Ramadambam, Bombs & Bullets

Ramadan 2011 death count is now at 237

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(Kuwait) Police in Kuwait city have arrested a Kuwaiti employed by the ministry of interior for the murderers of 4 people all of whom happened to be Indians. When questioned by police he explained his motive as:

“they were eating during Ramadan”.

Syrian Ramadan offensive: 45 civilians killed by tank and heavy machine-gun fire in Hama

Do you hear Arabs complain about Arab civilians being tank-shelled and machine-gunned? You’d think, after their constant fake complaints that Israel casually does this to Palestinians, they would be the first to complain. But no.

Iraq: Back-to-back bombs kill 9 people, wound 13

 BAGHDAD (AP) — Two bombs targeting police exploded in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Wednesday, killing nine people and wounding 13, Iraqi officials said.   More…
(India) One of Alllah’s little helpers ended up having a really bad hair day when the group of innocent peaceful terrorists he was with ran into a police ambush in the Kupwara district of north Kashmir, India.

The jihad against Thailand grinds on as usual. What it shares with jihadist movements far removed from Thailand is the intent to impose Islamic rule — the aim of jihad in all its forms — and the deliberate and unabashed targeting of civilians, as we have also seen from the Taliban, Hizballah, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, Hamas, and any number of other jihadist groups.

“Teacher slain, bomb attacks in Pattani,” from the Bangkok Post, August 3 (thanks to JW)


Religious Police Raids Church: “We found evidence of proselytisation towards Muslims,” 

Malaysian religious police raid Christian church after receiving ‘anonymous tip’


Canada: Burqa Momma Attacks & Smacks Canadian Journo

 “Just give me the camera.”
Mr. Menzies’ observations about the unequal application of the law are quite correct, but only when Canadian law is at issue.

If Mr. Menzies had understood that he was in fact living under sharia, he would have know that rule of law was never breached, not in the slightest. Under Islamic law, the rules are different for Muslims than they are for infidels.

The police at Dundas square were enforcing the law as it applies to interactions between Muslims and dhimmis, non-Muslims who enjoy only limited protection under Islamic law. Not only was the Muslima breaking no law by striking the journalist for his impertinence, but he may well have broken the law himself. He should consider himself fortunate that he was not charged with photographing Muslims without their authorization.

He got off lightly.  Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.