Ikebal Patel's Sticky Fingers

THE nation’s peak Muslim body is extracting millions of dollars in rent and fees from a successful Islamic school in Sydney that draws most of its funding from taxpayers.

WTF are Australian taxpayers forced to fund Islamic schools anyhow?  This hopeless Labor government can’t even run a simple political sex scandal properly, no wonder they are taking the country to the point of no return…..

Malek Fahd Islamic School ‘fees’ funding Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (The Australian)

Not for the first time that we see the directors of ‘Islamic schools’  involved in fraud and embezzlement:

The Dupilicity Of Ikebal Patel  (source)

Documents reveal the Malek Fahd Islamic School paid the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils $5.2 million last year alone, an amount equal to one-third of the school’s educational funding from the federal and state governments.

An investigation by The Australian has uncovered millions of dollars in funds charged to the school, including unexplained “management fees”.

The school has also been charged $2.59m in back rent after AFIC retrospectively altered a lease agreement in 2009.

Last year, it paid $3.15m in “management fees” to AFIC, which included $2.2m in “management fees back charge”.

AFIC, also known as Muslims Australia, has not explained how the fees are being spent by the organisation, despite detailed questions from The Australian.

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Malek Fahd, in Greenacre in Sydney’s west, received $15.7m in educational funding from the commonwealth and NSW governments last year, accounting for 74 per cent of its overall income.

According to the school’s financial statement, it received a total of $19.6m in government funding last year, with the figure boosted by cash from the federal government’s Building the Education Revolution program.

The school of about 2000 students is widely considered a success story for Islamic education in Australia, rating 15th in NSW HSC system ratings last year and in the top 10 in 2007.

The school is listed as independent and is a separate legal entity from its landowner and founder AFIC. Government funds are given directly to the school, not to AFIC.

Both are not-for-profit organisations, with the school entitled to a range of tax concessions as a charitable institution.

In 2008, a lease was signed between the school and AFIC that set annual rent for the Greenacre property at $1.3m, but documents reveal that in 2009 the lease was changed to increase the rent to $1.5m a year. The agreement was backdated to January 2004, resulting in a one-off payment of $2.59m going to AFIC.

According to the school’s last financial report, another deal saw the school hand over a lump sum of $2.2m in backdated management fees to AFIC, with another $959,800 handed over for management costs in that year.

Neither the school nor AFIC can explain what the management fees are charged for.

AFIC president Ikebal Patel, who has held the role since 2007, is also the chairman of directors of the school. He was briefly removed from the position of AFIC president by the AFIC congress in 2008, but was reinstated after a complex federal court challenge to the legitimacy of the vote.

When asked by The Australian how he explained the fees being charged to the school and where and how AFIC was spending the funds, Mr Patel said: “The financial statement is out there. If you want to discuss anything else I’m happy, but I’m not going to discuss any of this.”

Mr Patel has not replied to questions in writing about how the large fees were justified or where the money was being spent.

Mr Patel would also not answer questions as to how much he or other members of the AFIC executive were personally drawing in income or any other payment from AFIC funds.

Intaj Ali, the school’s principal, told The Australian that “all questions about the school’s finances should be directed to the school’s director, Ikebal Patel”.

However, it is understood that Dr Ali – a respected educator who has been principal since the school’s inception in 1990 – is privately furious over the manner in which AFIC has been using the school’s funds.

Senior figures at the school and in the Islamic community are angry the school is being denied its funds to reinvest into the school, which has large classes and generally caters to students of non-English speaking backgrounds and of lower socioeconomic groups. The school receives proportionately larger government funding for this reason.

The Greenacre school site was purchased by AFIC in 1989 for about $2.2m with funds from the Saudi royal family. The school, which charges fees of about $1200 a year, has been responsible for funding the construction of its own buildings.

Along with Mr Patel as chairman of directors of the Malek Fahd, the school’s board also has several other AFIC executives. These include AFIC vice-president Hafez Kassem, treasurer Mohamed Masood and assistant AFIC treasurer Ashraf Usman Ali.

Neither the commonwealth nor the NSW education department has provided comment on the matter, but The Australian understands the school’s funding issue has been brought to the attention of NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell’s office.


Pictured above is Mr Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Australia’s peak Islamic body that, in its submission to the parliamentary inquiry into how to best ram multiculturalism down the throat of each and every last Australian, has called for Muslims in Australia to be granted “legal pluralism” i.e Sharia law. The AFIC argues that a mild brand of sharia should be allowed in family law and divorces, promising it would fit in with Australian values. Thankfully, Sharia law is at present a step too far for even the out of control Gillard government to consider and poor old Ikebal has been told to forget about it.And yes, this is the very same Ikebal Patel who said just the other day that the Australian Defence League was “provocative and wrong to believe that most Australian Muslims wanted to bring in sharia law.”
OK, so not most Muslims in Australia, Mr Patel, just you and their peak body.

What’s that ? Duplicitous, you say. Yes I thought so too.

By the way, when he refers to the sharia aspects of Islamic divorce one area worth considering is the Sunni Muslim male’s right to divorce his wife simply by saying ‘talaq’ (I divorce thee) three times.

Kind of like Dorothy clicking her heels together and saying ‘there’s no place like home’ three times.

Perhaps Mr Ikebal would like to borrow Dorothy’s shoes?

But I doubt it.

So what will happen now instead is that Mr Patel, darling of the multi-kulti zealouts, 2011’s Australia day ambassador and a recipient of last year’s Pride of Australia medal – for devouring taxpayer’s money in helping immigrant Muslims with their seemingly never-ending self-inflicted integration problems, no less – will continue to call for aspects of sharia law to run as a parallel legal code within Australia.
Creeping sharia, if you will. Creeping sharia, if you won’t.
He will continue to do this because he knows that all through Europe sharia courts have been given the green light in the name of cultural equality and inclusiveness.

Well I have a message for Mr Patel;

What you see in Europe is not ‘cultural equality and inclusiveness’. It is the total capitulation of freedoms, traditions and systems of law in the face of a backwards and bloodthirsty ideology and if you’re thinking, thinking just for one fucking second, somewhere in that excitable little head of yours that Australians are going to offer up that same kind of half-arsed piss-weak resistance to that ideaology then you, Sir, are sadly mistaken.

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  1. Yes- If Sharia is not introduced – we will bring the Khilafat & ram our pricks down your Christ’s arse

  2. * Yes- If Sharia is not introduced – we will bring the Khilafat & ram our pricks down your Christ’s arse

    “31Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. 32Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, neither in this age, nor in that which is to come.” – Jesus Christ, the Son of God – Matthew 12

    Be careful that you do not go beyond the point of no redemption.

  3. Incidentally, I can really see some “human rights commission” going after Dean for his “racism”, “Christianophobia”, and blasphemy.


    Different story if someone draws a cartoon of islam’s false prophet.

  4. Sydney Islamic school told of payment breaches

    I suspect this one will be another coverup. The present Australian government is not interested to make a big case out of it. Everybody knows about the pandering to Muslims and that they rort the system.

    THE principal of a Sydney Islamic school that has been paying millions of dollars in rental and management fees to Australia’s peak Muslim body was given advice three years ago that the practice was likely to be in breach of government guidelines.

    In a 2008 letter to Malek Islamic School principal Intaj Ali, lawyers advised that the movement of millions of dollars from the school to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils may have contravened legislation governing the use of federal and state grants.

    AFIC president Ikebal Patel said yesterday the legal advice “did ring a bell” but he “could not recall” what his reaction was when presented with it.

    The Australian understands Dr Ali sought the advice from Minter Ellison in a bid to stop AFIC borrowing money from the school and charging the excessive rents and management fees that allowed the Muslim body to buy further properties that it would, in turn, lease back to the school as campuses for more rent.

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    Last month The Australian revealed that AFIC had charged the successful Sydney school $5.2 million, including $3.2m in current and backdated “management fees”.

    In 2009, AFIC changed the lease agreement to increase the school’s rent from $1.3m to $1.5m, forcing an immediate backdated payment of $2.59m.

    Malek Fahd is a predominantly government-funded school, receiving $19.6m from taxpayers last year, with public funding accounting for 75 per cent of the school’s total funding.

    In order to continue to be eligible for state and federal grants, the school must comply with legislation stating how the funds should be spent. The money is supposed to be spent on educational purposes and salaries.

    While AFIC owns the land, Malek Fahd is a separate legal entity and a recipient of the government funding. Both AFIC and the school are not-for-profit.

    Following the revelations, School Education Minister Peter Garrett has launched an investigation into the rental agreements and management fees paid by Malek Fahd, and the seven other AFIC schools in Australia. In its advice to Dr Ali, who has been principal of the school since 1990, Minter Ellison stated: “There is no provision under the guidelines that permits MFIS to allow such funding to be provided to a third party such as AFIC or to be directed towards the development of other schools.”

    Despite the advice, in 2008 $7.5m was transferred to AFIC from Malek Fahd in advance rent for the purchase of a new Hoxton Park campus that was purchased for $4.97m that June.

    The former chairman of directors of Malek Fahd, Hafez Malas, said he was dismissed by AFIC in May after he refused to agree to the transfer. Mr Patel said his priority was to establish another campus to allow the “3000 children on the waiting list” to go to the school.

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