He was a communist when he was 13, a skinhead when he was 16, and now he's teaching Islam at the University of Hawaii…

Hawaii university, a hotbed of scientific research, where Islam is taught by young Frankel, a revert.

Who would have thought that there are things far more important than surfing and hula hula?!

US Professor of Comparative Religion Finds Islam

“For me this is almost a 20-year journey and only Allah knows how and where it will end”, sez Frankel.

 (Well, for all we know it didn’t end too good for most reverts, like John Walker Lind, the American Taliban, or David Hicks, world traveller in Islamic terrorism, or Nicky Reilly, who blew up the loo in a London restaurant….  So next time you hear about some joint  going  up in smoke in Honolulu, you might not need to look further than Frankel….)

2 thoughts on “He was a communist when he was 13, a skinhead when he was 16, and now he's teaching Islam at the University of Hawaii…”

  1. Just look at his past beliefs… islam is them together and beyond… every socialpath find himself in islam… islam is the perfect realization of socialpath’s dreams… any problem of acceptance with their dreams, they can find excuses and justifications in islam: lying, raping, peadophilia, killings, women beatings, zoophilia, whatever disgusting immoral action can be allowed by islam if it’s done for allah… as for ‘the cause’…

  2. jamesdf@hawaii.edu

    Hi James,
    I came across your conversion message today and one big question stood out for me.
    You awakened to the dark side of Communism and dumped it ,so you accept the dark side of Islam ?

    I often ask Muslims where is this ‘most merciful,most compassionate allah ‘ whom they follow ?
    I have never gotten and answer from them because there is no mercy or compassion to be found.
    Thye can’t even get along with each other.

    Another tidbit of truth I share with Muslims I encounter is that if allah were truly God then how can it be that ‘infidel’ Jews continue to be in control of land once under dar al Islami.
    How is it that Islam keeps losing ?
    Has allah gone fishing ?

    Your mistake was asking the Rabbi and getting mad at him when he looked at his watch.
    The seed was planted because you kept the book of lies (koran) instead of chucking it.
    I learned by much disappointment to not ask or trust in any man and so I asked God to show me and He did.
    You asked corrupted,confused men.
    The blind lead the blind into the pit.

    That is where we are different and you have taken another path.
    It would be hard for you to escape the lie because now you have the pride that you did not have when you left Communism.
    It would be very hard to admit that you were wrong again. Pride keeps men enslaved.
    Only the Jewish Messiah can break such chains.


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