"Backlash"- the usual suspects throw hissy fits about Geert Wilders visit to Australia

Just yesterday I posted that Geert Wilders  is coming to Australia, and now the  unholy  convergence of socialist bootlickers and their Mohammedan masters are doing what they do best: shriek, vilify, smear and attack.

Predictable. Now what we need to do is encourage Cory Bernardi to stick to his guns. Write him and ensure him of your support, here.  Here’s his e-mail: Senator.Bernardi@aph.gov.au

The Australian political elites and  the despicable lame-stream media have abandoned common sense a long time ago.


A few samples of the venomous rubbish on display:

Senator Bernardi detested for connecting with Wilders (a rather dilletantish article by Cindie White, a commenter is far better informed)

Calls for Bernardi’s scalp over Wilders

LIBERAL Senator Cory Bernardi is facing an angry backlash and calls for his scalp after he promised to help controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders organise his visit to Australia(Source).

Mr Wilders, 48, has faced accusations of racial vilification for his hostile views on Islam.

He provoked outrage among the Netherland’s Muslim community after branding Islam a violent religion, likening the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and calling the Prophet Mohammed a pedophile.

Senator Bernardi has admitted extending an invitation to assist Mr Wilders with “his schedule or arranging appropriate meetings” in Australia.

But has since moved to distance himself from the visit.

Senator Bernardi is the shadow parliamentary secretary for families and assisting the opposition leader.

Treasurer Wayne Swan said Senator Bernardi had a history of indiscretions espousing right-wing extremist views and the issue would be a test for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s integrity.

He said if Mr Abbott failed to act, it would be telling of his own views.

“It will just demonstrate Mr Abbott is someone who can’t be believed and is someone who also sides with extremists,” he told ABC TV.

Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett echoed the call saying Mr Wilders had dangerous views “which are completely at odds with Australian culture and Australian values.

Peter Garrett knows about Australian values? Like honor murders, the burqa, child-marriage, polygamy, murder for blasphemy, terror and  genocidal hatred of non-Muslims?

“Mr Abbott should show some leadership, discipline this senator, remove him from his portfolio responsibilities,” he told reporters in Sydney today.

Peter Garrett is a sick joke. He is only second to Bobby Brown, the head-lunatic from the greens.

Mr Garrett declined to say if he believed Mr Abbott should have Senator Bernardi expelled from the Liberal Party, in the way John Howard had Pauline Hanson disendorsed as a candidate ahead of the 1996 election.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott denied Senator Bernardi was trying to bring Mr Wilders to Australia.

“That’s not the position, he’s not,” the Liberal leader told reporters in Brisbane.

“The coalition has nothing to do with the organisation of any trip.”

Senator Bernardi has previously called for the burqa to be banned, although this view is not endorsed by his coalition colleagues.

The British initially banned Mr Wilders from visiting their shores in early 2009 because of fears he would threaten community harmony and public security.

Labor senator Kate Lundy would not say whether Australia should ban Mr Wilder’s from visiting.

“Mr Wilders will have to go through the normal processes for applying for a visa,” she told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

She said Senator Bernardi was sponsoring Mr Wilders’ visit “like he was some sort of rock star”.

“Mr Wilders’ views are very hurtful and offensive to Muslims and I think to many Australians,” she said.

Not as hurtful as jihad, terror, genital mutilation and headchopping.

Australian Greens senator Richard Di Natale condemned Senator Bernardi’s associations with the Dutch hardliner.

“Multiculturalism is one of this country’s great successes and it must be defended,” he said.

Funny that they always fail to specify which ‘success’ multiculti has brought to Australia.

The question is whether Tony Abbott is prepared to defend it from those in his ranks.

In 2009, Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull sacked Cory Bernardi from being shadow parliamentary secretary for disabilities, carers and the voluntary sector, following his thinly veiled slur about fellow South Australian Christopher Pyne.

Speaking to reporters in Sydney, senior coalition frontbencher Joe Hockey said Wilders was an unpleasant character who should be avoided.

Joe Hockey is a bloviating social engineer in the wrong party.

“This gentleman seems like a very unpleasant character and I think it’s far better we have nothing to do with him,” he said.

Mr Hockey declined to say if he believed Senator Bernardi should be disciplined for supporting families portfolio.

“I’m not going to speculate on those matters,” he said.

Mr Hockey said he was sure Mr Abbott was telling the truth when the opposition leader said he did not offer to organise Mr Wilders’ visit to Australia.

“I’m sure that Tony Abbott is telling the truth,” Mr Hockey said.

13 thoughts on “"Backlash"- the usual suspects throw hissy fits about Geert Wilders visit to Australia”

  1. More of the same:

    Calls to sack Cory Bernardi over his support to controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders

    Abbott denies senator involved in Wilders visit



    the latest news from our own multicultural front.

    We’re told students will have multiculturalism and anti-racism “embedded” into the national curriculum to force them to be more respectful of other cultures.

    They’ll be taught “cultural competency” to negotiate the tripwires that come from different cultures jostling for space on the same territory.

    And, of course, they must “understand and appreciate the value of other cultures”, even if the value of some cultural habits is questionable.

    This underlines what seems to be the real agenda of so many multiculturalists – that this should be a land of many cultures, and not a dominant Australian culture. In fact, the Government thinks our tribalism has now so far gone that children need lessons on how to deal with it without anyone getting hurt.

    Wow. If that’s the case, then end multiculturalism now, and stress not what divides us, but what unites.

    But that never seemed the aim of multiculturalism’s more prominent supporters, always keen to stress that our culture was racist, and always so eager to wave flags other than our own.

    This may explain some of the suspicion now about asylum seekers and the refugee lobby, which seems so keen to demonise the rest of us as racist.

    Are the people we’re being asked to welcome coming to join in or to stay separate? Are the activists demanding we welcome them motivated by a love of this country or a sneering disdain?

    That’s where a show like Weg van Nederland sorts out the true agendas.

  2. Does the dumb Australian politicians (no, I don’t mean Cory) mention that two-faced ex-PM Paul Keating fought for sheik cat meat hilali to stay in Australia?? While sheik cat meat caused so much troubles and stirring up in Australia, both Paul Keating and sheik catmeat always remain as good friends. Paul Keating should be sacked long time ago just as the Federal Labor asked for Cory to be sacked… double standard!!!

  3. Sadly no. both sides are so crap scared that they dare not step over the multicult line for fear of being assassinated or taken to trial, mainly by mozzies.

    Barely any side said anything about the sharia group who called for the caliphate to take over, never called for them to be banned, even though most of their speakers came from OS. they have not said anything about the mad mulla who writes to families of fallen diggers telling them they are in hellfire, or the other mad mulla who has openly called for the parlament to disband and hand over power to him and his ilk. all this according to them is perfectly fine cause its free speach after all, its only hate speach or radical or dangerous (because of the violence inflicted by muslims btw) if you say anything against islam.

    Although there are a few small groups here (we are still in the 1.5% mozzie invasion atm) so its still firmly in the back room where the diliberatly blind can ignore it.

    Although they are making their presence felt with driveby shootings (we are not allowed to own firearms here btw), gang rapes by muslims who consider our women to be uncovered meat (but it’s got nothing to do with islam, even though they quoted koran hadith surra, and really they were just good muslims who prayed always did ramadan, hajj etc and were set up by the evil infidel courts for doning nothing more than what the pedophile taught etc).

    For the most part mozzies have pulled their heads in a bit, mainly due to the gratitude we showed them at Cronulla for thier respect for Aussie qualities (mozzies beat up some lifeguards for daring to stop them sexualy harrasing girls on the beach).

    But worry not, a grass roots groundswell has begun, a giant has been awoken and it ain’t happy.

  4. I’m sure that Wayne, Peter, Kate and Joe all have a deep understanding of Islamic doctrines, Islamic conversion methods and the meanings of terms such as dhimmi, jizya, taqqya, al wara wal bara, and how these are all much more in accord with Australian values than the values of Geert Wilders. Don’t you just hate the way he goes on about freedom, democracy, the Enlightenment and Judaeo-Christian values.

    Likewise I am certain that they are aware of the millions of deaths attributable to jihad over the centuries, and the millions of slaves captured in the expansion of the religion of peace (by piece by piece by piece).

    And I’m sure Wayne, Peter, Kate and Joe know which were the last countries to outlaw slavery.

    I’d like to see how Bob and his partner would fare in Iran. It’s hot over there Kate, so pack your bikini.

    When will these useful idiots start to read and think?

  5. Every single politician mentioned in the article above should be inundated with letters.

    Mr Bernardi needs to be encouraged to dig in his toes. Mr Abbott needs to be told to back his man instead of throwing him to the wolves.

    And all the others need to be grabbed by the scruffs of their necks and have their noses rubbed, over and over, in the FACT of just two things 1. classical Islam, traditional Islam, plain old bog-standard Islam as practised not only in dar al Islam but in Muslim colonies everywhere else, imposes the death penalty for apostasy, and those who have left Islam WITHIN THE WEST have to use bodyguards or change their names and live in hiding like defectors from the mafia. and 2. bog-standard mainstream Islam calls for the death penalty for anyone who criticises Islam in any way at all whatsoever (and let’s tell them about Asma bint Marwan and Abu Afak and some of the others who were offed by Mohammed’s hit men back in the day; and let’s tell them aaall about Aasia Bibi in Pakistan, a humble day labourer who, being a Christian, said she preferred Jesus to Mohammed, and just for that has been sentenced to DEATH…for ‘blaspheming’ against Islam.)

    Let’s ask Ms Lundy, for example, point blank, whether she thinks the Muslims in Pakistan are justified in executing Aasia Bibi. And then let’s ask her whether she would also think it perfectly right and proper, and not at all culpable, for a Muslim in the Netherlands to do to Geert Wilders, in public, in daylight, on the street, what was done by a Muslim to that other Dutch ‘blasphemer’ of Islam, Theo Van Gogh.

  6. Mohammedans are the enemy and THEY themselves have confirmed that by both their words and their actions. Moonbats on the other hand are a left wing, Multi Culti, Politically Correct, ‘Yuman Rites’ spouting, Islamophile ,LBGT loving FIFTH COLUMN which smooths the way for Islam and undermines Western Civilization. All this Moral Equivalence DRIVEL they espouse is just an excuse to surrender.

  7. Tolerance does not mean zero intolerance. Not all cultures are equal. And this definitely applies to comparing modern western society with a 5th century tribal desert culture. Australian society is being dismantled by the left wing intelligentsia just like Europe.

  8. Pragmatist

    mate: in using the term ‘LGBT-loving’ as if it were a curse-word, do please remember that some of us have L or G or B or T **relatives** – brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren – whom we do care about as people and whom we have no intention of denouncing or disowning.

    I have a lesbian cousin who lives in a permanent, publicly-declared relationship; she has *also* done her bit to keep Australia populated with kafir, by using IVF to produce two babies, both of whom (since she is a tiny little thing) had to be delivered by C-section. And although people make light of it, for a woman to have a C-section is NOT trivial and involves a longish and rather painful post-op recovery period. For my cousin to go thorough that *twice* argues a very strong wish to affirm life.

  9. Given what has happened at the mere suggestion that Wilders might be coming to Australia – we don’t even have a date yet nor an itinerary – I think that we now HAVE to make sure that he does come. Somehow he has to be got here, and got in through the gate, and given as public a platform as can be arranged.

    Because I cannot think of any other visitor whose presence will serve more swiftly and neatly to expose the real agendas of just about everyone…not forgetting all our smooth and slithery Muslim taqiyya artists. Because Wilders is a sitting politician in a Western country, he is far more of a threat to the Muslims and their Useful Idiots than is even an Ayaan Hirsi Ali or a Robert Spencer.

  10. Why are they so afraid of Wilders ? Obviously , it’s because they don’t understand what he’s about. There you have an example of what happens when the public never has the facts before it. It’s the mystery of the century for me that any civilized secular, democratic society could be so suicidal by defending and giving sympathy to an enemy. Actually it’s a mystery why they don’t recognize an enemy. It’s that hypertolerance pandemic I guess.

  11. They understand very well what he’s all about. They also understand that when a true hero appears, that there’s no place for mediocre apparatchiks and that their time in politics are up.

  12. With due respect to you Mr. Yermami , I cannot understand why you see it that way.
    How can there be such animosity towards a person who upholds freedom, the right to take pride in, and preserve the national culture rather than allow a culture of fanatic religious extremists to try impose their lifestyle. ? That is a lot of what Wilders is about. Why should they hate him so ?

    I am not saying you have to be wrong, but it is just my humble opinion that the majority of reactors to the idea of Wilders visiting are people who have gotten their ideas from the ” grapevine ” and believe the trash that prejudiced journalists write. They don’t bother to check things out. They just love to have someone to beat up on. Makes them feel superior.

    Have you ever met Mr. Wilders ? I seem to have read that you did see him in Germany. YOU, sir, can help–the written word is a stimulant that can be a first step in the right direction. I’d like to see you go to Australia and do a piece for a local paper. Oooo-wonderful !

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