Free Speech, Apologies & Carbeques

Kent Ekeroth, leader of the Sweden Democrats:

 “Debate” in this country is nothing more than an intellectual desert with huge element of hypocrisy and cowardice. (Vlad Tepes)

 Liberal intellectuals are frightened of confronting Islam’s honour-shame culture

 Scepticism about Muslim immigration is not limited to a “right-wing” political fringe, as proponents of multiculturalism often assert. Mainstream voters across the entire political spectrum are now expressing concerns about the role of Islam in Europe. 

A recent series of polls indicate that European public opinion is substantially concerned by the increasingly aggressive Islam that their substantial immigrant populations have taken to expressing.  (Telegraph)


When the sun goes down, you can buy a ramadan-menu for only 90 kronor”  (Vlad Tepes)

Norway: Progress party leader apologizes for saying Muslims need psychiatric help 

You will be stuffed into the mold until the rights to you are sold:

Norway: Progress Party official claimed the Qur’an makes Muslims mentally ill and potentially violent

Intimidated enough by the combined forces of multiculturalists & the soldiers of allah the man is now sufficiently discouraged  from exercising his free speech rights:

It has been revealed that Trond Røed, respected leader of the Buskerud region, was forced to apologize . Contained in it are suggestions that people who follow Islam must be “deprogrammed” using psychiatric help , as well as arguments for imposing a veto on further preaching of their faith.  (source)

 “Yoots” attack police in Sweden overnight

STOCKHOLM (AP) Swedish police say unrest erupted overnight in Goteborg, the country’s second largest city, as several officers were attacked by youths hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails. Police say no one was seriously injured in the attacks, but at least two police officers reported burned eyes after being targeted by a green laser light.

It was not immediately clear what provoked the unrest….. (As if they needed a reason!)

 Free Speech Attack

Norway and the assault on free speech

The vociferous assault on free speech in the wake of the Norway terrorist atrocity has reached a… [More…]

 Turkey is Europe? Or is it EUrabia already?

Netherlands court: Turks need not integrate

Because they are already part of the EU, and are thus as European as wooden shoes and the Schreierstoren. Everyone knows that, you greasy Islamophobe.

“Turks need not integrate,” from Dutch News, August 16 (thanks to  JW): Geert Wilders will be pleased with that…. not!

Turkish nationals do not have to attend integration courses, the court of appeal ruled on Tuesday in a case brought by the Dutch government.

The ruling states that because Turkey has an association agreement with the European Union, Turkish nationals living in the Netherlands may not be forced to attend language and civic studies courses.

The agreement implies that Turkey is part of the EU and EU citizens do not have to integrate, the court said.

Two earlier courts reached the same conclusion and no further appeal is possible.


Well, glad that’s settled. Now we can all retire to the nearest hashish cafe and relax.

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  1. Spiritual harlotry in Dulles (metro Washington DC) featuring “interfaith leaders”, Dalia Mogahead, and government officials:

    [The All Dulles Area Muslim Society will host the 4th Annual National Interfaith Ramadan Iftar from 6-9:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 21, at its facility in Sterling.

    The event features a special interfaith panel discussion with Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Leaders, remarks by government officials, a keynote speech by Dalia Mogahed, senior analyst and executive director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, and member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    Mogahed is also a coauthor of the book Who Speaks for Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think. She provides leadership, strategic direction and consultation on the collection and analysis of Gallup’s survey representing the opinions of more than 1 billion Muslims worldwide. She also directs the Muslim-West Facts Initiative through which Gallup, in collaboration with the Coexist Foundation, is disseminating the findings of the Gallup World Poll to key opinion leaders in the Muslim World and the West.

    The Ramadan fast is performed to learn discipline, patience, self-restraint and generosity, while obeying God’s commandments. Fasting (along with the declaration of faith, daily prayers, charity, and pilgrimage to Mecca) is one of the “five pillars” of Islam. Because Ramadan is a lunar month, it begins about eleven days earlier each year.]

    The West is under attack from “Allah” and is too blind to see it.


    [Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center

    The Abu Dhabi Gallup Center is a Gallup research hub based in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is the product of a partnership between Gallup, the world’s leading public opinion research firm, and the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi.

    Building on Gallup’s seminal work in the field of Muslim studies, the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center (ADGC) offers unmatched research on the attitudes and aspirations of Muslims around the world. In addition to its worldwide scope, the ADGC focuses on the specific priorities of its regional base and presents innovative analysis and insights on the most important societal challenges facing the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).]

  3. @Mullah L
    The West is under attack from “Allah” and is too blind to see it

    I don’t think our nation’s politicos are too blind to see it, I think they’re
    too goddamn corrupt to give a damn!

    Hitlary herself has received tens of millions of dollars in business dealings w/islamonazi petrostates. If that doesn’t stink of corruption
    I don’t what does.

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