That's why its called the "clever country"

Australia Trades 800 Muslim Refugees for 4000… (TROP)


It’s time  to return the criminal soldiers of allah who destroy our detention centers to whence they came!

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Any idea why he is not instantly deported? Do we really want this piece of Mohammedan garbage among us?


Andrew Bolt, Saturday, August 06, 2011

John Howard ended this, Labor has brought it back:

ASYLUM-SEEKERS who have been told they will be deported to Malaysia began a hunger strike last night, according to a refugee advocate contacted by one of the group from Christmas Island.

Asylum Seekers Christmas Island director Michelle Dimasi said she received a phone call from an extremely distressed man inside the Bravo compound where 22 men, women, minors and young children are being held pending expulsion under the Malaysia Solution. 


Reader Brian of Perth:

How do asylum seekers get phones with Aussie sim cards? How do they know the number for these advocates? Who pays for the phone call?   (The price of Labor’s “compassion”)

If the Government hadn’t covered up, it wouldn’t be so exposed now

Big surprise:

ONE of 19 asylum-seekers who arrived at Christmas Island yesterday claiming to be an unaccompanied minor has now admitted he is aged over 18.

Big dilemma. If the Government doesn’t send these “children” back to Malaysia, it will invite yet more “children” to exploit this loophole. But if it does send these “children” back, it will be accused of cruelty by the wilfully blind Left.

If only it had admitted earlier that we were being conned and then cracked down. After all, the evidence was clear, asI’ve warned for at least eight months.  (Andrew Bolt)


WE are getting tough on criminal asylum seekers, and it’s right to be tougher on those criminal ‘Australians’ who have rejected us.

Herald Sun

We’ve had enough of hunger striking, lip-stitching, violent arsonists seeking to stay in our country.

These criminal ingrates have shown their true colours – and indicated their lowly IQs.

They are almost certainly unemployable – unless perhaps some vacancies came up in the nightclub security industry – and would most likely drain our taxes spending years in our judicial and correctional systems. That’s if they don’t kill us.

We don’t need them. Neither can we afford them.

Unstitch their lips, force feed those who won’t eat, severely punish those who have flouted our criminal code – and for whom gratitude and decency are alien concepts – and then dispatch them back to the miserable lands from whence they came.

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From Christmas Island to Woomera, from Villawood to Curtin, we are hosting desperate people, among them many possibly deserving asylum seekers, as the Government assesses their right to stay.

Arriving on cramped, dodgy boats – that’s those who make it – they are too often dismissed as queue-jumpers. I find it hard to criticise them for that.

If you and your kids were condemned to a hungry life among those who have read the Koran and believe it gives them licence to hang homosexuals, decapitate foreign aid workers, and stone to death raped young girls – how many queues would you jump?

Olympic gold medallist Steve Hooker leapt well over 6m in Beijing. That’s the back fence compared with what these “queue jumpers” have achieved.

We have obligations to asylum seekers under various UN charters, and we accept that, even if not evenly across the whole community.

Our role, when these people are intercepted, is complex. We feed and house them – perhaps not as well as they wish, but in better conditions than are likely to be provided by some woman-hating, Kalashnikov-toting goat-herder from Kandahar. We also provide consular and educational services, as well as medical care.

In the meantime, we set out to establish their bone fides.

Everyone acknowledges Australia has already accepted too many dangerous people into our country; and not just your garden variety ne’er-do-wells, but men with an intense hatred for us who wish to kill us in our thousands.

Among those convicted of fearful terror crimes in Australia in recent years are migrants who arrived here from such places as Bosnia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon.

So we are better safe than sorry. Cross-checking the characters of asylum-seekers is a tedious, drawn-out business involving communications with administrations of countries often in chaos: Iraq, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and, of course, Afghanistan among them.

This is explained to the new arrivals, and mostly they understand. Some choose not to and they were behind the unforgivable violence that has seen rioters extravagantly harming themselves – but only after they have our attention with criminal arson.

So what did they burn? Their bedrooms? No way, they need them.

Last month, they targeted the kitchen, computer room and medical centre, which presumably puts this lot at odds with the patient, law-abiding majority without criminal backgrounds just seeking safer and more prosperous lives for their kids.

There’s a further insight to the thinking of these would-be “Australians”. At Villawood detention centre, the criminal asylum seekers hurled roof tiles at police and firefighters – hard-working men and women sent there to restore order and save lives.

On Christmas Island, they threw rocks at the police – employees of the Government they apparently wish to call their own.

Not many people noticed that the Governor-General, while belatedly handing out some Order of Australia awards a few days back, presented a bravery medal – the only one given this year – to a Richard Battersby.

Mr Battersby was the manager of the Villawood detention centre when riots broke out one day. He saved two inmates from a burning building, and then negotiated with 20 others scaling the fence appealing to them not to flee.

As he did so, they flung molten aluminium at him. Aluminium melts at just over 660C.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has been criticised for the flow of “illegals” on his watch. It has been said that the Government’s softened refugees stance means more are making the journey, and more are dying by taking the risk. Not as much was said about his quick and robust response to law-breaking asylum seekers.

Bowen plans legislative changes that would mean anyone convicted of any criminal act while in detention would fail the character test under Section 501 of the Migration Act.

In recent weeks – indeed, for some years now – we have seen dozens of selfish criminals who have accepted our generous nation’s assistance break our laws almost with impunity. Bowen will bounce them.

Next, he needs to start dispatching from our shores those migrant criminals who pretend to be Australians – sometimes for decades, and who often have accents just like you and me – but who never show enough faith in our country to join us and accept the responsibilities that come with the privilege of citizenship.

“From Christmas Island to Woomera, from Villawood to Curtin, we are hosting desperate people, among them possibly deserving asylum seekers, as the Government assesses their right to stay.” Herald Sun

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  1. The appropriate number of Muslim immigrants is negative. By that I mean that every last one of them should be to repatriated forthwith.

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