Airport Security? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Just a side note:

Leaving New York, I bought a bottle of Cognac in  one of JFK’s  Duty Free shops. I was told I would be given the sealed bag in the high security area after check in, just before boarding. Needless to mention that the guys who handled it were Paki Muslims, Mohammed & Ahmed. No kidding.

In Europe, most of the baggage handlers at airports are Muslims,  the security personnel is Muslim, the cleaning personnel is Muslim, and it won’t be long before the airline crews will be Muslim too. A coincidence? Surely only greasy Islamophobes like us would suspect something more insidious at play here.

Good thing that I’m not alone with my concerns:

Ezra Levant & David Harris: Airport Security? Don’t Make Me Laugh! (BCF)

Dear Terrorists,

Please wait for a long line. You will get through no problem.

Our political correctness is killing us.

In other news:


FBI, TSA investigating Arabic writing on underbellies of Southwest Airlines planes 

This is not just graffiti. This is not “Kilroy was here.” The messages are unlikely to be saying, “Islam is a Religion of Peace” or “Islamophobia is the real problem.” This is not casual scrawling: note that “the writing appears to have been etched using a chemical process and is visible only after an auxiliary power unit is turned on.” “Southwest Airlines, Feds Investigate Arabic Markings on Planes,” from NewsCore, September 21 via JW:

Mysterious messages that appeared to be scrawled in Arabic writing on the underbellies of several Southwest Airlines jets were being investigated Wednesday by the airline and the FBI, Los Angeles radio station KNX-1070 reported.

The graffiti, which began appearing in February on 737-model planes, has been found more often in recent weeks, according to the report.

The writing appears to have been etched using a chemical process and is visible only after an auxiliary power unit is turned on.

Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Brandy King confirmed that the company is “conducting an internal investigation.” The FBI and Transportation Security Administration were also making enquiries.

The airline denied that the vandalism posed a safety or security threat.


Of course not. Who ever heard of Arabic-speaking people targeting airplanes for terror attacks?

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  1. Why aren’t the FBI taking these matter seriously?How did anyone manage to scratch messages on the plane’s underbelly without being noticed – UNLESS – only Muslims are working on plane maintenance and doing other jobs that give them this sort of access. Safety does not seem to be a concern for the Airline Employers.

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