Oslo Syndrome

 The Muselmanic Obsession with da Jooozzz

Israeli Mossad are killing Christian Jew-haters in Norway to rid Europe of its muslim population (Barenaked)

Yep. Whatever. It’s always the Jews fault!  I’m sure the Jews also caused  the Arkansas jihad murderer  to fire upon a rabbi’s house and I’m also sure that Paki Schools are teaching students to misunderstand Islam, to see suicide attacks as superior form of martyrdom and to wage jihad against Jews

Keep inbreeding Muslims, your logic becomes funnier every day! 🙂  Muslims are always the poor victims. You made us fly planes in the Twin Towers! You made us slice the throats of the Fogel family…..

Cry me a river:

Norway: Muslims were harassed after terror attacks, says Islamic Council

The General Secretary of the Islamic Council, Methab Asfar, said that it is hard to think back to the first hours after the terror attack with the suspicions and speculations.  “The first 5-6 hours were very difficult, especially with the thought that so many Muslims were harassed both physically and verbally,”  — never mind that an Islamic group claimed responsibility….  Continue reading

 Italy: Burqa Prohibito

Italy: Draft law banning burqas approved

 Sponsored by Souad Sbai, a Moroccan-born member of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling People of Freedom Party (PDL), the draft was adopted on the back of support from the government’s coalition party, the Northern League. (source)

Islam caused the problem

Wilders: ‘Islam-huggers caused the problems’

 Islam-huggers like [Job] Cohen of the Party of the Arabs [Labour party] caused the problems and have repeatedly ignored them,’ Wilders said. ‘I would say to Cohen and the rest of the left in the Netherlands: it is not my words, but your silence about the dangers of Islam which has the negative influences.’  (source)

Sweden/Iraq: Terror cell arrested, planned attacks in Paris, Stockholm

The Stockholm bomber also had Iraqi connections.

Above links thanks to Islam in Europe

The Oslo Fallout: A Review of Views Unfit to Print

On August 1 The Daily Mail published an op-ed by Melanie Philips (“Hatred, smears and the liberals hell-bent on bullying millions of us into silence”) which warns that the baleful effects of Anders Breivik’s recent attacks in Norway have not been limited to the carnage of the day. The atrocity has produced a reaction on the political Left in Britain, Europe and the U.S., she says, that is in itself shocking and terrifying.

Philips singles out former Norwegian prime minister and current chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee Thorbjorn Jagland, who has warned British Prime Minister David Cameron and other European political leaders to refrain from criticizing multiculturalism. In her view, to connect Breivik’s so-called manifesto—a rambling compendium of quotes against mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamization—with criticism of the multicultural experiment itself, is “simply grotesque”: ( Srdja Trifkovic  has more)

Melanie Phillips vs the enemedia

“As soon as the atrocity happened, people on the Left saw a heaven-sent opportunity to smear mainstream conservative thinkers and writers”

The Region: The Oslo Syndrome


Many Europeans will accept terrorism against Israelis or even Americans; very few will applaud terrorism against fellow Europeans. (Source)

2 thoughts on “Oslo Syndrome”

  1. Notice that in this video, not even this lying insect will cite any Muslim deaths in the Norway attack. No Muslims died at the hand of Breivik. What does this mean? Breivik’s anti-Islam stance was fake. The people he really hated were fellow Norwegians.

  2. Breivik’s complaint against his country is a real problem, the slimy green tide of Islam is washing over Norway and the left wing Norwegians are actually joining in and helping. That “youth retreat” was plainly a stealth jihad Jew hating recruitment effort. Glenn Beck was dead on comparing to a Nazi youth camp.

    But you cannot resort to Jihadist tactics and bomb & butcher kids to stop it. That is one of huge differences between us and them that has to remain. Our response has to a honorable one that clearly defines our beliefs are pure & noble. The end does not justify the means here at all.

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