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You are supposed to get used to it, kafir!

WaPo Double Standard on Modesty: Fashionable for Muslims, Frumpy and Repressive for Christians

Five years ago Post fashion writer Robin Givhan scoffed at the notion of modest swimwear in a July 14, 2006 column “Ultimate Coverup.”

Fast forward to today and the Post’s Alison Lake gave Style section readers a gushy look at how “Muslim women shop for ways to bare little.” “Web sites offer modest fashions suitable for summer and pool wear,” noted the subheader to Lake’s story.

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Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem is not buying any:

 Muslim women in America complain about stores not selling high-fashion, light-weight garbage bags to wear in summer

The Washington area’s diverse population includes Muslim women who follow the rules of Islam in their clothing choices, no matter how high temperatures soar. Many cover their arms, legs and neck in all seasons, and many cover their hair with a headscarf, or hijab.

Washington Post – U.S. Muslims number about 2.4 million (estimates vary), with about 250,000 in the Washington area, but no major fashion retail chain markets directly to Muslim women. As a result, many struggle to shop locally.  (More from Barenaked)

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