Andy Chaudrey Plans "You Lost the War" Rally

He’s not wrong. Ten years after 9/11 there is a Muselputz in the white house who repeatedly declared that ‘America will never be at war with Islam’. Our enemies are laughing all the way to the bank.

A screen shot from the Muslims Against Crusades web site

On the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a radical Islamic group hopes to “expose the crimes of the American government,” while showcasing its opinion that the U.S. has lost its battle against terrorism.

The group, Muslims Against Crusades (MAC), plans to purposefully disrupt a commemorative 9/11 ceremony. Participants pledge to make as much noise as possible during a planned moment of silence that will be held outside the U.S. Embassy of London next weekend.

The group will be joined by another radical enterprise — Sharia 4 America. According to Beliefnet, MAC “…calls the 19 hijackers ‘martyrs.’” The group’s spokesperson, Anjem Choudary, says:

“We will be holding a big demonstration and it’s going to begin at the time the first plane hit the building – when everybody is holding their minute’s silence.

“We will be very noisy during that time. It will be to expose the crimes of the American government over the past ten years and showing how they have failed.

He continued:

“They have lost the war against terror. All of their concepts of freedom and democracy have been run roughshod over and been replaced with extraordinary rendition and policies which mean people don’t have rights any more.”

The demonstration is called, “You Lost the War.” A release, posted on MAC’s web site, takes a swipe at the mounting U.S. debt. It reads:

With over $14 trillion in debt the US economy is now on a life support machine; its military is caught in a gruelling war of attrition that the majority of analysts regard as unwinnable; on all fronts the US government is indeed facing defeat as the daunting spectre of death draws closer and closer.    (Radical Cleric Plans ‘Noise’ War on 9/11)

3 thoughts on “Andy Chaudrey Plans "You Lost the War" Rally”

  1. Right you are, Mullah.

    I would bring the EDL to this ceremony at the US embassy and I would bring weaponry and I would beat these Muslims off and shut them down. Thes baboons don’t deserve that kind of freedom. It is disgraceful.

  2. What on earth has happened to the land of my birth? How is it that whereas my parents’ and grandparents’ generations brought hitler to his knees, the current crop of toadies and nancy-boys is falling over itself to appease andy chowderhead and his misbegotten ilk? Rather than being catered to, these disgusting savages should be twisting in the wind from every lamp-post in Britain.
    Why on earth would any enlightened country tolerate such scum within its borders? These subhumans hate us, hate women, hate freedom and hate creative thought. Furthermore, they smell bad.
    But then, what else could one expect from the followers of a seventh century illiterate paedophile?

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