Red Ken Livingstone in the pocket of radical Islam? But of course:

Red ratbag Ken Livingstone always hastens to the rescue  when the ummah needs defending. The soulmate of Yusuf Qaradawi is a master of projection and  a technique called turn-speak, in other words ‘accuse the accuser’ and turn the truth on its head:

We need calm on the streets of London, not this EDL march

“The EDL use religious hatred in a way that stirs up racial hatred. Their activities have often led to violence and physical intimidation.”

Needless to mention that his little Islamofascist buddies are all about peace & love and get off scot free every time they threaten and insult what’s left of once great Britain:

Radical headbanger Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is delighted to see the useful idiots do his bidding:  A call to ban this hateful march

 Billions in damage, but free speech is too expensive:

Especially when it comes from the EDL:

Dewsbury: £172,000 bill for 40 minute EDL protest

Taxpayers were left with a £172,000 bill for policing a 40-minute demonstration by the English Defence League, the YEP can reveal.

Concerns have been raised about the strain on the public purse following the rally in Dewsbury in June. It was the fifth demonstration in West Yorkshire since the EDL’s formation in 2009. A protest in Leeds in October 2009 cost £131,000 to police.

Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan said: “Forty minutes – that’s £4,300 a minute for policing.

F*kc you, Khan!