Quote of the day: It’s either Obama or America. There cannot be both.

Orwell Would Be Proud

In George Orwell’s famous portrayal of oligarchical collectivism, everything is called by the opposite of what it really is. The Ministry of Love deals in torture, the Ministry of Truth dispenses lies, et cetera. This is because what the Left wants to impose is so horrible that not even those inflicting it could accept it if it were properly named.

Here’s a real world example from the oligarchical collectivists running our country — via the White House:  O’turd   spins it 

 When did he ever not lie?

No Plan is better:

White House: Obama Is a Better Leader For Not Proposing a Plan (Video)

It’s an Obama world.   Even leadership is redefined into nothingness.  The Obama White House says Hussein is a better leader for having no debt plan.    What idiocy.

 Its all Bush’s fault

Censorship from a Muzz?

Leftist lunacy in overdrive:

But wasnt that the idea from the beginning?

 An in-your-face video supporting gay marriage in Minnesota and mocking Christians has drawn the ire of some gay-rights activists who say the clip—full of f-bombs, racy visuals, and even same-sex kissing by very young-looking actors—leaves them “creeped out.”   Gay Marriage Video Shows Kissing Kids


Who will stand up to Obama’s media slaves?  Well, looks like things are changing, slowly:

Hanoi Jane: “its not treason when I do it”

They should never have invited her in the first place.Ms. Fonda did more than oppose the Vietnam War: She actively aided and abetted the enemy. Like many in the anti-war ‘60s left, she was a traitor who openly supported the North Vietnamese communists. For years, Ms. Fonda has sought to cynically and mendaciously obfuscate her moral culpability.

Danny Glover and Jane Fonda along with about 50 other activists planned to sign a declaration that condemns Israel as an “apartheid state” and dismisses the work of Tel Aviv filmmakers as “Israeli propaganda.”

 Fonda whines when dissed by capitalist system she once condemned (c*nt)

Fed Appeals Court Says Urging Obama Assassination Is Lawful Online Speech

It wasn’t hate-speech when libturds called for the assassination of Bushhitler……


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day: It’s either Obama or America. There cannot be both.”

  1. Let me tell you – if there ends up being a “budget compromise” there will be at least 50 senators and representatives who will lose their jobs next time around.

    We want them to shut the grabbermint down until Obozo caves. If they sell out instead, they’ll be fired, and that’s that.

  2. Murdoch and his news outlets are far from conservative – if anything, they’re pretty much centrist. But of course, that’s too much for the libs to handle. The Muslims will continue to make common cause with the hard left media and politicians, until they feel powerful enough to discard them.


    Who owns the media – and what can we do?

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