Wild Bill Supports the EDL, Wilders Party Surges

Is Wild Bill America’s Pat Condell?

Wild Bill for America supports the English Defence League

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Comes a time when the demands become unbearable, and that time is now:

U.K.: Muslim groups demand Sharia-compliant student loans, because paying interest is against Islamic law

Muslim groups are calling for a separate student loan system because the interest due to be charged will conflict with rules of Sharia law.  (Daily Mail, August 22:)

 Censorship in Arabia

The Dutch Foreign Ministry says it will ask the Saudi Arabian embassy for an explanation why Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s websites were blocked in Saudi Arabia for a number of weeks. (source)

My kind of surge:

Poll shows surge for Geert Wilders Freedom Party  (PVV)

The latest opinion poll from Maurice de Hond puts the populist Freedom Party (PVV) almost on a par with the conservative VVD, the senior partner in the current Dutch coalition.

The poll indicates that, if an election were to be held now, the VVD would just remain the largest party with 30 MPs, down from its present 31. It also forecasts that the PVV would get 29 seats in parliament, up from its current 24. The Socialist Party would, according to Maurice de Hond, become the third largest group in the 150-strong parliament.

The present coalition is made up of the VVD and the Christian Democrats. This minority government relies on parliamentary support for most of its policies from the PVV.

One thought on “Wild Bill Supports the EDL, Wilders Party Surges”

  1. When I saw the word “populist” crossed out in the headline about Wilders’s PVV, I recalled an article from Der Spiegel which I read last week, via Gates of Vienna… It must have been something about opposition to the EU in Europe and, unsurprisingly, the leftist bias of that magazine was there for all to see on a map of Europe titled “Right-wing Populism Across Europe”, which highlighted countries where opposition to the EU and islam is a source of concern for those hell-bent on committing cultural annihilation, plus captions for “right-wing populist majorities in parliament” and “right-wing populist parties tolerating (sic) as minority coalition partners.”

    Again, it’s the same old mantra of the left created after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when the orphans of communism started to regard islam as their next natural totalitarian ideological home: support for women’s rights, gay rights, freedom of speech, democracy (in the Western sense of the world), equality for all before the law and freedom of religion, plus opposition to totalitarian bodies such as the EU are the new “right-wing populism”, “fascism” and “racism.”

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