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The Guardian of Muslim terrorists, anarchists and Marxist revolutionaries is concerned:

Concerns are growing that those involved in the riots and looting of the past few days will get rough justice because of the speed with which they are being shunted through the judicial system amidst public and political desire for retribution.

Experts also have anxieties about the ability of an overcrowded prison system to cope with the influx.

Those charged seemed perfectly fine with crowds when they were among them looting shops. One anxious expert is probation officers’ union secretary Harry Fletcher:

He said he feared that proper assessment of motivation and social circumstances would not take place.

Not losing any sleep over it here, Harry.   (Tim Blair has more)

Its all our fault:

“we need to provide social support for them, we need to provide compassion. And the word we used controversially was love.  These people often haven’t had a, a lack of love in their lives where they’ve had very dysfunctional families and communities that they grew up in. And it’s only by putting in place proper relationships and support for them that we’re going to change their lives.”(DANNY KRUGER)

Where will grievance theater take us?

Nick Griffin addresses the nation

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  1. I recall Griffin’s speech from three years ago and finding it of interest at the time. Although much of what he says possesses resonance, it is such a pity that he has run the BNP in an anti-democratic and underhand fashion, with regular purges removing those of talent from the party, and the simultaneous promotion of talentless and often corrupt and morally-bankrupt sycophants. Yes, Britain does need nationalism to create a future to which we can look forward rather than dread, but this won’t be brought apart by any political party with Nick Griffin at its head.

    Quite where this credible moderate nationalist party is, I don’t profess to know, for we have nothing of the calibre of the PVV, Vlaams Belang or the Front National in the UK. The English Democrats may provide a possible answer, but the party is currently miniscule and its visibility virtually non-existent.

    1. I’m sure you can find fault with anyone leading a political party.

      In the interest of the country you should overcome your personal aversions/ reservations and unite. You can’t go on like this!

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