Who let them in?

Andrew Bolt

Immigration doesn’t just bring us a more exciting cuisine:

A MUSLIM man who once called Osama bin Laden a ‘’soldier of God Allah’ participated in a brutal flogging of a man to impose his religious beliefs and his standing in the Islamic community, police have alleged in court…

“I will never forgive them” Interview with the victim of the ‘Sharia whipping’

Wassim Fayad, 43, was one of four men who allegedly broke into the Silverwater townhouse of Mr Martinez, 31, in the early hours of Sunday morning, held him down and whipped him repeatedly with a cable, allegedly as sharia punishment for drinking alcohol…

Thanks to Aussie News & Views

Mr Fayad, a father of six from Auburn, works part time at the Bukhari House Islamic Bookstore in Auburn and was reported in May as saying bin Laden was a soldier of God who ‘’died a martyr and … is now in paradise’’.

The accused is a follower of the controversial Sydney-born imam Sheikh Feiz Mohammad and a regular attendee of the prayer hall attached to the bookshop, which recently was bought by the Auburn branch of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah (ASWJ Auburn) which supports Sheikh Feiz.

The spiritual leader returned to Australia in March after a six-year absence following controversial public statements made on the culpability of rape victims who wore immodest clothing.

It is believed the same prayer hall followers were behind the ruckus outside the Downing Centre Court last month, when a Muslim woman, Carnita Matthews, had her conviction overturned on appeal.

Negus interviews Siddiq-Conlon 

Conlon takes his Islam seriously. Negus is deluded if he believes he can rely on the taqiyya from the Islamic Council.

An interview with the victim and a photo of his back.

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  1. As I wrote earlier – a bearded mosque rat that get aroused by beating up the weak. Can Jooliar Gizzard explain why this turd is in Australia????

  2. Here is an interview that George Negus did with that Islamic Dingbat Ibrahim Conlon a couple of nights ago.
    Considering Negus’s penchant for Arabs, l thought he took the piss out of Conlon quite well.

    One thing puzzles me though. If Conlon despises Democracy so much why is he still living in this fucking country?

  3. Here’s Conlon’s pipe-dream of the perfect Islamic state where everything is ‘free’. Unfortunately for Conlon, not even the rabid Mullah’s in Iran are that deluded and have managed to enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams.


    1. Free food clothing and shelter for all citizens Muslim and non-Muslims. People can work for the luxuries.
    2. Free gas, electricity and water up to the basic needs for all citizens
    3. Governors (replacing the MP’s today) will get one general salary for fulfilling their role of looking after and being concerned for the affairs of the people. They would be prohibited from doing any other work or having any other source of income freeing them to fulfil their task properly.
    4. The currency of notes which do not reflect the reserves would be replaced by minted Gold and Silver coins representing the value of what is purchased and also eliminating inflation.
    5. Goods which are invisible and in fact only exist on paper such as bonds, stocks, shares, insurance etc.. would be banned and transactions would have to done with tangible wealth or payment made for services i.e. actual effort undertaken.
    6. Insurance would be replaced by the State being the guarantor for any losses if any loss cannot be met.
    7. Industries such as gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, night-clubs, pubs etc… would be outlawed and the money confiscated would be re-invested in useful exploits such as housing, medicine and education.
    8. There would be a ban on using the male or female body or sexuality for advertising, thus protecting the social fabric of society and maintaining the honour and dignity of both genders without reducing either to objects of desire for monetary gain.
    9. Companies would be restricted to up to 20 partners each, so that they all know each other and there is proper accountability amongst them.
    10. Hoarding of the wealth would be prohibited, all citizens would be encouraged to use the wealth and invest it.
    11. Any payments from the state, for the new born, for basic needs would be paid in advance when actually needed not in arrears.
    12. All banks would be replaced by one state institution (the bait ul-maal) whose purpose would be to work for the people not exploit them. It would lend money to people free from interest, look after their money, give grants and loans for businesses and encourage foreign trade and imports.
    13. Unused land would be confiscated by the state if unused for 3 years and be given to those who will make use of them.
    14. Universities would be free of charge and where there are skills shortages the state may even pay individuals to study certain subjects

  4. WOW Sheik that sounds like Communism to a T..

    Seeing how that went last century I think i’ll give that a, NO THANK YOU.

  5. Interesting, no mention of the condemnation of this attack by Muslim authorities. I wonder why?

    Instead we have an accusation that the Islamic Council practices “taqiyya”. Appears Muslims can’t win, no matter what they say in your view Sheik. So much for your claim that you “only criticise Islam and not Muslims”.

  6. BD,

    I’m not Sheik, and I don’t speak for Sheik

    Speaking for myself and for the team at our own blog, we criticize Islam AND Muslims, same as we criticize Nazis or Communists for embracing, and attempting to spread, an utterly and irredeemably evil and destructive ideology.

    It IS taqiyya to deflect criticism by issuing a pro forma denunciation of an event (namely, brutal corporal punishment for alcohol use) that is approved under shari’a law.

    Here’s what the solons of the Islamic Council are thinking: “We’ll pretend to disapprove of this sort of thing, until such time as we have infiltrated Australia so thoroughly that the infidel Aussie authorities are powerless to stop us from beating whomever we will. Move along, everyone – there’s nothing to see here!”

    To be a Muslim is to accept Islamic doctrine, which includes shari’a law. if you truly don’t accept shari’a law, then you’re either a non-Muslim (such as myself) or an apostate. Considering that the punishment for apostasy is death, the Islamic Council is obviously practicing taqiyya.

  7. Ironside,

    There isn’t a whole lot of difference between communist totalitarianism and Islamic totalitarianism, except for the fact that Islamic totalitarianism calls itself a religion and promises rewards in the hereafter for the evil deeds of its followers in propagating their ideology in this world.

  8. BD,
    And what and why exactly should muslims win!!!??? This isn’t a bloody competition!! Until a real effort by muslim authorities to combat extremism in their ranks is made, the apologetic whines made by the muslim ummah after x or y people have been murdered for fun by the resident islamic loons is not ever worth the effort to listen to. This is not a game!! This is deadly serious. The future of our next generation is at stake. You clearly have comprehension issues because it is clear from the contents of theses pages that the Sheik is against radical islam and not against muslims – the problem is that the distinction is rather fine! And it is clear that you are not capable of making the distinction. You are what the muzzies refer to as a useful idiot.

  9. CHRISTIAN Martinez. Anyone else find that funny? I hate how the button to send comments is ‘Submit’.

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