Tourist Jihad: Go to Europe, Kill a Kafir

And they don’t need any help from Spencer and Geller, but then the libtards will probably blame us anyway, because we report it:

EU: Jihadist calls for tourist Jihad

Via De Telegraaf and Standaard (Dutch) via Islam in Europe (thanks to coffee)

Jihadist Abu Suleiman al-Nasser wrote on the Shumukh al-Islam forum that Muslims should go to Europe posing as tourists in order to murder Europeans. Al-Nasser wrote on the site that Muslims should buy a sharp knife when they’re in Europe. “You could murder more than a hundred people. Walk about and choose your victims.” He wrote that Geert Wilders is an ideal victim. “He looks like a fat calf.”

Meanwhile, the American intelligence website SITE reports that Jihadists are calling for attacks on Belgium and Belgians in retaliation for the recently enacted burqa-ban. According to one Jihadist: “If you have the freedom to make such decisions, then you must also accept our freedom to take action. I call our Muslim brothers in Belgium to do what they can: bomb them, destroy them, torture and murder them.”

Here’s a guy who got the message already, and he didn’t need Spencer or Geller either:

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Timothy McVeigh was a bust, but could Anders Breivik be the great white hope for which moral equivalency fundamentalists have been praying?


9 thoughts on “Tourist Jihad: Go to Europe, Kill a Kafir”

  1. More proof that islamists are small minded, violent jerks who serve no God whatsoever.

  2. If publicity regarding this sort of jihadist excrement does not reach European ears then, sad as it may very well be, perhaps a few Islamic serial killer tourists might wake up the Continent’s population.

    More importantly, perhaps some surviving relatives will recall this news article (or have it forwarded to them post facto), and then investigate appropriate retaliatory measures.

    This entire “Tourist Jihad” nonsense is nothing new, whatsoever. It is precisely what Muslims have been doing for donkey’s ears. Only the advent of passenger jet transportation and PCMC idiocies like the Schengen Agreement have made the entire process all that much easier for those who seek our ultimate destruction.

    Rest assured of one thing; Counterjihad blogs have little or nothing to do with the actions of psychopaths like Anders Breivik. It is the collusion of mainstream media with our Muslim foes that drive such insanely desperate measures.

    I can promise you that we shall see the Olslo atrocity all over again, in many different places, if this “Tourist Jihad” rubbish becomes a reality. Enraged Europeans will quickly vent their fury upon media outlets and the political leadership that benefited most from such traitorous journalistic camouflage.

    Saddest of all is the way that so few people, Kafir and Muslim alike, seem to recognize or understand how Islam has “UNHAPPY ENDING” written all over it. Ignoring that simple and most basic fact only makes it more likely that we in the West will have to share much of that same, and totally needless, unhappy ending as well.

  3. SIX WEEKS till 9/11/2011, the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

    I am sure global jihad is only going to get busier.

    THEN FINALLY the West will wake up !!!

  4. It just gets richer and richer with islam.
    They sense both our (liberal medias) unwillingness to acknowledge the threat and coupled with our unstable economy…many others are simply distracted to pay much attention.
    WE the people will become the resistance…the community watchmen which we are doing…like Greg Ebert of Killeen<Texas, who single-handidly thwarted a jihadist attack.

  5. The government/islam controlled local media still can’t figure out the motives behind what happened in Oslo and at Utøya, refusing to see the whole picture

    They keep trying to ridicule both the person, and the manifest, as well as belittling his intellect. Also pretending not to understand why Breivik insists on wearing the read sweater when apperaring in the public.

    Philosophy Professor Svendsen, Bergen University, makes a point of denouncing Breivik’s intellectual capacity after reading his manifest 2083. This professor seems to have a hard time because this manifest represents something outside his box.

    More than anything, the media and this professor are a product of the very society that Breivik is attacking.

    It seems clear that this red sweater was carefully chosen for him to make a point about the symbolic value – communism, socialism, blood.

    And then there is the symbol of the crocodile, Lacoste. Do they, or don’t they know the meaning of feeding the crocodile? Don’t they see the connection between dots? Churchill and the crocodile?

    “Winston Churchill took a dim view of neutrals. For him there were only two options in the face of Hitler: fight or surrender. Each neutral, WSC said on 20 January 1940, “hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear—I fear greatly—the storm will not pass.””

    It seems quite clear that Breivik has done a lot of meticulous planning, and has put much effort into choosing his symbols so as to force the targeted groups to start figuring

  6. Anders Behring Breivik
    2009-12-30 07:14:01

    “Had Western Europe and US decided to imprison all marxists (nazists and marxists) after WW2, and ban marxist principles as hate-ideology like nazism, we would never have been in today’s situation.

    But we learn as long as we live. I doubt that a future patriotic regime will do this mistake once again, provided, however, that we manage to save The West before it is too late..:-)”

  7. This should be a wakeup call for poloticians that they should expel all Islamists, any Muslims who have committed a crime, no matter how small, and ban them from re-entering the country. Islam is the greatest threat to civilization right now and we must rid ourselves of this plague.
    We shoud ban any futher travel into our countries by Muslims. Cancel all Muslim student visas and just get rid of the whole thing altogether.
    Destroy the mosques, burn their books, and prevent any more converts to Islam as well.
    Extremism of any kind requires extreme measures to counter it.

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