"Just a tiny minority of excremists…"

Time mag promotes the freedom sack:

Just like in France or Belgium, which have introduced similar measures, Italy does not have a large population of women who wear the burqa or the niqab, which cover almost the entire body and face. “In my 20 years in Italy, I don’t think I’ve seen ten women who wear the veil,” says Izzeddin Elzir, head of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy (UCOII), the country’s largest Muslim organization. (More)

Saluting Hitler? Its only a problem when BNP members do it:

BNP sacks Nazi-saluting member … and smears Muslim community from the Bunglawussi hypocrites of course….did they ever criticize the shrouded bitches with their placards “God bless Hitler?”

Rageboy Watch

House Foreign Affairs Committee passes resolution calling on Turkey to return Christian churches confiscated by Ottoman Empire

A rapidly Islamizing Turkey is unlikely to respond with contrition and generosity. “House Panel Approves Resolution Calling on Turkey to Return Confiscated Christian Churches,” by Tierney Smith for CNSNews.com, August 5 (Turkey to return Christian churches confiscated by Ottoman Empire)

Turkey must never be allowed in the EU

Writing in the Evening Standard, Melanie McDonagh explains why it would be a mistake to let Turkey become a member of the EU. In the words of Islamofascist Tayyip Erdogan, that would accellerate the Islamization of EUrabia, something that would be a blessing for all of humanity, right?

 Turkey isn’t really European at all, so much as Asian. Only about three per cent of its land mass is in Europe, on our side of the Bosphorus; 97 per cent is in Asia. Its accession would expand our common EU borders to Iraq, Iran and Syria. Is that honestly what we want?  (More)