Australia Prefers Prostitutes

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Australia: Male Prostitute Gets the Red Carpet Treatment

A MAN who claims to have been paid for sex by a Saudi prince has escaped immediate deportation because he fears he will be persecuted for being homosexual.
The Refugee Review Tribunal has been ordered to reconsider giving a visa to the man, who cannot be named, after first rejecting his tale of huge payments and months of secret royal liaisons.Read more »

Big surprise: 

ONE of 19 asylum-seekers who arrived at Christmas Island yesterday claiming to be an unaccompanied minor has now admitted he is aged over 18.

Big dilemma. If the Government doesn’t send these “children” back to Malaysia, it will invite yet more “children” to exploit this loophole. But if it does send these “children” back, it will be accused of cruelty by the wilfully blind Left.

If only it had admitted earlier that we were being conned and then cracked down. After all, the evidence was clear, asI’ve warned for at least eight months. (Andrew Bolt: If the Government hadn’t covered up, it wouldn’t be so exposed now)

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  1. Ozziephobia in Berrimah:

    Kill Aussie threat

    [AN ASYLUM seeker who threatened to kill Australians three days before stabbing two security guards at a Darwin detention centre has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

    Ibrahim Solumani, 31, pleaded guilty in Darwin Magistrates Court to causing harm to a Commonwealth official and manufacturing a weapon. Prosecutor Jody Nunn told Magistrate Dick Wallace Solumani, from Iraq, approached two Serco security guards on Sunday and warned them to “be careful” on Wednesday.

    She said he told the guards: “On August 3, (I’m) going to cause big trouble. (I’m) going to kill or harm Immigration, Serco or anyone around, especially Australians.”]

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