Germany: Dumbing Down Is Part of Getting Rid of Itself

 Another nail in the coffin is the hiring of unqualified Mohammedans for the police, something that is sure to backfire badly.

 Turkish policemen  side with their Muslim brothers in times of conflict. There  is   increasing  evidence of collusion between (Islamic) criminals and ethnic police.

In his book ‘Deutschland schafft sich ab’ (Germany does away with itself)  the dour ex-central banker Thilo Sarazzin not only explains how mass-immigration from Turkey and Arabia caused a decline in standards and expectations in education and work-ethics, but also that inbreeding caused by  third cousin marriages results in a lower IQ, something that reflects badly on Germany, which had an excellent education system until the left destroyed it. (Third cousin marriages over centuries also  causes criminal aggression and in some cases severe mental and physical retardation)

America is, as usual, ahead of  old Europe when it comes to declining standards. They are not just lowering the bar, they are doing away with even the most minimal requirements altogether, by law. Everything else would be ‘racist’.

In the UK, they have had a fair share of experience with Mohammedan cultural enrichers  called ‘Asians’  to obscure  the fact that they seldom  meet the requirements and cause nothing but trouble. Lawsuits over beards are the least of their worries, reports that Muslim police are corrupt are kept secret,  because’British’ Muslim police are notoriously corrupt and use their positions to facilitate honor killings and terrorism. There are cases that make the news like    “A Muslim Policeman in Britain does not have to protect a Jew”, but even that scratches barely the surface. There are  known active Al Qaeda members working for the police, and they don’t dare sack them, and much, much more.

Rarely are these cases made public, because,  like Ali Dizaei, (a notorious Muslim police commander  who used the  race card to dodge jail for years)  they all know how to play the game.  The  political elites who caused this mess will do anything to cover up the ugly reality;  how multiculturalism encourages corruption, corrupting the protected class and encouraging cowardice in the enablers of the protected class.

Only when they see their own careers in danger  and the stink gets too big for the public the apparatchiks spring into action.

 In India, Muslim policemen have destroyed evidence in cases where it would implicate other Muslims,

But hey, its not that there is an institutional learning ability. Insanity means making the same mistake over and over expecting a different outcome, and Germany  is not exempt from  falling in line with the prevailing culture of collective insanity.

A Muslim Police Force For Germany?

Simple Gifts  (Gates of Vienna)

The interior ministry of Baden-Württemberg is concerned that there are too few Turkish-speaking couch potatoes on the police force, and is planning an affirmative-action program to rectify the imbalance.Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief news item from Junge Freiheit:

Baden-Württemberg Planning Simpler German Test for Police Officers

The Baden-Württemberg interior ministry is apparently planning a definite simplification of the appointment tests for police. To attract more immigrants to police service, consideration was given to simplifying the requirements of the German test. This was said to be necessary as a response to the rising numbers of poorly educated students, the ministry said to Junge Freiheit.

As a result there was a discussion of whether knowledge of Turkish could be evaluated as a bonus, if the candidates had problems with German. The ministry confided that, since more than 30% of the candidates fail the athletic test, lowering these requirements was also considered.

As early as July, interior minister, Reinhold Gall (SPD) complained that there were “far too few people with an immigration background in the police.” He announced his intention to increase their participation in public service. Since 2007, Baden-Württemberg has been seeking to build more trust in the police among immigrants.

Thilo Sarazzin is right

The Irony is of course, that they are unwittingly proving Thilo Sarazzin right: Dumbing Down is Now Policy! Baden-Württemberg Planning Simpler German Test for Police OfficersThe Baden-Württemberg interior ministry is apparently planning a definite simplification of the appointment tests for police. To attract more immigrants to police service, consideration was given to simplifying the requirements of the German test. This was said to be necessary as a response to the rising numbers of poorly educated students, the ministry said to Junge Freiheit. In England they have tried this, with horrible results.

Imagine a Muslim (or a group of Muslim policemen) being tasked with investigating the rape of an infidel whore. Imagine Muslim policemen passing information on where potential honor killing victims are hiding. Or apostates, or blasphemers, or Jews. Or whatever offends Muslims.  Don’t think for one moment that it doesn’t happen.
Muslim policemen are known to side  with Muslim thugs who are involved in crime.  They are their brothers from the mosque. They are family.   Their loyalty is to the ummah, not to the infidel nation state.
Will German do-gooders and multiculturalists come to their senses before the damage gets totally out of control? I doubt it.

The cover up continues.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes we have this:

Bolton police inspector arrested in ‘perverting justice’ investigation

Mohammed Razaq
Mohammed Razaq

A police chief has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Inspector Mohammed Razaq, 51, based in Bolton, has been suspended from duty and bailed pending further inquires.

It is understood he was arrested after a lengthy investigation by Greater Manchester Police’s Internal Investigation Unit.

The probe centres on alleged meetings between Inspector Razaq and a solicitor.

Another man – understood to be the solicitor – has also been arrested.

The IIU is a covert squad of detectives based in Salford which investigates other police officers.

In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said: “Two men have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. One of them, a 51-year-old man and a serving officer from Bolton, was also arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.

“He and a 52-year-old man have been bailed pending further inquiries.

“Inquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

Inspector Razaq is in charge of Bolton West including Heaton, Lostock, and Westhoughton.

He has been based in the Bolton Division for several years.

As part of the investigation his home was searched by officers.

Inspector Razaq leads the Bolton West Neighbourhood Policing Team and has led crackdowns on anti social behaviour.

Hmm thats interesting. No real sense of what he did. “pervert the course of justice” sounds a little like the sharia law charge, ‘Spreading mischief upon the land’. A little too vague to be something used in a democratic state of any measure. I suppose, as England now does by habit, they are breaking genuine and real laws and violating important principles of liberal democracy in order not to appear to be doing so. Like for example, affirmative action. Genuine systemic racism in order to defeat the rumors that it exists in the hearts of the private sector.

A reader was kind enough to send the following related links in. It seems that high ranking, probably Muslim, police officers are disproportionatly getting into trouble for abuse of their positions. If this was found to be true, I would think its a logical consequence of giving people large authority in a system and culture for which they feel no ancestral connection and for which in many cases they do not have a great deal of respect. This can be given based, if on nothing else, on the nature of the crimes committed.

Here is an article from the Guardian the video from which, is below. At least I understand what he did. He used the power and authority of his office for his own personal reasons. Something which makes sense from anyone who would hold our values and institutions in contempt, or, at the very least, feel no personal connection to them whatsoever.

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