Very wrong

Something is very awful about Afghan society, and it looks like its getting much worse:

Its not only this story about the rescue of a dog that makes me despair: why are we still allowing  people who are this cruel to infiltrate our country?

Something is wrong with our do-gooders who squander the wealth of the nation on people who hate us:

The federal government is facing calls to extend Medicare benefits to thousands of community-based asylum seekers.

“This is unlikely to add significantly to the cost of the health care system, and would bring Australia’s policy into line with that of similar countries.”

I have a problem with that.

That will attract millions more:

The envy of half of Pakistan (make that all of Pakistan)

ASYLUM seekers are being put up in taxpayer-funded homes worth up to $500,000 while 38,000 Victorians languish on the public housing waiting list. (Andrew Bolt)

A group of three teenage asylum seekers are being held in a large family home (above) that boasts a sprawling garden, polished floorboards, modern stainless steel kitchen and double garage, while they wait to find out if their visa applications are approved.

The $500,000 house in Thomastown, which would cost about $400 a week to rent, is a far cry from the razor wire detention centres across the country.

Incidentally, it’s small wonder that so many men on these boats claim to be teenagers.

A Business we don’t need

Residents here fear their economy’s biggest employer, the detention centre, could close, writes Kirsty Needham on Christmas Island.  (Source)