including those in “occupied” Indian Kashmir, and condemns the “humiliation and oppression” of Muslims in India.While nowhere admitting to the comprehensive, institutionalized “humiliation and oppression” of non-Muslims in nearly every single Muslim-majority country. Again, Islam insists upon having its cake and eating it too even as it denies doing exactly what it so emphatically decries. This sort of hypocrisy should be treated as actionable.This situation exacerbates the danger incurred by non-religious European Muslims, whether atheists, apostates, or free thinkers.Which is all the more reason we in the West need to make this sort of nefarious garbage a dangerous thing for any Muslim to participate in. My own feeling is that whatever building it is which houses plenary sessions of the OIC needs to undergo a massive and catastrophic structural failure while this group is in full session.A message must be sent to Islam that aspiring to global domination bears with it fatal consequences for all who are foolish enough to participate. Only when playing at jihad becomes consistently lethal for all involved will there be any rethinking of this supremacist nonsense. Until then all of us are targets and everything we hold dear remains at risk. Those tables need to be turned post haste.

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