UK: No Free Speech For The EDL

Tower Hamlets mayor legal threat if Home Secretary doesn’t ban EDL march

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has given the Metropolitan Police Commissioner until Monday to seek a Home Office ban on the English Defence League marching through London’s East End on September 3.

Radical headbanger Lutfur Rahman has no problem with  Muslims who want to enforce sharia law in England. He has a big problem with free speech….

Lutfur Rahman has thrown the gauntlet down and told the commissioner he will go to court unless an application is made.

“I will instruct lawyers on Monday to go to the High Court and seek injunctive relief if the Met Police fail to act,” he told a Town Hall news conference this-afternoon.

“We will not let the EDL or any other bunch of extremists divide our community. The EDL just wants images of our young people fighting on the streets to show that multi-cultural Britain doesn’t work—but we stand united in the East End against hatred and Racism. The authorities must act to ban the EDL.”

When Mohammedanism moves in, freedom moves out.  (source)

Scottish Dhimmitude Beats the Competition

The Scottish Defence League  will not be allowed to march in Edinburgh on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist atrocity.

Al BeeBeeCeera wants you to know that the EDL is “far right” and “that group was cited by Norwegian gunman Anders Breivik as an organisation he admired.”

Free speech rights of English patriots have just been nicked in the butt, once again.

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  1. I think people in the UK need to take the islamist mayor of Tower Hamlets to court. People of the UK – unless you use your legal system to shut down these islamic cretins you WILL loose your country.

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