Aga Can: All traces of Perry/Aga Khan curriculum removed from web

What is the Perry camp hiding? And why?

By Robert Spencer:

In this post I included numerous links to the Rick Perry/Aga Khan Islamic curriculum for Texas public schools. The links were to the Google cache of the curriculum material, because several days ago, after we began calling attention to it, the curriculum was taken offline. Accordingly I wrote in that post:

One very odd thing about the Aga Khan/Perry curriculum: since this whole brouhaha started, it has been taken offline. It is now available only in cached formhere. Why was it taken down? Was the Perry camp embarrassed by the material that Pamela Geller published here, showing it to be a whitewash of Islamic teaching and history? Or was it taken down because it really is, as Ace says, so “biased against Muslims it will reinforce perceptions [Perry] is some kind of rootin’-tootin’ six-gun shooting cowboy yahoo”?Is either option favorable to Perry? If it was taken down because it’s a dhimmi whitewash, Perry is tacitly admitting that our criticisms of him were right, and those evaluating Perry should be concerned about his naivete in dealing with the Aga Khan. If it was taken down because it was too honest about Islam and will thus hurt Perry with the dhimmi/Norquist faction of the GOP, Perry is again tacitly admitting that our criticisms of him were right: he is not able or willing to stand up to Norquist and his Islamic supremacist allies. So which is it? What are they hiding? And does it matter? Either way, the deep-sixing of the curriculum proves that we were right about Perry all along.

Now that impression is compounded by the fact that even the cached links no longer work: the Perry/Aga Khan curriculum has been completely wiped from the web. Pamela Geller has screenshots here, however.

I suspect that the curriculum has been taken down because it is a whitewash of Islamic texts, teachings and history. After all, as I showed here, it relies on compromised “authorities” such as Carl Ernst, John Esposito, and Michael Sells, among others. The apologists for Perry have not explained and cannot explain why, if this curriculum is as innocuous or even as Islamorealistic as they claim, it has been wiped from the web.

What is the Perry camp hiding? And why?