Geert Wilders coming to Australia

Great news. As you know, the sheik just met Geert Wilders in Berlin for the Parteitag of the German Freedom Party, and now things are happening fast.

Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders is coming to Australia with the support of senior Liberal senator Cory Bernardi.

Mr Wilders, who controls the balance of power in the Netherlands’ parliament, has outraged Dutch Muslims by comparing the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and calling the Prophet Muhammad a paedophile.

There’s nothing new  about that. Winston Churchill did that a long time ago.

In a statement to Foreign Correspondent, Senator Bernardi confirmed he has offered to help arrange meetings and a schedule for Mr Wilders in Australia.

“I hope to be able within … this year, or maybe the beginning of next year, to visit Australia,” Mr Wilders said.

“I met one of your senators, Senator Cory Bernardi, not so long ago. He invited me to help him at least when I would visit Australia, and I will certainly do that as soon as I can.

“We all face immigration also from people from Islamic countries. We all see that, for instance, that is something that Senator Bernardi and now I believe also others in Australia is fighting against.”

Senator Bernardi’s approach is in marked contrast to Britain, where in 2009 the home secretary tried to ban Mr Wilders as an undesirable person.

Smears on end. Why does Eric Campbell deem it  necessary to mention the disgraceful, illegal behavior of a dhimmified, intimidated  socialist UK-government that was doing the bidding of the Mohammedan invaders at that time?

Death threats

When Mr Wilders travels, he can need as much security as a US president. On a visit to Berlin, police had three cordons to keep back Muslim and anti-rightist protesters.

Mr Wilders has received several death threats from militant Islamists over his attacks on Islam, but he was unrepentant when ABC1’s Foreign Correspondent interviewed him in Amsterdam.

“I see Islam as more ideology than a religion. It’s not to be compared with Christianity or Judaism, it’s more compared with other totalitarian ideologies, like communism or fascism,” he said.

Mr Wilders’s attacks on Islam have struck a chord in the Netherlands, where tolerance of different cultures has steadily eroded since 9/11.

Last year, his Freedom Party won 15 per cent of the vote giving him enough seats to install a minority right-wing government that has declared an end to multiculturalism.

In June, Mr Wilders beat a prosecution under hate laws; the court ruled his remarks on Islam were offensive and hurtful but legal.

For more on this story, watch Foreign Correspondent tonight, ABC1 at 8pm.

Audio: Australian visit for controversial Dutch politician (AM)

Oscar Freysinger, Warren Raymond, Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf & Geert Wilders

Discussing the situation down under….

“We need you in Australia..!

16 thoughts on “Geert Wilders coming to Australia”

  1. Wow.
    A real hero visiting Australia amid our ever-so-retarded-and-ordinary-political-goings-on.
    Good luck, Geert; I’ve just about given up on Australians since the ABC and PC media stole our minds.
    Here’s hoping you can strike a chord that will reverberate somewhere in the dim darkness of what’s left of the consciousness of our brainwashed masses.

  2. I just watched the show. A blatant piece of well-poisoning. I’d love to ask Eric Campbell whether he’s ever actually bothered to open a Quran, let alone the Sira of Ibn Ishaq (Guillaume or Muir translations) or any of the Hadith. Let alone things like the Hedaya, or the Reliance of the Traveller, or any work that discusses the Dhimma in any detail. Or whether he’s bothered to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s two books, Infidel and Nomad. I think in Infidel she talks about the appalling number of ‘honor’ murders of girls from Muslim families, in just one police district in the Netherlands, in just one year…Or whether, when our intrepid Eric Campbell with his insufferable grin was in the Netherlands, he made any effort to make contact with EX-Muslims (from Morocco or anywhere else), whether those who have become secular Dutch humanists or those who have been baptised and joined Christian churches (there ARE such people, more I think than most people suspect) and have a chat to them…their stories about what happened to them when the Ummah found out about their apostasy, might have rattled him a little…I wonder whether he has ANY idea about the apostasy law, or the blasphemy law, or the law that requires that a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman but that the reverse is strengst verboten?

  3. hi
    i think the world needs more people like Geert Wilders,he is a brave man not sceard to tell the truth about something that he believes and we believe is wrong.islam is a huge problem in all over the world and it must be stoped.what kills me the most that islam comes to the west asking for there rights as human and they try to spread there religion by brain washing the unfaithfull ones, but imagin if we christians go to there countries and try to spread our religion ??? just imagin what would they do to us???so i just wana say why they should be treated differently?if they hate the west and the christianty why the hell they come here??me been a christian born in a muslim country it was very hard we alwayes got treated as second class citizians we had no right or anything,so whats this man is doing is 100% right and the whold world got to wakeup and open there eyes we been there when we lost our country to muslims i hope this won’t hapen here too,but in saying that we can’t just go and kill everyone is muslim we should start with our selfs teach our kids to go to church love there country and respect and love each other by doing this islam wont be able to break us or stop us.thanks

  4. Gillard, take note of how to please the people of a problem in OUR country that you and your mob are allowing to fester on our shores.

  5. Good on you Cory, now make it happen soon. Time is running out . Bring them all including Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller. Perhaps we could recruit Alan west as well and start a new party to fight this evil and get rid of the United Nations and the one world government. For one thing is for sure, we are sadly lacking Australian heroes. As per usual the ABC was biased in its reporting and our government is not listening to the people.

  6. arent there dumbass christians, hindus, catholics that are uneducated? that on welfare in this country.. what do we do about them?? hmm

  7. I will just add that the update seems to be that all the dhimmis are out in force in screaming hysterics.

    I would advise all sane persons here to do what I am going to do this evening and tomorrow morning. 1. Write to Mr Bernardi and try to ginger him up a bit (and supply him with some nice juicy facts, and things he can quote, such as the passage in Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Infidel’ where she describes what SHE said when people criticised her for calling Mohammed a pedophile; and more good quotes, such as the names of eminent 20th century persons who observed interesting similarities between Islam and Nazism, or Islam and communism ). 2. read the reports and make a list of all the politicians who are calling for Bernardi to be sacked, etc; and then write to THEM with a few home truths. Try – it will be very hard – to stay cool, calm, and grimly factual. Tell them about Asma bint Marwan and the sharia penalty for ‘blasphemy’ against Islam and ask them why they are – in effect – endorsing it (and while you’re at it, tell them about Aasia Bibi in Pakistan, a poor Christian woman – a farm labourer – who is sitting on death row because Muslim women accused her of ‘Blasphemy!!’ when she dared to say that she preferred Jesus, as a person, to Mohammed; and ask them if they are OK with executing her because, forsooth, she offended the feelings of Muslims and implicitly criticised Mohammed). Give them the references in Islamic ‘scripture’ so they can find out about little Aisha and what Mohammed did to her when she was nine.

    Just keep hitting them with the facts, over and over.

  8. Evan Eshiya – welcome to Australia, I am glad that you were able to escape from the seven hells of dhimmitude. Please speak out as often as you can about your experiences inside dar al Islam; try to wake people up. Have you read our own Mark Durie’s book on dhimmitude, ‘The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”? It is very good and should be compulsory reading for all our politicians and our non-Muslim religious leaders. It talks about the methods sharia prescribes, by which Muslims set out to break the spirits of those non-Muslims who live under their sway. The methods employed remind me very much of the way in which pimps and pedophiles ‘groom’ their prospective victims; or the methods by which an abusive spouse or parent breaks the spirit of their spouse or child. I think Durie’s book will help you and other former dhimmis free yourselves of the lingering after-effects of Islamic physical and spiritual abuse, and will also help you see how Muslims in Australia are already ‘grooming’ Australians. Once one understands their ‘playbook’, one can refuse to get sucked into the ‘game’.

  9. Does the dumb Australian politicians (no, I don’t mean Cory) mention that Paul Keating fought for sheik cat meat hilali to stay in Australia?? While sheik cat meat caused so much troubles and stirring up in Australia, both Paul Keating and sheik catmeat always remain as good friends. Paul Keating should be sacked long time ago just as the Federal Labor asked for Cory to be sacked….double standard!!!

  10. See also the Herald Sun, which reports Bernardi as saying of Wilders: “I think he’s got an important message to heed. Any rejection … of Mr Wilders’ attempt to come to this country would be a tacit admission that extremism or fundamentalism are already dominating public discourse.”

    Victorian Labor MP Rob Mitchell is quoted as saying: “Australia is no place for a freak show; Geert can take his views back to the gutter he got them from.”

    Yet another candidate for Nuremberg II.

    Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration Kate Lundy called for opposition leader Tony Abbott to “clarify if he supports his parliamentary secretary bringing out such a divisive figure and promoting his extreme views”.

    Treason, ignorance and stupidity make policy in this country.

  11. Dumbledoresarmy : I guess you are an Australian ? I should know by now but commentors come from the 4 corners of the globe. I really enjoy saying my piece on blogs like Spencer’s and Gellers but we don’t know anything about each other.

    Thanks for instigating an interest in Wilders on J.W- I don’t know why they didn’t catch his berlin speech. (?)

    I know one thing for sure and it’s that Wilders thinks like I do and visa-versa ; we couldn’t be more alike if we were Siamese twins.

    What I can’t understand is why, even after he’s been acquitted it doesn’t seem to matter . These people suffer from preconceived opinions about him and it is based on pure bunk. Stuff they heard in the wind., and from wishful thinking- they want somebody to bash. Little by little; slowly but surely people are catching on though –too bad Wilders has to get bludgeoned in the process.

    You say write to Bernardi- but how do we do that- I mean how do we get his address ?

    Without meaning to flatter you Dumble- you make a pretty good firebrand yourself

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